Sony Vaio Pro 13 Review

After the Pro 11 we’ve got a closer take a look at the 13-inch Red Edition. How much polish can an elitist organization notebook manage  How much efficiency can the just ten mm thin base unit maintain cool You’ll be able to see the Sony Vaio Pro 13, the ultrabook we’re going to overview for you personally within this report, as a successor for the famous Vaio Z lines of small business laptops.You can find obviously lots of facts setting the new plus the old Sony Vaios apart, including their raw performances. But with Haswell, low-voltage platforms have reached an all-time ideal. They’re nonetheless not incredibly potent, but can deal with most every day tasks at ease, whilst running for many hours each charge.And that’s what is anticipated from a business machine in recent times, among other people. It should also be thin and light, sturdy so it is going to withstand the daily hassle, and safe. The Vaio Pro 13 Sony SVP132190X Battery cannot thick each of the check-boxes, at the least not the base configuration that we tested right here. Nevertheless it ticks most of them.So, without the need of any additional ado, let’s jump to it. Read the article beneath. And when you have any queries or look for further clarifications, drop me a line in the comments section at the end of the post.


The 13 inch Vaio Pro is for sure one with the most lovely laptops I’ve ever observed. Additionally, it feels like a high-end laptop need to. Sony went to get a fiber carbon body on their new premium notebook, employed for the complete outer case plus the region around the keyboard, when the palm rest is covered in aluminum. The carbon fiber shell is grippy, but will also catch smudges very simply as well as the matte surface isn’t that uncomplicated to wipe clean.Ditching the aluminum case, one thing most other companies offer you for their ultrabooks, helped Sony reduce the weight of their Pro 13 to only 2.three – two.four pounds, or under 1.1 kilos, whilst most competitors go for about two.7 to three pounds as of late.Open up the lid and the back on the laptop lifts up, providing a a lot more comfy typing angle. The backlit keys Samsung Chromebook 3 11.6 Charger are generously sized and spaced, so even sloppy typists like myself should really have no complications typing reasonably quickly. The deck is shallow, although, so there isn’t a lot of important travel — there is just nowhere for the keys to go. There is a tiny level of flex when typing, but unless you are definitely pressing around the keys you most likely will not notice.The clickpad is good: responsive with out being jumpy, and with superior multitouch help. It’s pretty large, too, so two- and three-finger gestures are easy. Besides, you could usually use the screen to obtain around.

The tapered chassis of this Ultrabook Microsoft 1645 Charger is no greater than 0.68 inches thick and is as slim as a half and inch in the front. With so little area, we’d anticipate the keyboard to lack travel, but Sony has largely dodged the problem. Important feel is reasonable, the layout is spacious, and no keys are unusually smaller. The “Pro” within this laptop’s name seems to become sincere, in lieu of marketing fluff, as this laptop can maintain typists satisfied for hours on finish.White LED backlighting Dell 15 5577 Charger is normal on all variants, and you will find no brightness adjustments. We noticed substantial light leak about the function keys, which may be an issue for those who regularly function inside a dark area. The backlight turns on automatically when ambient light is low, but can be permanently turned on or off using bundled software program.The touchpad does not live as much as the keyboard’s high quality. Although definitely large adequate, touch input often felt unresponsive, and we had problems with undesirable activation of multi-touch gestures HP 9480m Charger although utilizing the touchpad and also even though typing. As is usually the case with such gremlins, locating the source on the trouble proved not possible. We became so frustrated together with the unreliable touchpad that we resorted to applying the touchscreen whenever attainable.An fascinating added lurks beneath the touchpad: built-in NFC. Putting a compatible telephone on top rated in the touchpad makes it possible for for the transfer of links as well as video. Whilst far from vital, it’s a function couple of competitors can boast.


For all the Pro 13’s lightness, nonetheless, the 13.3-inch Complete HD 1,920 x 1,080 display is clearly the accurate star of the show. It really is immensely vibrant and vibrant, which tends to make it fantastic for watching high-definition films and video, plus the touchscreen is responsive and adds a new dimension for the Windows eight interface.Sony has also incorporated Triluminos Display technologies from its Bravia Television MSI GE62VR 7RF Charger selection of items and it genuinely shows, delivering deep blacks that produce a wealthy picture high quality and levels of clarity which can be a few of the most beneficial we’ve seen on an ultrabook.This subjective view is supported by our evaluation making use of our Xrite i1 Show Pro colourimeter tool, which measured a fantastic 1,215:1 contrast ratio and also a super vibrant 372 nits peak brightness. In colour tests the screen’s 6419K colour temperature is pleasingly close towards the 6500K benchmark, as may be the 1.31 DeltaE colour accuracy – something beneath 1.five is very superior, specially for a laptop. Viewing angles are especially wide because of the IPS show tech, even so the glossy finish on the screen does mean it suffers from serious reflections in sunlight along with the odd finger smudge or two. Sony has also integrated its X-Reality mobile image engine, which aims to clear up the sharpness of videos and motion pictures, but it’s tough to notice any substantial leap in high-quality for non-HD content material.


