Lenovo Miix 520 Review

Build good quality and display

Save for Lenovo’s silvery “watchband” hinge, the Miix 520’s platinum silver exterior is discreet, as is definitely the case with most tablets. In contrast to the crisp, minimalist lines of the Microsoft Surface Professional (2017), nevertheless, there’s a lot more of a sense of “busy:” dell xps 15 charger a fan grille runs along the leading of the tablet, ports cluster for the left-hand-side, and speaker grilles pop out right here and there.

The watchband hinge isn’t only for present. It supports the weight from the tablet (which, at 2.72 lbs with the keyboard, is really a bit heavier than the competitors), and it reclines to 150 degrees (the exact same range as the Surface Pro) with hardly a wobble. Lenovo uses the thin “sheath” kickstand that almost all tablet makers (except HP) use, though, surface book 2 charger which may jab your thighs soon after prolonged use.When powering around the Miix 520, you might recognize certainly one of the design and style touches that please habitual Lenovo customers: the on-screen battery gauge. Additionally you have the solution (through the Lenovo Vantage application, discussed later) of putting a battery icon widget in your taskbar. Although the Miix 520’s 12.2-inch, 1920 x 1200 IPS panel taxes battery daily life and lacks the visual pop of, say, the OLED display applied by the Samsung Galaxy Guide, the encounter is worth it. There’s a perceptible improvement in asus x553m charger show high quality in comparison to 1920×1080. The luminosity maxes out at just 298 nits, which can be relatively less compared to the competitors, but we think about anything amongst 250 and 270 nits to become comfy for typical use.

Unfortunately, 1 element exactly where the Miix 520 skimps also a lot is Windows Hello. The tablet lacks a fingerprint reader, as well as the 5MP front-facing camera will not be Windows Hello-capable. The rear-facing 8MP camera is suitable for Mixed Reality Viewer, a fun new function in Windows ten exactly where it is possible to snap a photograph together with your tablet and then drop in lenovo ideapad 100s charger among a large number of 3D objects to spice it up.In the event you read our authentic report around the Lenovo Miix 520, we noticed one alter. Lenovo had originally told us that the rear-facing camera, dubbed WorldView, would pair with a bundled MagicWindow app that would allow you to insert 3D pictures into regular images. That app has not been bundled, and it’s not clear?aeven after checking with Lenovo?awhat happened with WorldView.)


As described in our overview in the Miix 510, the aluminum chassis in the Miix 520 feels tight and representative of the high four-digit beginning price tag. surface professional 4 charger It’s not completely rigid, on the other hand, as trying to twist the tablet from its sides will result in slight creaking and noticeable bending. Luckily, the degree by which this occurs is minimum and does not detract in the make quality on the tablet. Nonetheless, users dell xps 13 charger who want a thing firmer and more unyielding may possibly need to look at the Surface Pro or Latitude 7285 because they really feel more powerful inside the hand.

The wristband hinge-stand has translated properly from Lenovo’s high-end Yoga 900 series. The stand is uniformly firm at all angles as much as its 150-degree maximum hp pavilion dm4 battery without teetering when typing or transporting. If we are to nitpick, the stand is usually difficult to deploy given that it sits tightly against the tablet when closed and its opening notch is actually a bit as well smaller for users with bigger hands.

Keyboard, ports, and speakers

Lenovo is recognized for its keyboards, as well as the Miix 520 generally will not disappoint. In place of the Alcantara fabrics that have turn into the style trend du jour, Lenovo opts to get a more simple pleather, which surrounds the keyboard and works just fine. Every dell latitude e7450 charger essential is significant sufficient to give a comfy landing, along with the one.5mm travel lends itself to prolonged typing.

The row of relatively small function keys in the prime incorporates devoted controls for toggling the touchpad, adjusting the brightness and sound, and locking the toshiba satellite c55 charger tablet. Users also can toggle the keyboard backlight, a good touch that is not usually duplicated on rival machines. In contrast to the Lenovo X-series tablets, the Miix 520 also forgoes each trackpad buttons, along with the iconic red TrackPoint pointing stick.

Though the trackpad feels rather modest, the glass surface makes it possible for smooth scrolling, and clicks registered in all however the quite upper regions in the dell xps 15 charger trackpad. In regards to the only flaw I identified was a modest quantity of keyboard flex, even though you are going to only recognize it by pressing firmly on a essential close to the center. It’s not enough to affect daily typing.

Lenovo additional than tends to make up for that with the seemingly bulletproot magnetic connection in between the keyboard and also the tablet itself. Like other tablets, batterie asus x93s the Miix 520 utilizes a dual hinge that folds back, making two factors of make contact with and angling the keyboard slightly. The keyboard grips so tightly that I was a41 x550e in a position to suspend the tablet itself in the keyboard. Put simply, when the tablet is perched on your lap and falls backward more than your knees, it likely ain’t going anyplace.Ports really are a important concern with any Windows tablet, especially as manufacturers handle the transition from legacy USB-A connectors for the new USB-C typical. batterie surface pro 3 The Miix 520 wisely splits the distinction with two USB three.0 ports: one particular Type A and a single Form C. The Kind C port does not help the high-speed Thunderbolt protocol, nor is it applied for charging?athere’s nevertheless a devoted power port, leaving each ports accessible for use. No dongles are included.Don’t forget concerning the microSD slot tucked away around the back on the tablet, either. (On Lenovo’s website, the manufacturer erroneously reviews that the Miix 520 involves a microSIM slot as an alternative.)

