Toshiba Satellite L70-B Review

Toshiba self-confidently advertises its new multimedia laptop computer, Satellite L70-B-130 with AMD’s R9 M265X as “Enthusiast Graphics”. Our critique reveals regardless of whether the 17-inch notebook justifies this high declare, why “hot” must be taken literally, and for whom the laptop computer might be really worth hunting at.Is it a multimedia device or already a gamer? Some audience will hp spectre x360 netzteil usb c inquire this when studying the spec sheet of Toshiba’s new Satellite L70-B-130. Although the Satellite sequence of your Japanese technology organization has been dedicated to masking the multimedia sector for years, and left high quality competences up to its Qosmio line-up, there now may just be a transition into the entry-level gaming variety right here.

The reason for the speculations and confusion about where to classify the trim three.three cm (~1.3 inches), 17-inch machine is AMD’s new Radeon R9 M265X with a name that all through implies membership to the entry-level high quality range. Toshiba even aa pb9nc6b advertises it together with the bristling, self-confident words “Enthusiast Graphics”. However, the user may well fear that it is actually again an “old” GPU, like in the situation of the Radeon R9 M290X, which simply turned out to become a renamed Radeon High definition 8970M. The remedy follows below “Graphics Card”.

However, we don’t want to depart another components of your Satellite L70-B-130 unmentioned: Intel’s Main i7 4710HQ, 8 GB of operating memory (1 of 2 slots filled), a 5400 rpm Toshiba HDD, and 750 GB of storage capability guarantee good power surface professional four ladekabel for many various multimedia functions. Our evaluation sample must contend towards other 17-inch gadgets from Acer, in kind of the Aspire V3-772G (GTX 850M GDDR5), Asus and its N750JK (GTX 850M DDR3) and MSI’s GP70 (840M DDR3). We will start the check together with the casing, as typical.


As could be the case in practically all laptops, Toshiba installs a keyboard with isolated keys (chiclet type) in its multimedia laptop computer. Needless to say in addition, it capabilities a number pad, compulsory for this casing dimension. The keys’ dimensions are enough, and also the producer has only lowered the dimension of your arrow keys significantly. They only have half the peak and as a result acer aspire 5750g akku will need a bit of receiving employed to just before they’re able to be strike accurately. The keys’ drop is very brief, and inside the tester’s view the stroke is usually a little bit undefined and spongy. In view with the keyboard’s relatively skinny and never specifically fantastic excellent perception, we believe it truly is not pretty appropriate for prolific writers.


The touchpad provides a considerably much better impression. The pleasantly sized, eleven x 7 cm (~4.33 x 2.seventy five inches) touch-sensitive region of the touchpad mostly detects contact gestures flawlessly. We would describe the really feel and gliding houses from the touchpad’s surface area as agreeable and great. Nonetheless, we would favor devoted keys more than the integrated mouse buttons, which might facilitate use when not hunting. An irritating but commondell latitude e6430 akku concern among all Home windows eight (.1) laptops is the fact that whenever a finger swipes also near to the touchpad’s edge to drive the cursor toward the inside, the Home windows eight (.one) facet bar opens on a regular basis, which typically results in aggravating incorrect functions.


The value puts this machine firmly in mid-range territory-and its style does, also. The Satellite’s exterior is produced from plastic, and considerably of your materials feels hollow and low-priced as opposed to strong and reassuring. Its looks are not significantly cop, either: akku w530 the champagne-tinted metallic plastic is coated having a refined lined pattern. It is a better look than the plain metallic color on the Satellite S50D, nevertheless it nevertheless cannot match the dark, brushed complete applied around the Lenovo.

There’s a rattle from the wrist-rest, and the center of your screen’s casing depresses conveniently when it’s pushed. Pressing the bottom panel noticed the keyboard’s form distort. This kind of mediocre construct high-quality implies that we’d only journey together with the L70 if it was asus f751l akku safeguarded by a case or sleeve.In spite of the shortage of strength, the L70 nonetheless weighs 5.9lb (two.7kg) and it is one.33-inch (34mm) thick, so you are going to observe when it really is slung inside a bag. Both rival devices, with their fifteen.6-inch screens, are smaller.

