Huawei MateBook X 2020 Review

The MateBook X 2020 is another brilliant ultrabook from Huawei,with solid specs as well as a super slim design and style.

Huawei’s phone company could possibly be looking much more beleaguered than ever, but fortunately exactly the same cannot be mentioned with the company’s laptops, ladekabel macbook pro 2011which stay a number of the best-and most competitive – Windows devices around.

So it is together with the 2020 version with the MateBook X, a slim and ultraportable notebook that packs in enough power for most into one of the slickest styles I’ve seen however.

There are downsides, obviously chiefly limited ports as well as a webcam angle that it would be generous to get in touch with ‘unflattering’. lenovo g580 akkuIf you could appear past those however, There’s an awful lot to really like right here.

Design and Build

The MateBook X is undoubtedly one of one of the most petite 13 inch laptops around.

At just 13.6mm thick and around 1kg, ‘thin and light’ feels like an understatement. You will find thinner laptops about, and there are lighter ones, but there are handful of that nail both elements to this degree, that is a big portion from the initial appeal whenever you choose this thing up.

Made predominantly out of a magnesium aluminium alloy the MateBook X nevertheless looks and feels premium – It really is not packed with low-priced plastic to maintain the weight down – and comes in a choice of two colours: silver or green. I’ve been reviewing the silver model, but I reviewed the 2020 MateBook X Pro inside a related green, and nonetheless assume It’s the most effective finish I’ve ever observed on a laptop.

Still, you’ll find downsides for the design options created here. The very first is ports: like all as well several portable laptops, the MateBook X is limited to two USB-C ports (neither of which supports Thunderbolt) and a headphone jack. surface pro 7 netzteilHuawei ships the laptop having a USB-C dongle to cover several extra alternatives, nevertheless it remains frustrating that the organization could not squeeze just 1 normal USB port into the chassis.

Perhaps the bigger challenge in recent times is the webcam. Huawei has lengthy hidden the high-end MateBook’s webcams into a fake essential in the function row; push the crucial down and a secret webcam pops up.macbook air 2017 ladekabel that is fantastic for maintaining a slim bezel around the show, as well as welcome from a privacy viewpoint, considering that the camera is physically covered when not in use.

It’s just…not excellent if you essentially need to use the webcam, which you in all probability are much more and more in recent times. At 720p the video good quality is acceptable enough, albeit not fantastic, nevertheless it points up at a perpetually unwelcome angle. dell xps 13 akku tauschenIt’s not just unflattering, but also impractical; It really is tough to frame your self appropriately, and adjustments demand moving or propping up the complete laptop, instead of tilting the screen a little.


Speaking from the show, this at least does advantage in the dodgy webcam, with a slim bezel on all 4 sides in the touchscreen panel.

It’s an LTPS LCD instead of AMOLED, so it will not deliver the inkiest blacks about. That shouldn’t place you off though-this is amongst the much better LCD panels I’ve made use of, with bright, punchy colours and loads of detail because of the 3000×2000 resolution.

It almost certainly won’t have to have the desires of skilled designers or visual artists in terms of colour accuracy – it covers 99% of sRGB but only 74% of Adobe RGB and 76% DCI-P3. macbook pro 2011 ladekabelIf you are not confident what that implies even though, then I guarantee it will not bother you.

One from the other appeals is the aspect ratio. Huawei has been a major proponent on the boxy three:2 aspect ratio, and I am right here for it. The screen is taller than most rival laptops, even those adopting the developing trend for 16:ten panels, giving you extra vertical genuine estate.That added space is wonderful when you happen to be working – There is often a little extra in the Word document or Excel sheet on-screen than usual -but honestly appreciate it even when I’m just working by means of emails or doom-scrolling Twitter.

The downside is the fact that any time you watch motion pictures or Television you are going to have much more noticeable letterboxing-the black bars above and under the video-so bear that in thoughts if Netflix and YouTube dominate your screen time.

The measured values also prove that it truly is an excellent panel, only surpassed by the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon 13 ITL among the comparison devices.fsp135 abbn2 m It scores above average when it comes to contrast, but lags behind the competitors in terms of 50% gray to 80% gray response time.

The brightness of the image is just below 400 cd/m2, that is extra than adequate for indoor use. Touch operation functions smoothly.

Keyboard and touchpad

Despite becoming tiny, this laptop is not remotely cramped to operate on. It has a 13 inch screen along with a complete size keyboard. acer aspire e5 575g akku wechselnBoth fill out the out there space, leaving only several millimetres of blank border on each and every side.

Even the keyboard high-quality is excellent. The key action is shallower than some, as you could guess, but other aspects of the important really feel are outstanding.

Large important caps, a quiet mechanism (aside from the noisier spacebar) in addition to a meaty actuation make the Huawei MateBook X surprisingly comfortable to type on. razer netzteilWe wrote this overview around the laptop and it only took about three keystrokes to really feel at residence, when switching from our 2015 MacBook Pro a classic laptop model in the days prior to Apple puts its keyboards on SlimFast and got rid of the majority of their key travel.

There’s also something hiding beneath the among the Mate X’s F-keys: a camera. Push the button amongst F6 and F7 along with the webcam pops out.

This is often a fairly common 720p camera though.lenovo g700 akku It’s practically nothing unique along with the angle is, frankly, horrible. When you have a hint of a double chin issue going on, the Huawei MateBook X’s webcam will give it its own Television show.hp jc04 akku However, There’s no area for any camera inside the screen surround, or at the very least no webcam worth employing.

