Lenovo ThinkPad E490 Review

Lenovo does its finest to ensure there’s a ThinkPad for everyone, from these who’d like a price range workhorse without the need of any unnecessary frills, to those who’d like a premium device with all the most current technology. The ThinkPad E490 that I’ve been applying for about a week is inside the former camp, with bateria lenovo ideapad 330 a beginning price tag that’s less costly than most ThinkPads and a feature set that may be far more geared toward a life of hard function in lieu of something fancy. Let’s see no matter whether or not it’s worth the money and whether or not it has the right stuff to become your subsequent laptop.

The Lenovo ThinkPad E490 (starts at $656; $981 as tested) is definitely the company’s 14-inch price range laptop for business buyers. It features the exact same exterior design as bateria hp hs04 original its predecessor but gets a element upgrade to Intel’s most up-to-date “Whiskey Lake” 8th Generation processors.The metal-and-plastic chassis supplies the durability necessary to survive day-to-day workday abuse, but the weighty method is really a greater decision for workplace dwellers than frequent fliers who spend extra time around the road than within the office. The adl45wcg lenovo ThinkPad E490 may look identical to last year’s ThinkPad E480, however the two models sound very different-he frequent fan noise with the E480 is blissfully absent around the near-silent, cool-running E490. Businesses with strict budgets will need to check this a single out.


The matte 14-inch show with the Lenovo E490 includes a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The show provides a good contrast ratio (1326:1), and even though the brightness (294.six cd/m2) is okay, it barely misses our target set at 300 cd/m2. Nonetheless, the ThinkPad provides the brightest show within our comparison field, and at the cargador asus adp 33aw c similar time in addition, it is the model using the ideal brightness distribution.With black screen contents you could see some halos, but they aren’t incredibly noticeable in everyday operation. Sadly, the show shows some PWM flicker at brightness levels beneath 99%. The frequency is 1250 Hz, so sensitive people shouldn’t be bothered by complications which include headaches or eye troubles with this fairly higher frequency.

As is definitely the case with any ThinkPad that starts using a 4, the E490 includes a 14-inch screen. The base model is WXGA (1366×768), which can be extra generally known as HD. The one particular that Lenovo sent me is 1920×1080 though, or Complete HD.Neither option supports touch, and h6y89aa abb the quality is about what you’d count on at this value point. The colors do look a little washed out, one thing that is fairly common in anti-glare screens. Also, it is not all that bright, so it can be a little tough to operate in direct sunlight.

Like the majority of ThinkPads, the E490 includes a chassis that’s made up of a polymer blend covered in black soft-touch paint. It picks up fingerprints and smudges, but it really is tough; it has undergone MIL-STD 810G certification testing to ensure it could put up with intense situations you would not normally discover in an office, so it really is prepared to adhere to you in to the field. A single hinge runs along the vgp ac19v48 majority of the intersection involving lid and bottom chassis, and it enables the show to rotate back about 180 degrees to sit flat. It’s a little wobbly, nevertheless it does enable you to open the lid with 1 hand, a feature normally noticed on premium devices.

The E490’s budget status suggests it’s slightly thicker and heavier than the premium ThinkPads, coming in at about 0.86 inches thick and adp 120mh d weighing in at about four.06 pounds (1.84kg). Having said that, the chassis holds quite a little of hardware, which includes dual SODIMM RAM slots, two.5-inch SATA challenging drive, and M.two PCIe solid-state drive (SSD), all of which might be upgraded post obtain if you’d like to hold the laptop as much as date. Just pop off the back cover, and you have quick access to all the things.


The ThinkPad E490 sports a sleek, black aluminum hood. It is house to a steel ThinkPad logo accompanied by a red LED dot. It appears like a standard ThinkPad, so if that’s the design and style you want, you won’t be disappointed.The E490’s interior is a lot more pa5178u 1aca toshiba or less the identical as other ThinkPads’: a black deck, a carved-out section for the keyboard, a fingerprint reader and red accents for Lenovo’s signature pointing stick. The major and side bezels are fairly narrow, however the bottom bezel is straight-up thicc.The ThinkPad E490 sports a sleek, black aluminum hood. It’s dwelling to a steel ThinkPad logo accompanied by a red LED dot. It appears like a regular ThinkPad, so if that is the design you’d like, you will not be disappointed.The E490’s interior is a lot more or less precisely the same as other as10d31 ThinkPads’: a black deck, a carved-out section for the keyboard, a fingerprint reader and red accents for Lenovo’s signature pointing stick. The leading and side bezels are comparatively narrow, but the bottom bezel is straight-up thicc.

Along the sides, you will discover a generous choice of ports. Around the left is usually a single USB-C that doubles as a port for the AC adapter, HDMI, two USB-A three.1, and a 3.5mm audio jack. On the suitable side is often a microSD card reader, USB-A 2.0, RJ45 Ethernet, and pa3817u 1brs a Kensington lock slot if you’d prefer to hold your laptop safe in your desk overnight. You’ll find adequate ports here that you just ought to have no challenges connecting most of your accessories, even though it could be good to determine Thunderbolt 3 to assist hold the laptop relevant longer in to the future.

