HP ProBook 5330m Review

We often need to chuckle when laptop makers speak about producing company systems appear extra palatable towards the staff toting ’em.Right after all,it is not like we’re going to stroll off the job since we don’t just like the appears of that black box we’ve been assigned.Nonetheless,laptop companies are going out of their solution to make their corporate systems appear additional in line with their sexier customer cousins.Take the Lenovo ThinkPad X1,for example,a slimmed-down version from the company’s signature design and style Dell Latitude E5530 Accu updated having a buttonless touchpad,Dolby sound,as well as a much-maligned glossy display.Toshiba,meanwhile,recently revamped its line of enterprise notebooks to look like the lightweight Portege R705 – also a crossover hit.Which brings us for the HP ProBook 5330m.This 13.3-incher features a metal-clad physique and Beats Audio – a initially on an HP business enterprise machine,but a staple across its consumer steady.And however,the company’s wooing the IT guys,also,using a matte display,optional prepaid mobile broadband,Intel vPro technologies,and TPM circuitry.It scores major points for value,but can it hang  Let’s learn.


We’ll be sincere: immediately after spending several minutes with the 5330m back in April,we came away with the visceral feeling that its two-tone keyboard deck,beige trackpad,and boxy shape weren’t especially sexy – let alone youthful.And also you know what  We still don’t think it really is current,per se,but just after a week of testing,we are able to a minimum of appreciate what a well-made machine it’s.A significant portion of that,of course,could be the supplies made use of.Using the exception with the bottom,the chassis Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Oplader plus the hinge are each fashioned out of sturdy aluminum.As for the underside,it really is created of magnesium,whereas even some high-end notebooks revert to plastic, and it features a soft,rubbery finish.The bottom also appears clean,using a pop-out door housing the removable battery.It really is also undesirable,then,that this laptop that tries so hard to be hip still manages to appear dated.Our massive bone of contention has constantly been the strip of matte aluminum ringing the keyboard deck Asus FX502VM Oplader and palm rest.The contrast amongst the brushed and smooth metals along with the light and darker greys is a single busy combo,and tends to make the keyboard deck look additional cramped than it truly is.Even though HP had opted for an totally brushed aluminum chassis,the 5330m would have nonetheless looked the portion of a significant small business laptop,only additional elegant than the 1 we’re hunting at.Within the end,clearly,it comes down to perception.An HP rep described the look as “timeless.” We say it really is stodgy.Also,one last gripe that is neither here nor there: what’s up together with the gratuitous Beats Audio branding  You will discover the logos painted around the upper-right hand corner from the bezel,at the same time as the front edge on the notebook – both stinging annoyances considering that you can’t do something to take away them.And yes,we understand how numerous of you guys feel about stickers,but if HP has some contractual obligation to market the hell out of its partnership Asus A32N1331 Accu with Dr.Dre,a minimum of use a medium people today can dispose of once they unbox the laptop.

These quibbles aside,we were pleasantly surprised by how lightweight the 5330m is.Offered its boxy 0.99-inch thick profile,we wouldn’t blame you in case you guessed this point felt heavy.Certainly,at 3.99 pounds it weighs far more than the 3.7-pound ThinkPad X1,although the wedge-shaped X1 is considerably thicker at its chunkiest point.In reality,the 5330m’s heft implies it’ll really feel extra grounded any time you use it within your lap.Not that the X1 ever slipped off whilst we have been typing,needless to say;it’s just that the 5330m includes a far more reassuring weight distribution. And,simply because the 5330m is narrower,it’s less complicated to grip with 1 hand.The laptop Dell JWPHF Accu also has a 720p webcam,which delivers vibrant picture high-quality with balanced colors,even though as you are able to see in the resized nevertheless below,images are grainy,even with ample lighting.For any person who’s noticed an HP laptop lately,the 5330m’s island keyboard should look familiar.The keys have a soft finish and flat surface – a contrast to Lenovo’s ThinkPads,whose keys have scooped caps.The 5330m’s keys are quieter,but not far more precise – they felt sticky,and frequently failed to register letters.This led to missing letters we could have sworn we typed.The spacing between the keys is perfect,although,as you could anticipate with a laptop this size,HP did have to squish the arrow keys to ensure the letter Asus X205TA Accu and Shift keys had ample area.Bonus: the 5330m comes common using a backlit keyboard,which assists liven up that staid design and style.Lots of a time,we’ve knocked HP’s laptops for shipping with flaky touchpads.We’re satisfied to say the 5330m gets it ideal.The touchpad features a smooth,low-friction surface,and two-fingered scrolling performs fairly nicely.Our only complaint can be a cosmetic 1,that the pad’s taupe color is dreary and doesn’t match the rest of the program.The buttons,also,are responsive,although they really feel a little mushy – kind of like obtaining trap doors Asus P2520LA Oplader beneath your fingers.


