HP Chromebook 14 Review

If you’ve been tempted to switch from a Windows 10 notebook to a single that runs Google’s lightweight Chrome OS, you could have noticed there are not quite a few big-screen Chromebooks available. Enter the 14-inch HP Chromebook 14, which packs an Intel Celeron processor as well as a 1080p show. This desirable, teal-and-white laptop supplies powerful audio and toshiba battery pa5024u 1brs a lot of overall performance for multitasking, but competing Chromebooks have superior battery life and more colorful screens.


Were it not for the candy-colored Google Chrome logo around the lid of your laptop, the HP Pavilion Chromebook would appear like pa5186u 1brs white/toshiba pa5186u 1brs battery a 14-inch version of your HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15z-b000, HP’s low-cost, AMD-powered ultrabook alternative. The chassis utilizes the same plastic construction, having a glossy “sparkling black” finish. The complete laptop can also be fairly lightweight, tipping the scales at just three.73 pounds.

The chiclet keyboard feels like an HP keyboard, with toshiba battery pa3817u 1brs/pa3817u 1brs original toshiba comfy spacing but a slightly insubstantial feel when typing. Unlike other HP laptops, the Pavilion Chromebook features a layout which has been tweaked specifically for use with Google’s Chrome OS. In place of a Windows key, there’s a search crucial that toshiba pa5178e 1ac3 opens up a fresh Google search screen. The F1-F12 buttons have also picked up a couple of Chrome-specific functions (Across from left to suitable: Escape, Back, Forward, Reload, Complete Screen, Subsequent Window, Brightness Down/Up, Volume Mute/Down/Up, Energy), whilst a row of keys along the asus charger ad883220/asus ac adapter ad883220 right-hand edge in the keyboard add a few familiar functions not presented on the smaller Chromebooks, like a Delete crucial, together with House, Pg Up, Pg Dn, and Finish keys.

The touchpad is also a little closer towards the Windows-norm than the buttonless clickpads noticed on the Samsung Chromebook Series 3 (XE303C12)$294.97 at Amazon or the Acer C7 Chromebook (C710-2055)$298.98 at Amazon. Rather, you will get the much more familiar right and asus ac adapter ad891m21/asus ad891m21 charger left buttons, together with a textured touchpad that supports Chrome’s one- and two-finger gestures, like tapping having a single finger for a common mouse click, and tapping with two for right-click functions, and two-finger scrolling.

The Pavilion Chromebook would be the largest Chromebook but, with a 14-inch show that dwarfs the 11-inch displays noticed around the Acer C7 and the Samsung Series three. The Google Chromebook Pixel (64GB, LTE)Very best Price tag at Amazon comes closer in size (12.85 inches) but with toshiba satellite l50 b 1nx battery/toshiba pa5186u 1brs battery its Retina-like resolution, touch capability, and distinctive three:2 aspect ratio, the Pixel’s show is not seriously comparable to any on the economical Chromebooks. As an alternative, the Pavilion Chromebook, with its 14-inch screen and 1,366-by-768 resolution show, is once more most comparable to the HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15z-b000, which was really a bit larger at 15.6 inches.

With that 14-inch show and slim dimensions-0.83 by 13.7 by 9.4 inches (HWD)-the Pavilion Chromebook is definitely the first to definitely take the Chromebook from netbook-like styles into a additional laptop-like kind factor. In some methods this really is a superb move, because the larger dimensions make for more comfortable typing and acer ac adapter a13 045n2a/acer a13 045n2a charger the larger display tends to make multitasking less difficult. But in other approaches, it detracts from the Chromebook practical experience, by reshaping expectations-instead of a pleasantly surprising netbook encounter, it’s a laptop knowledge without the need of full laptop capability.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The HP Chromebook 14’s keyboard is not best, but it tends to make for decent typing. I noticed its deck bounced a good deal as I made use of the 10FastFingers typing test, where I clicked my solution to hp spare 800049 001/hp battery 800049 001 70 words per minute with 99 percent accuracy. That is beneath my 80-wpm typical. The keys have 1.three millimeters of travel, although we prefer 1.five mm.

The HP Chromebook 14’s 4.three x 2.7-inch, buttonless touchpad accurately tracked my input as my fingers navigated around the Chrome browser, and asus charger ad883220/asus ac adapter ad883220 there was a solid feel to each and every click. The notebook smoothly responded to my two-finger scrolling, and it appropriately registered my three-finger navigation gestures.


The Chromebook 14 is extra than rapidly enough for day-to-day tasks, but we noticed that it stuttered sometimes beneath heavy use. Videos would drop frames, as an illustration, or scrolling would stutter a little. With a lot more macbook pro a1286 charger/a1286 macbook pro charger casual net browsing usage, such stuttering was rare, so you should not run into complications too normally.