It’s not too satisfying to utilize the Toshiba’s keyboard or trackpad, both. The keyboard is big enough, and its structure is fine, but the L70’s typing motion is hampered by a acquainted Toshiba trait: an absence of essential movement. The keys are light and quickly, so we had been able to perform around the L70, but pricier machines will have much better components.

The trackpad is sleek and accurate, but its buttons disappoint. When pressed towards the centre, they’re not snappy adequate, but in each corner the acer aspire 7750g akku buttons demand far more pressure-and there’s little feedback to point that they have been prodded.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall…” – that famous phrase might just jump to mind when hunting in the portable computer system clad in glossy plastic. But critically: Toshiba opposes the trend of far more restrained, matte casing surfaces and depends on a plastic casing having a piano paint end. As noticed, there is absolutely no accounting for taste, but this design and style pa3817u 1brs solution does not genuinely convince us, particularly given that the excitement about the shiny new gadget is short-lived immediately after removing the masses of plastic wrappings sticking on the casing. It does not take lengthy just before dust and fingerprints magically appear lenovo akku 70 around the pretty much 2.nine kilogram (~6.4 lb) multimedia machine. The plastic really feel with the Satellite L70-B-130 does not acquire any top rated scores both – specifically in see on the competition’s escalating utilization of aluminum-based casings.

Regardless of this drawback, the L70-B-130 proves to become a decent and appropriately built laptop computer in see of your value. We didn’t discover any producing flaws or major slip-ups on the 17-inch device. The rigidity is satisfactory, despite the fact that it is actually only average. Despite the fact that the display’s lid may be twisted pretty strongly, the bottom unit is rigid. surface three ladekabel Precisely the same is true to the relatively smooth-running hinges that permit opening with 1 hand, but could be pulled a little tighter inside the opinion of the writer. All in all, we deem the casing’s excellent appropriate for your cost range, although it doesn’t excel within this regard.

Tech specs

The Satellite’s internals never stray from the mid-range notebook blueprint. The Main i5-4200U processor is the weakest low-part chip inside the Main i5 as10d31 variety thanks to clock and Turbo speeds of 1.6Ghz and 2.6GHz. The Toshiba S50D’s AMD APU beats each of those figures, at the very least on paper, and the Lenovo deploys a Core i5-4210U-the next phase up within the range.

The processor incorporates the underwhelming Hd Graphics 4400 integrated main, and there is 8GB of RAM, a DVD writer in addition to a 1TB tough disk. Connectivity is ok: dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi is speedy getting to be the regular on all but the cheapest laptops, lenovo t430 akku/t430 akku/Akku Lenovo ThinkPad T430 and there’s Bluetooth 4.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Around the edges you’ll come across a decent laptop load-out. Pairs of USB 3.0 and USB two.0 ports imply there’s a single more connector than most notebooks supply, and there is an SDXC card reader, two three.5mm jacks and each HDMI and D-SUB video clip outputs.


Toshiba’s Satellite L70-B-130 has a complete of four USB ports for data trade (2x USB two.0 + 2x USB three.0), and a multi-card reader that supports SD, microSD, SDHC, SDXC, and MultiMedia card formats. The 17-inch laptop features the widespread HDMI port for multi-monitor operation. Users who nevertheless have older monitors or projectors will probably be apple 29w usb c energy adapter happy by the analog VGA port. Toshiba has also managed to install a DVD burner regardless of the slender construct of its multimedia equipment. The interfaces are rounded off by the compulsory RJ45 socket, audio jacks (microphone-in, headphone-out), Kensington lock.

We can rarely complain about something relating to the connectivity. The multimedia device is outfitted with all of the frequent and regularly used interfaces. Even so, we do must reproach the questionable interface and fan positioning. surface guide two charger Why Toshiba areas most ports around the correct (mouse hand) and then installs the enthusiast so that it discharges waste heat in that direction too is past us. Thus, we’d describe it as less than ideal for right-handed users, specifically when using the ports on that facet.