There’s some even more fascinating stuff going on in the Huawei MateBook X’s touchpad. It really is substantially closer to an Apple pad than the typical Windows one particular.lenovo g500 akku Not with regards to size, but how the clicker functions. Rather of employing a mechanical clicker, the Huawei MateBook X has a haptic a single. There’s somewhat motor underneath that simulates a click, even though the pad itself only moves what looks like a fraction of a xps 15 9560 netzteilThis style implies there’s zero pad wobble plus the complete surface, for the last millimetre, can be clicked as you please.

For the initial couple of days of making use of the Huawei MateBook X, we didn’t like the touchpad a great deal, even though.It felt vague and shallow. lenovo g70 akkuBut an app called Huawei Free of charge Touch allows you to alter the pad’s stress sensitivity and also the force of the click. Max out the feedback and set the stress sensitivity to medium that’s our recommendation.We nonetheless want there was stronger, deeper click feedback even though.

Keyboard and trackpad

With such a compact laptop physique, it is a relief that Huawei has completed its level finest to devote just about every inch of space it may to the keyboard and trackpad.

The typing space stretches fully from one edge of the laptop to the other, with comfortable, backlit chiclet keys which can be a genuine pleasure to variety on. If this is not the top 13 inch laptop keyboard around, it really is close sufficient that we’re splitting hairs.

The touchpad is also a little of a coup. Huawei has extended it all of the method to the bottom edge from the laptop to give you the most space achievable;sony vgp bps26 it’s a style decision that appears as superior as it feels to work with.

Huawei has also built in subtle haptic feedback whenever you click around the touchpad. it is much subtler than you may expect-nothing just like the vibration on a phone -but alternatively somehow helps every click feel somewhat bit clickier.

There’s yet another secret hidden here as well. toshiba satellite akku originalHuawei has taken its Huawei Share tech which allows you to connect the laptop to a Huawei telephone or tablet and immediately screen share or swap files and constructed it into the touchpad, freeing us in the ugly sticker that previously contained the tech and hence couldn’t be removed.


As for battery life, the MateBook X is distinctly typical. It lasted a hair more than nine hours of continuous video playback in our tests, which can be in the low end of what I’d expect to get a laptop like this, though it really is not too far behind the rest in the pack.

The size of your chassis is likely to blame here, as there is only so major a battery you’ll be able to fit inside a laptop this small, acer aspire 7750g akkuso the 42Wh cell incorporated right here isn’t unreasonable.

In sensible terms, you could just about eke out a complete day’s function on battery power, but it could be touch and go towards the end.

It aids that Huawei ships the MateBook X using a compact USB-C charger which will most likely also perform along with your phone as well as other tech. akku dell xps 13it’s speedy adequate to major the laptop battery up by 38% in 30 minutes, so whilst you could would like to retain the power adapter handy, you will not have to really feel chained to a plug socket.


The Huawei MateBook X is the type of laptop you could anticipate to view applying an ultra-low power processor, like a phone-style Snapdragon or possibly a Y-series Intel produced to run off the battery equivalent of 1-calorie frying pan spray oil.

But it does not. dell wdx0rYou get an Intel Core i5-10210U, the exact same CPU applied by the base-level Dell XPS 13. It’s a suitable processor, the sort which has no problems dealing with apps like Photoshop.

Video editing is feasible also, but anyone who does this on a regular basis knows you don’t want a 1kg low-voltage processor laptop when rendering 4K files longer than about 30 seconds.

Huawei does not mess about with any low-spec variants of the Huawei MateBook X. We’ve got the ‘entry-level’ model – and it nevertheless has 16GB RAM along with a fast 512GB SSD (with write speeds of just under 3000MB/s).

It’s a monster amongst sub-15mm-thick laptops. And on initially glance it beats the MacBook Air. The Apple alternative’s Intel Core i5 features a slower clock speed, soundlink mini 2 akku tauschen1.1GHz to the MateBook X’s 1.6GHz.

However, this doesn’t stack up with real-world efficiency. Apple’s lower-clocked processor does just also with any application you’d be sensible to utilize on a slim and light computer system, and its graphics chipset is far greater. fpcbp282The Huawei MateBook X, and many other slim Windows laptops, have Intel UHD-series graphics. MacBook Airs use Intel Iris Plus chipsets, that are about twice as powerful.

You can still play Skyrim at 1080p and low graphics comfortably adequate on the MateBook X. We attempted playing Subnautica also, however it merely would not run nicely at any setting.

You get none from the overall performance improvements observed in other integrated graphics laptops in the last year or so though.lenovo thinkpad t430 akku We’re not only talking about MacBooks. Intel laptop CPUs using a “G” within the name, and AMD Ryzen ones, will play games a great deal far better than the Huawei MateBook X.

We’re fans of its speakers too. You’ll find 4 drivers: two have their own ports, on the sides; the other two appear to feed sound by way of the small gaps amongst the keyboard keys.Try as difficult as you like, you can not block out the MateBook X’s audio devoid of wrapping the issue in clingfilm. Top volume is loud, hp 807957 001there’s much more bass here than in most laptops a number of occasions the size plus the mids are effectively represented.Verdict

You can not assess the Huawei MateBook X by searching at the overall performance it delivers per pound. It costs extra than the closest MacBook Air. ladekabel macbook air 2010We winced a little when we realised that little titbit.

However, Huawei has pulled off a couple of minor miracles within the Huawei MateBook X. It weighs a gramme more than a kilo, is slimmer than a foldable telephone, yet feels as rigid as a top-end laptop that is 300g heavier.lenovo e330 akku In addition, it features a good Core i5 processor and may last virtually eight hours per charge. The speakers are far more potent than you’d envision also.

The Huawei MateBook X explores the extremes, for those willing to pay a couple of hundred quid a lot more for 1kg weight plus a tiny footprint. vgp ac19v37That’s not the highest priority for most of us, but performance, weight, size, create quality and battery life are hardly ever as finely balanced as they may be here. It really is a true achievement.

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