The HP ProBook 5330m’s 2.5-GHz Core i5-2520M CPU,7,200-rpm tough drive,and Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU permit the notebook to supply adequate muscle for organization tasks and HD video playback,but not for gaming.On PCMark Vantage,a synthetic benchmark that measures all round efficiency,the 5330m scored a strong six,898,effectively above the five,584 thin-and-light notebook category average and comfortably ahead from the 2.3-GHz Core i5-powered Portege R835 and the 1.4-GHz Core i5-enabled ThinkPad Edge E220s.The 500GB 7,200-rpm Hitachi really hard drive booted into Windows 7 Specialist 64-bit in 68 seconds,somewhat slower than the 65-second category average.The drive took two minutes and 31 seconds to complete the LAPTOP File Asus P2520LA Accu Transfer Test,which requires copying four.97GB of mixed media files within the drive.That’s a price of 33.7 MBps,superior than the category typical of 25.7 MBps and also more quickly than the ThinkPad Edge’s 30.1 MBps.Because it uses a second-generation Core i5 CPU,the HP ProBook 5330m is great at transcoding video.The laptop took just 44 seconds to convert a 114MB standard-definition MP4 to AVI format utilizing Oxelon Media Encoder,14 seconds faster than the category typical.It took an even-faster 34 seconds to transcode a 5-minute 1080p video in CyberLink Media Espresso,a system that requires benefit of the CPU’s Intel QuickSync technologies for encoding.That time is way faster than the 1:20 category typical.It really is an excellent issue that the HP ProBook 5330m comes using a removable battery,simply because organization travelers are going to need to have a spare.Around the LAPTOP Battery Test,which entails continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi,the ProBook lasted a lame four hours and 14 minutes.That is 30 minutes significantly less than the ThinkPad Edge E220s,45 minutes HP EliteBook 8460p Oplader below the category typical,and much more than two hours less than the Toshiba Portege R835.Considering that we run the test with all the laptop’s screen at 40-percent brightness,we can only think about how rapidly the ProBook would run out of juice in the event you made use of it at full brightness and watched video.HP does not even offer an extended life battery selection.The 13.3-inch 1366 x 768 matte show on the ProBook 5330m supplies bright colors and sharp photos with strong viewing angles of as much as 45 degrees towards the left or suitable and no reflections at all.The mixture of your 2.5-GHz Core i5-2520M and Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU proved additional than adequate to play even full HD videos with good clarity and accuracy.Whether or not we had been streaming a 720p episode of Fringe from Fox.com or playing a 1080p Quicktime trailer for Shark Evening 3D,motion was smooth and pictures Lenovo L13M4P02 Accu had been clear.Together with the help of Beats Audio technologies,the HP ProBook 5330m delivers a high-quality music expertise.