Gaming gulf

The Toshiba didn’t impress in gaming tests. Its result of 31,828 in the low-intensity 3D Mark Ice Storm benchmark lags guiding each rivals, along with the gulf is evident in the harder Fire Strike test. In this high-end benchmark, the L70’s 529-point outcome is barely ten points at the rear of the Lenovo, but it really is much less than half the tempo on offer in the other dell xps fifteen charger Toshiba. If you need a notebook that is affordable but can nonetheless perform video games, the L70 isn’t it-buy the S50D rather. Our typical battery check uses PCMark 8’s Dwelling benchmark with Well balanced energy mode and also the display at 50% brightness. The Lenovo lasted for 3 hours 38 minutes, which is not much at the rear of the S50D-and far more than 30 minutes additional compared to the Lenovo managed. We increased the L70’s outcome to past five hrs by utilizing Power Saver method and toning down the display brightness.

Display shortcomings

The screen includes a 1,600 x 900 indigenous resolution. That’s an enhancement on the 1,366 x 768 screens discovered on most budget fifteen.6-inch laptops-including both rivals-but it nevertheless feels disappointing. Having a seventeen.3-inch diagonal, we would have asus s200e charger preferred a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, which would have enhanced the L70’s versatility and made Windows eight.1 and its icons appear smaller and sharper. As it is, the entire OS appears overblown and rough around the sides.

Our benchmark benefits also suggest this display isn’t reduce out for critical function. Its colors are not precise sufficient, as a poor average Delta E of nine.4 surface 3 charger demonstrates, and its colours are affected by colder tones-the color temperature of 7,263K is really a lengthy way past the six,500K ideal result.

The chilly inaccurate colours are paired with bad distinction. The calculated distinction ratio of 411:1 is improved than the other Toshiba equipment, but it’s still an unimpressive score that suggests this panel lacks punch and vibrancy. The poor color dell xps 13 usb c charger handling is further highlighted through the 73.2% sRGB gamut coverage degree: once again, it’s far better than the smaller sized Toshiba, but it’s still nowhere close to the ideal notebooks. On the L70, it implies that reds, purples, pinks and darker blues are rendered specifically improperly.


Now we are going to appear at the computing power of Toshiba’s Satellite L70-B.a hundred thirty. The well known and many frequently set up Intel Main i7-4710HQ is responsible for central processing duties. As identified, the quad-core CPU integrates the High definition Graphics 4600 unit for easier graphic duties, that is automatically activated via the Enduro technology in dell xps thirteen charger lower load situations (automatic graphics switching; AMD’s counterpart to Nvidia’s Optimus). When far more power is required, the system switches to the new AMD Radeon R9 M265X. 8 GB of RAM as well as a 5400 rpm HDD having a capability of 750 GB assistance the program.

Battery Runtime

Toshiba’s Satellite L70-B-130 is equipped using a lithium-ion battery with a capability of forty eight Wh. It can be pretty long-lasting owing to the described reduced energy hunger even though idling, and retains the laptop computer operating for a optimum of seven hrs and 46 minutes. This looks different when the laptop is used during a medium or higher load without an external power microsoft surface professional four charger supply. Each our Wi-Fi test and our online video check display that the consumer will only have roughly 3 hours of enjoyment just before the L70 must be recharged. The multimedia laptop can only be utilised for about 3 quarters of the hour just before the battery is drained from higher load (Battery Eater Traditional, max. brightness, wi-fi modules on).

Final verdict

The L70 has a greater screen than the S50D, however the Core i5 processor can not match the APU within the smaller Toshiba with regards to having the stability appropriate among apps and video games. Ergonomically, the larger notebook is thicker and heavier even though providing no true improvement.

The Lenovo has equivalent functionality within a slimmer macbook air 13 inch charger and much more versatile chassis. Toshiba’s bigger L70 is just well worth obtaining in the event the extra screen resolution and top quality could be the prime thing to consider.

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