We chose the Core i7-4500U (1.eight GHz) configuration of your Pro 13 for our review. In addition to which you can only select the Haswell processor i5-4200U (2x 1.6 GHz). Storage options are also limited; the 13-inch notebook Lenovo Y520-15IKBN Charger only has one mSATA port. We chose the 512 GB version from Toshiba but a smaller sized 256 GB drive can also be accessible. The memory is soldered onto the mainboard, there is certainly no option towards the eight GB DDR3L-SDRAM (1600 MHz).When you possess a will need for speed, the VAIO Pro 13 will not disappoint. This ultraportable is among the 1st to sport Intel’s new Haswell 4th Generation Core processors, a 1.8-GHz Core i7-4500U CPU. Plus, the SSD makes use of the PCI Express interface, which promises sky-high transfer rates and blazing-fast boot instances. These elements are paired with 8GB of RAM on our configuration.On PCMark7, which measures all round overall performance, the VAIO Pro 13 scored four,698, which can be considerably higher than the ultraportable typical. This displaying also beats the Samsung ATIV Book 9’s four,490 , but falls behind the Acer Aspire S7-391, Dell XPS 13 and Toshiba Kirabook.The VAIO Pro 13 booted Windows eight within a mere 7 seconds, matching or beating most Windows 8 Ultrabooks. The PCIe SSD Samsung Series 7 Charger really showed its mettle in our File Transfer test, duplicating four.97GB of files in just 13 seconds. That equals a transfer rate of 391.five MBps. This beats each other ultraportable we’ve tested within the last year, such as the Kirabook, XPS 13 and even the dual SSD Aspire S7.Resulting from its fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4200U processor and PCIe-based 128GB SSD. Although it may be argued that a multimedia oriented user might want greater than 128GB to hold video files, no one can deny that the VAIO Pro 13 starts up from both a sleep in addition to a cold boot in seconds. We did not even have time for you to blow on our coffee to cool it before the method was up and ready to go.Consequently, the VAIO Pro 13 has very excellent day-to-day PCMark7 numbers, too as multimedia benchmark numbers which might be quicker than the EC-winning Apple MacBook Air 13-inch. All in all, it’s neck and neck with other Windows-based systems like the Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch, Editors’ Option ultrabook Asus Zenbook Prime Touch UX31A-BHI5T and Dell XPS 13-MLK Dell N5030 N5040 Charger Ideal Value at Amazon.

The VAIO Pro 13 has very good, if not exceptional, battery life. It lasts six hours 23 minutes on our battery rundown test, some minutes quick in the Asus UX31A-BH15T, but hours longer than the Dell XPS 13-MLK and Lenovo X1 Carbon Lenovo E450 Charger Touch. Regrettably, all takers have half the life of your 15-and-ahalf-hours of rundown score on the Apple MacBook Air 13-inch.The Sony VAIO Pro 13 runs neck and neck with some other really good to fantastic ultrabooks, and that’s the issue. It needed to become significantly, a great deal greater than rivals to pull ahead on the pack. The anticipation of fourth-generation Intel Core promised that we’d get much longer battery life with no any drawbacks. Sony did make an ultrabook that may be as light as a single of the bigger tablets, that is correct. On the other hand, by working to cut down weight with esoteric supplies and leaving some of the battery cells behind, it does not final substantially longer than less costly ultrabooks with last year’s third-generation Intel Core processors. Though heavier, the high-end ultrabook EC remains the Asus ZenBook Prime Touch UX31A-BHI5T Asus C302 Charger , mainly because it really is less costly and has just in regards to the very same levels of overall performance and feature set because the VAIO Pro 13.The gaming capabilities of your graphics remedy are restricted plus the scenario is even created worse by the low clock. The Vaio Duo 13 having a Core i5 and HD 4400, as an example, includes a functionality advantage amongst 12 and 45% within the most recent games. We also show the entry-level GT 720M for comparison. Games run about 60% faster around the Nvidia GPU, but even this is not enough for higher specifics and resolutions. For extra details around the gaming capabilities of the new Haswell GPU’s also see our overview: Intel HD Graphics 4600: There is certainly much more in it than you believe.The VAIO Duo 13 requires the Duo 11’s 1080p IPS touchscreen and improves it with Sony’s Triluminos tech, which first debuted in Bravia TVs and is also on its just-announced VAIO Pro lineup. The panel is just about every bit as vibrant as you’d expect, and viewing angles are generous. Though you can not adjust the slider display’s position, you shouldn’t have a dilemma producing out pictures on-screen when viewing it in the left or right of center. The capacitive touchscreen also recognized all our input flawlessly, that is specifically vital for utilizing the device in tablet mode. Even though we clearly like this show, it is worth mentioning that the newest crop of Windows 8 devices contains items with much larger 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolutions.You’ll delight in somewhat clear audio around the Duo 13, specifically contemplating that the speakers are bottom-mounted. Obviously, that does not mean music and dialogue Samsung NP940X3L Charger sound particularly wealthy, but sound is sufficiently loud, and it is absolutely adequate for watching films or listening to music in a medium-sized room.