On the bright side,the HP ProBook 5330m’s Broadcom 43224AG 802.11n wireless card provided truly epic transfer prices of 50.two Mbps and 43 Mbps at distances of 15 and 50 feet from our router.That is way faster than the 35.four and 21.7 Mbps category averages.Our $899 configuration from the ProBook 5330m also comes having a built-in 3G modem that allows customers to sign up for mobile broadband LG 29UB65 Oplader service from all 4 important U.S.carriers.You could also sign up for HP’s DataPass,which enables for prepaid access on Sprint’s network.The ProBook 5330m comes pre-loaded with HP’s industry-leading ProtectTools suite of security applications.These consist of File Sanitizer for securely erasing files,password manager for storing all your web passwords,and drive encryption that secures your information from prying eyes even when your drive is ripped out with the notebook.ProtectTools also allows you to set up a fingerprint or facial recognition login.When you pick out to utilize facial recognition,you’ll be able to also need customers to have a Bluetooth-capable telephone Samsung S27B350H Oplader to ensure that they’ll need to have each the telephone and their faces to log in.For all those who shed their passwords,fingers,faces,or phones,HP has Sparekey,that will ask you 3 individual concerns to recover your password.In addition to ProtectTools,HP includes its Power Assistant computer software,which lets you exert fine control over the system’s energy settings.The application has some special characteristics,such as a history tab that shows detailed graphs about your energy use over time and just how much every component uses.There’s also a scheduler that allows you to handle when the energy profile HP 807957 001 Accu alterations so your notebook can,by way of example,go into low power mode right after 6 p.m.on weekdays.HP’s Connection Manager makes it possible for users to turn on and off different network connections,from the Wi-Fi to Bluetooth,Ethernet,and Mobile Broadband.ArcSoft Webcam companion enables you to shoot images or video with the bundled 720p webcam.HP Backs the ProBook 5330m having a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor.See how HP fared in the newest Tech Help Showdown and our Greatest & Worst Brands report.


Around the edges,the ProBook 5330m has all of the usual ports and slots: three USB two.0 ports,VGA,HDMI,a combination headphone and microphone port,Gigabit Ethernet,and an SD card slot.You also get Bluetooth,a webcam,plus a fingerprint reader and TPM 1.2 that can be utilized for authetication in conjunction with all the installed HP ProtectTools software program.You do not get USB three.0 with this notebook,and we believe that’s just a little additional than a minor drawback,even for a company model.Despite being a enterprise laptop,the ProBook 5330m has Beats Audio branding and attributes lots of equaliser settings to play with.For a small laptop,its tiny speakers are very good.Even though they understandably don’t possess a deep bass response,the equaliser can be used to adjust their output and create an enjoyable music-listening expertise HP 609940 001 Oplader whilst in a small room.In actual fact,pound-for-pound,we assume it produces improved high-quality audio than the Pavilion dv6 multimedia notebook.Although HP has been doing a great deal superior in terms of  managing heat in its notebooks,the ProBook 5330m got unusually hot at times during our review.Typical idle or internet browsing temperatures remained under 90 degrees Fahrenheit,but the bottom of your notebook reached peak temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit when we stressed the system with our benchmark tests.The palmrests and aluminum top deck from the notebook kept cool,but the magnesium alloy bottom ended up radiating the majority from the heat.The cooling fan only became noticeable when the notebook was reaching higher temps plus the fan worked at maximum speed to push heat away from the core components.


At the end of the work day,the HP ProBook 5330m is definitely the type of business enterprise laptop you will be satisfied to take home.For you get a well-equipped notebook with extremely durable construction,fantastic functionality an a nice keyboard with LED backlighting.Of course,at that price you have to accept limited configuration options,limited ports,and average battery life.I wasn’t too happy to see how hot the bottom of this notebook gets when you’re running graphics-intense tasks,but HP is giving you a lot of PC for a relatively small amount of cash.Regrettably,there are also a number of things that spoiled the positive impression.Design and workmanship were not one from the problems although – around the contrary:the HP ProBook 5330m really scored here. Workmanship Dell PA 1650 02D3 Oplader was consistent on a very higher level as well as the style succeeded with excellent components and style.The keyboard continued the winning streak and offered substantially for the money.Very pleasant typing really feel,splash-water resistance and back-light helped it score very positively.Further,the subnotebook offers very very good functionality and numerous security characteristics.Touchpad and mouse buttons received the first negative marks;the touchpad is fairly small and the cheaply done mouse buttons appear out of place and fail to match the high quality of your rest from the notebook.The 3G radio doesn’t quite make up for that.The worst component of this notebook is the poor display.Brightness is meager in comparison to competing notebooks.Making matters worse is definitely the uneven illumination and low contrast.Maybe not that lots of folks use a company notebook to edit photos,but a brighter show would certainly not hurt and have a positive effect during outdoor use.Overall,the HP ProBook 5330m is still a decent and above all good searching subnotebook.Regrettably, HP gives up points thoughtlessly.The HP ProBook 5330m could have done significantly far better if HP had just utilised a far better show.The elementary prerequisites for a very great result have been in place.

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