Built in to the keyboard is a TrackPoint system, which incorporates a red pointing nub and physical buttons above the Precision touchpad. It all works as it ought to, and the standard touchpad with mylar surface is smooth and pa 1650 68 responsive. To the appropriate with the touchpad, built in to the armrest, is often a fingerprint reader for Windows Hello. It worked just about quickly just about every time I opened the laptop, so no troubles there.


The ThinkPad E490 that Lenovo sent me consists of an Intel Core i5-8265U, 8GB RAM, along with a 512GB SSD. It is also provided with pa5024u 1brs an HDD, if you’re looking to save some funds. As I mentioned earlier, you may spec it out with a Core i7-8565U and as much as 32GB RAM, but if you’re spending revenue on those kinds of upgrades, I am not confident why you’d buy the E490.

As far as functionality goes though, it really is fine. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Whiskey Lake Core i5, which is a 15W quad-core CPU. There is no devoted GPU, so you’ll would like to use this primarily for productivity-related tasks. It can manage much more than that h6y89aa although in case you definitely push it. It is also got a major chassis, which suggests that it will not be held back in the thermal restrictions that you will get in thin and light PCs.

With the Lenovo ThinkPad E490, you get a mobile perform notebook within the 14-inch format. It gives additional than adequate computing overall performance for office and Internet applications. You may have to pay about 700 to 750 Euros (780-835) for our test unit, andexa1208eh several other equipment variants are also obtainable. At the time of our test, you can uncover one of the most cost-effective model (519 Euros: Core i3-8145U, 128 GB NVMe-SSD;578, beginning from 583 with 500 GB hard drive inside the US) inside the Lenovo retailer. Nonetheless, this model only offers an HD show with unstable viewing angles.

One with the laptop’s finer functions is its battery life. I ran the 45Wh battery from full though streaming video and saw about eight hours from the charge, which translates to about 10 hours of typical usage at 60 percent screen brightness. An E490 model with HD as an alternative to FHD show would probably c21n1347 final longer, but we advise you get the higher-res show. To add towards the impressive battery life, charging with USB-C delivers about 80 % battery life in an hour, so you could leading up swiftly and get back to function.

Lenovo ought to cut corners somewhere to keep the cost from the E490 down, and sadly, it is the show that requires the greatest hit. It does not get vibrant sufficient to simply function outdoors on a sunny day, but at least it does possess a matte finish to cut down significantly on glare in normal operating conditions. And bateria asus a32 k53 though it does just fine for many productivity tasks, colour reproduction is beneath typical, hitting 67 percent with the sRGB gamut and 51 percent AdobeRGB. Contrast is really not poor, and you probably won’t notice the colour reproduction through every day use, at the very least till you compare it to a more costly laptop.

After fully recharging the laptop, we setup the machine in power-save mode (as opposed to balanced or high-performance mode) where out there and make a few other battery-conserving tweaks in preparation for adp 45bw c our unplugged video rundown test. (We also turn Wi-Fi off, putting the laptop into airplane mode.) In this test, we loop a video-a locally stored 720p version from the exact same Tears of Steel movie we use in our Handbrake trial-with screen brightness set at 50 percent and volume at 100 percent till the method conks out.


Frankly, the ThinkPad E490 is often a controversial system. That is bizarre, because of it’s a precise copy of its predecessor, so one particular would assume that the 1 indicates is up and forward. No, our pricey readers, that is completely not the case correct here. As you can know, really should you’ve discover the vr03xl assessment of ThinkPad E480, it had mediocre battery life and value variety IPS panel. Adequately, this yr, Lenovo has undoubtedly upped their recreation with all the battery life and now it reaches higher than ten hours of net buying and round 9 hours of video playback.

No significantly less than the efficiency is on level, proper? Nicely not most likely. Don’t get us incorrect, these Whiskey Lake CPUs are on level, by the ideal way, we now possess a devoted short article around the variations between these CPUs as well as the Kaby Lake Refresh ones. So the situation suitable right here doesn’t lay within the CPU division, nevertheless somewhat within the bateria hp oa04 original Graphics card. Lenovo has undoubtedly executed 1 issue flawed with their software program. Possibly they’re going to repair that within a future firmware replace. Definitely, we are going to insert a single point constructive suitable here-given its enterprise nature, Lenovo has tuned the thermals within a technique that the program is practically inaudible at any time.


Lenovo ThinkPad E490’s display has a Full HD resolution, excellent contrast ratio, snug viewing angles, very good most brightness, and enough default settings. Sadly, although, the a31n1319 show tends to make use of PWM-adjustment of its brightness up till the maximum degree. A further disadvantage might be the modest shade coverage.

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