But how about the battery life  There’s a 38 Wh battery inside this unit and that’s sufficient to push the Vaio Pro 13 for about 5 to 7 hours of each day use, which seriously proves the efficiency on the new Intel Haswell hardware. If that is not sufficient, Sony also provides a slice battery battery bose 404600 for their Pro, for $149, which will simply push it to 10-12 hours of life or perhaps additional.In practice, I got about 6 hours of life whilst looping a 1080p mkv file with Windows Media Player HC, on PowerSaving, together with the screen at 60%. Although typing this overview and also a couple of other texts, I drained about 45% of the battery in about 4 hours, employing it using the screen at 30%, on Power Saving. Not surprisingly, if running games or editing videos you will get a lot less, around 3 hours or so. But on typical, I’m very content with all the final results.Under heavy loud, you won’t see a large achieve from earlier Ivy Bridge ultrabooks, but under every day and light use, this Haswell powered machine ran for 30 to 50% longer than comparable Ivy machines. Also, the standby-time was fantastic, Windows estimating 10+ days of Stand-by together with the battery fully-charged, which makes little sense in ever turning OFF you laptop once more.There is also 1 cool trick worth mentioning concerning the power-brick. As you can see right here, it does include an USB slot, so you could charge your various accessories. But Sony also delivers an USB powered Wireless dongle, that perfectly integrates with the brick.There is an Ethernet port on this unit, you just have to stick within the cable, press the WPS button and get yourself a secure and effortless to make use of Wi-Fi network. Absolutely some thing I’d wish other makers will supply on their ultrabooks within the future.Even though those numbers are intriguing, we’re in the dawn in the Haswell era, and we’ll need to have to test several additional machines just before drawing definite conclusions about the functionality jump. For now, though, we like what we see. One of our biggest performance complaints in regards to the Duo 11 was its unacceptably laggy accelerometer. Thankfully, that glitch doesn’t carry more than to the Duo 13. Here, the screen switches orientation in just a second or two, as it should really. A cold-boot into Windows 8 Dell 17 7779 Battery takes just six to seven seconds, plus the Duo 13 generally ran very smoothly for the duration of our hands-on time. We only encountered two instances of app crashes, and these could have a thing to accomplish with not-final firmware.


With the VAIO Pro 13 Sony attempts to take on Apple’s MacBook Air, and whilst the Windows 8 machine falls just a little short, it still puts on a very good show. Pocket-Lint praised the Pro 13’s design and style, saying it “isn’t just wonderful, it really is pretty much shocking how beautiful it is actually.” But Laptop Magazine wasn’t as crazy about the style, saying “we’re not fans from the sharp front corners,” however they did commend some elements of it, saying “the drop hinge on this design and style creates an incline for typing.” Sony has put a 1080p display into the Pro 13 and it made critics satisfied with AllThingsD calling it “bright and sharp.” The impressive display is matched by very good efficiency, and TrustedReviews says the Pro 13 is “more than capable for running everyday tasks.”The VAIO Pro 13 Sony XBR 49X800D Charger reminds us that Sony can still wow. Despite weighing a mere two.4 lbs., this touch-screen Ultrabook sports one in the quickest SSDs ever, in conjunction with lengthy battery life. We’re also impressed using the sound this ultraportable produces. And although the contrast may be far better, the 13-inch Triluminos display gives superior colour accuracy. Sadly, the bottom with the Pro 13 runs warm, along with the webcam suffers from poor image excellent. We also wish the front corners had been significantly less sharp.It really is not pretty very best in class, but overall, the Sony VAIO Pro 13 is often a very excellent ultraportable.

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