The Miix 520’s speakers deliver audio at satisfactory ranges?aa little softer than, say, a comparable HP tablet, but with excellent midrange and response within the upper registers. Over headphones, the Miix 520 digs deep to provide the batterie bose soundlink mini 2 low-end bass response its own inner speakers lack, with a few of the most satisfying audio I’ve skilled from a tablet. A good bonus is definitely an real Dolby Audio app, comprehensive using the graphics equalizer so typically missing from Windows machines. (Somewhat sadly, though, it lacks any presets.)


The 16:10 FHD touchscreen carries no other resolution possibilities and features a decrease PPI than both the Surface Professional and ThinkPad X1 tablet because of this. We’re also convinced that Lenovo is using the exact exact same IPS panel as on the Miix 510 to the Miix batterie bose soundlink mini 1 520 depending on our measurements below. We are able to record no substantial improvements with regards to brightness, contrast, colour accuracy, and even response times amongst the two generations. Interestingly adequate, utility applications like HWiNFO or AIDA are not able to pull the panel ID or supplier to the Miix tablet two generations inside a row.

While contrast and brightness levels are both respectable, the newest Surface Professional and HP Elite x2 have even brighter backlighting, far more precise colours, chargeur macbook air 13 deeper black ranges, and wider gamuts for a far more vivid viewing practical experience. The Miix 520 falls a bit brief in this regard despite the fact that it truly is still a sharp show with only minimal graininess.

Uneven backlight bleeding is existing on our unit and it is most pronounced about the corners from the display. The clouding is thankfully not noticeable during hp elite x2 netzteil day-to-day use, but it is visible when the screen is darkened.

Pulse-width modulation might be detected on all brightness levels except when on the highest setting. Customers sensitive to onscreen flickering may possibly want to keep away from the Miix 520 consequently.


CPU performance is comparable towards the Acer Swift 3 notebook outfitted with an identical Core i5-8250U CPU. Customers can count on a enormous raw performancedell inspiron 7720 akku enhance of additional than one hundred % more than the Skylake i5-6200U within the final generation Miix 510 during multi-thread operations. As noted in our current preview in the Kaby Lake-R series, the i5-8250U is usually a generational leap in processing power over the ULV Kaby Lake due largely towards the quad-core architecture. The highest-end Surface Pro with the lenovo g710 akku i7-7660U clocks in more than 20 % slower than the Miix 520 in multi-threaded operations while becoming about 15 % more quickly in single-threaded operations based on CineBench R15.

Running CineBench R15 Multi-Thread within a loop reveals that the tablet is not able to sustain optimum Turbo Boost for quite long. The first score of 566 points falls to 532 factors from the 2nd run and also the program never recovers all through medion akoya e2228t netzteil the loop test. The six % drop should not be obvious when searching or word processing and it is relatively small when compared with the throttling that Microsoft imposes on its Surface Professional series.

See our dedicated CPU web page around the Core i5-8250U for more technical information and benchmark comparisons.

Extra softwareLenovo generally excluded bloatware in the Miix 520. dell xps 15 netzteil The firm bundles a trial of McAfee LiveSafe, the Microsoft Office apps (which require a subscription to Workplace 365 to activate) and Minecraft, plus the ubiquitous Candy Crush Soda Saga and March of Empires: War of Lords.

Somewhat oddly, Lenovo bundled each its personal Lenovo Settings app and also the brand new Lenovo Vantage, a smartly designed utility to perform anything from manage updates to discover a number of delivers. When opened, though, Lenovo Settings surface pro four ladekabel/ladekabel surface pro 4 basically informs the user that the Settings app and Vantage have merged, and Settings might be uninstalled. Possibly you may go the extra mile next time, Lenovo?

Vantage and the connected Lenovo App Explorer also serve as front doors of kinds to added, optional apps like Lenovo Le-Note, a OneNote-like inking app that enables you jot a note around the display, even when the tablet is locked.

Battery Life

The inner 38 Wh battery is equivalent to the 1 inside the Miix 510 but significantly smaller than the 50 Wh battery inside the Miix 510 Pro and a lot of other convertibles in this size class. Its WLAN runtime of just five.five hours pale in comparison to chargeur acer swift 3 the Elite x2 1012 and especially the Surface Pro when under comparable testing situations. Lenovo advertises a battery existence of 7.five hrs and so our WLAN circumstances are likely a lot more demanding than Lenovo’s battery testing methodologies.

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