Samsung Chromebook Pro Review

If you are searching for a strong all-around laptop for roughly $500, the new Samsung Chromebook Pro really should at or close to the incredibly top of the candidate list. Confident, you will discover a good amount of Windows laptops and tablets in that price tag range (or decrease), but none that I can feel of offer this combination of a decent style, mostly metal building, lag-free efficiency, extended battery life,better-than-HD touchscreen, built-in stylus and a hybrid hinge that transforms the technique into a tablet.

Despite the hybrid style, this microsoft surface 3 charger/surface 3 13w is still a laptop initial in addition to a tablet second. For the opposite method, an iPad plus a snap-on keyboard would price about as a lot.

I know what you are pondering: “But wait: Chromebooks use Google’s weird browser-only operating system. They won’t run any of my must-have computer software, and they are useless when you’re off Wi-Fi.” And you’d be correct about some or all of that – if it wasn’t 2017.

Yes, Chrome OS – even though considerably evolved over the past handful of years – continues to be basically the Chrome internet browser with a laptop wrapped around it. But, Samsung and Google are utilizing this new model, and its sister method, the Chromebook Plus, to showcase an essential new Chrome OS function coming to all new 2017 Chromebooks, together with a handful of older models. These macbook air charger 45w new systems are compatible using the Google Play Android app store, allowing you to download, install and run millions of Android apps, significantly as they would on any Android telephone or tablet (using a few exceptions).


It’s clear Samsung’s design for the Chromebook Pro centers around portability.

Weighing in at a scant 2.38 pounds (1.08kg), this all-metal Chromebook may be the lightest device in its class and also a featherweight in comparison to most laptops we’ve ever employed. When it is asus ad883220/asus charger ad883220/asus ac adapter ad883220 lighter than the HP Chromebook 13, it can not win the thinnest award with an 0.55-inch high frame that is just five-hundredths of an inch thicker.

Despite the added fractions of an inch, the Chromebook Pro is one extremely thin and light device that feels like it’s pretty much filled with air. But never error its lightweight nature for a flimsy laptop.

The all-aluminum develop of this Chromebook makes it sturdy and flex absolutely free. Samsung also went with macbook pro 13 charger 60w/macbook pro 13 inch 60w magsafe power adapter all rounded edges and also a softer metal that feels considerably more inviting to hold for lengthy stretches than most hybrid notebooks.

One crucial distinction of our pre-production overview unit, could be the retail-ready model’s exterior must basically be jet black. We adore the look of our silver unit and it only appears even more “pro”-fessional (when you will) using a darker paint job.

Performance and battery life

The Chromebook Pro comes with internals that I take into account to become standard-issue for such a laptop or computer at this point. That consists of toshiba satellite l50 b 1nx battery/toshiba pa5186u 1brs battery an Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. I wish Samsung had sprung for 64GB – with Android apps, you are going to be downloading much more to your neighborhood storage, both when it comes to the apps themselves and content to enjoy when you happen to be offline.

That quibble aside, the Chromebook Pro usually does what I need to have it to. That’s, it runs multiple Chrome windows, with a lot of tabs, smoothly when also handling standalone Chrome apps for Todoist, Keep, Hangouts, Google Play Music, Slack and Tweetdeck (although not usually all of those at after). I also took the occasional video get in touch with in Hangouts, it worked with no difficulties; hp spare 800049 001/hp battery 800049 001 the 720p video camera is practically nothing specific but got the job done fine. Occasionally, things would stutter or slow down a little, but I had to push fairly challenging for this to become the case. Adding in Android apps would also slow factors down – I located that those apps had been best utilised one at a time, in full-screen mode.

Unfortunately, the Chromebook Pro includes a significant Achilles’ heel: battery life. Though it lasted about seven hours in our battery test (which loops HD video at 66 percent brightness), I only got between four and five hours when making use of the Pro as outlined above. That was asus ad883220/asus charger ad883220/asus ac adapter ad883220 a significant disappointment for a device meant to be applied around the go. Maybe I’m expecting a lot more than I need to from a $550 pc, that is higher for any Chromebook but nonetheless on the reduced finish on the laptop market. But I personally wouldn’t shell out for a laptop or computer with that restricted of a lifespan. However, most Chromebooks I’ve tried lately have had strangely weak battery life. At the least the ASUS Chromebook Flip regularly more than six hours of battery. That’s pa5109u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5109u 1brs not good, but it is an improvement. In case your workflow indicates you’re usually near a energy outlet or you don’t thoughts carrying a charger around, the Pro will get the job carried out. Customers who crave long battery life really should keep searching, nonetheless.


The Chromebook Pro I made use of for testing is lenovo g50 80 battery/original 41wh battery for lenovo g50 80 serie currently on the steady channel, with Chrome OS 63.0.3239.140 installed. Support for the Google Play Shop and Android apps is integrated out from the box. Samsung often had some kind of application tweak in its products that also include a stylus or pen. Together with the Chromebook Pro, it comes within the type of a shortcut for the Chrome OS stylus tools.

Immediately following removing the pen in the laptop’s base the stylus tool activates and pops up, asking what you’d like to do: Capture region, Capture screen, Develop note, Laser pointer, or genuine toshiba pa5024u 1brs/toshiba laptop battery pa5024u 1brs Magnifying glass. AirCommand, a feature that typically accompanies Samsung’s pen on the likes of your Note smartphone or perhaps a number of its Windows products is nowhere to be discovered on the Chromebook Pro.


After testing the Chromebook Pro, I had to admit that it’s not the king of the Chromebooks I was hoping for when it was 1st announced. It does a lot of points effectively – I enjoy its appears, screen and functionality, however the asus ad891m21/asus ac adapter ad891m21/asus ad891m21 charger keyboard’s a bit cramped along with the S Pen is a mixed bag. Far more vital, even though, could be the truth that its battery life just is not good sufficient in comparison to other options out there on the market. Samsung is extremely close to a formula that performs right here, but it’s not very there however. If Samsung builds a Chromebook Pro that gets seven hours of battery life, I’d call it the most effective Chromebook around. However for Samsung, ASUS has currently performed that.

If you’re the type of user who’s extra serious about a fantastic show or S Pen assistance, the Pro is definitely worth a look. It can do double duty as a stylus-driven tablet plus a solid laptop improved than the Chromebook Flip. But for the average personal computer user who desires a comfortable laptop that will final all day, the Pro comes up just somewhat brief.

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