Armed having a 1.8-GHz Intel Celeron N2940 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 16GB eMMC drive, the HP Chromebook 14 delivers enough energy for multitasking. When I split my screen amongst a dozen tabs and asus ad890m26 charger/asus laptop charger ad890m26 a streaming YouTube video and opened Cut The Rope and Google Hold, the method stayed speedy, with no lag as I typed within a Google Doc and moved from tab to tab.

The HP Chromebook 14 did poorly on Google’s Octane two.0 efficiency benchmark, which gave it a score of 7,869. The Celeron 3205U-powered Dell Chromebook 13 (14,453) and Celeron 3215U-powered Toshiba Chromebook 2 (17,044) earned much better scores.

The Browser mark test for general browser performance created equivalent results, with pa5109u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5109u 1brs the HP Chromebook 14 (two,300) finding bested by the Dell (4,199) plus the Toshiba (4,576), once more.

HP’s Chromebook 14 is also not as very good at running JavaScript as its competitors, earning a 46.1 in the JetStream 1.1 test. That score is lower than these in the Dell (86.three) along with the Toshiba (99.2).


I had no problems playing casual games like Cut The Rope and streaming 1080p video from Netflix on the HP Chromebook 14, but once again, synthetic test scores favor its competitors. This program earned asus ac adapter adp 65gd b/asus adp 65gd b charger a score of only 1,480 in the Oort On line test, which measures the browser’s capability to display simulated environments. That’s far below the Dell Chromebook 13 (5,050) plus the Toshiba Chromebook 2 (5,060).

The HP Chromebook 14 also performed poorly inside the Aquarium graphics simulation, which tests 3D rendering. The notebook mustered 47 frames per second with Lenovo Charger 4X20E75067 250 and 500 fish inside the tank, although the Dell and Toshiba each sped along at 60 fps with as several as 1,000 fish.


Those who like their music loud and clear will appreciate the HP Chromebook 14. The notebook filled a large conference space with asus charger 04g26b001200 an correct version of CFO$’s “The Rising Sun,” reproducing its powerful bass guitar riffs, crisp drums and higher synths.


After you log in to the Chromebook using your Google account, the program automatically loads what ever apps you’ve previously employed. In our case, that consisted of Google’s own productivity and macbook air charger 45w/a1466 charger Play apps, Word On the internet, games like Cut The Rope and Offline Solitaire and favorites like Netflix and Spotify.

For a lot more apps, you’ll be able to verify out the Chrome Web Store, which has tens of a large number of titles accessible. The Tension Relievers section has games like 2048 and also a white-noise-producing add-on; apps for checking the regional forecasts and finding rain alerts are filed under Climate & Outdoor; and microsoft model 1624 charger image-editing programs can be found in Unleash Creativity. Other categories within the Chrome Internet Retailer include Business Tools, Social and Communication, and Education.

When I poked about in the store, I found some of the apps I use every day, like Pocket, which I use to save articles to read later. LINE, a popular messaging app, can also be in the retailer.

Google Docs and Slides users will find the ability to save files for offline use useful for toshiba satellite pro c850 1er battery/genuine toshiba pa5024u 1brs these moments when they do not have a connection. You’ll need to make sure that that setting is enabled in Google Drive in advance. Offline access isn’t available for all apps inside the Chrome Internet Store, but some work when you’re not within the cloud.

The Chrome Net Store still has a approaches to go if it intends to seriously compete with Windows and OS X. I found myself missing my favorite Twitter client, Tweetbot, and HipChat, which we use for toshiba satellite l50 b 1p1 battery/toshiba satellite c55 c 1m9 battery inter-office communication. If you’re looking to play your favorite games, you will spend a while hunting for them, as that section of the store is filled with knockoffs like Fruits Slice and Bubble Shooter.

Configurations and Warranty

Our test unit of the HP Chromebook 14 would be the ak060nr model, which costs $279.99 and packs a 1080p show, a 1.8GHz Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and hp pro tablet 10 ee g1 charger a 16GB eMMC drive. HP also sells the ak010nr model, which costs $249.99 and includes a two.16GHz Celeron N2840 processor, 2GB of memory, a 16GB eMMC drive in addition to a 1366 x 768-pixel display.

The notebook ships having a one-year limited warranty. Check out a lot more information about HP’s warranty in our overview.

Final verdict

A Chromebook isn’t going to be quite as flexible as a full-on WIndows PC or a Mac. No matter how Google dresses things up, you’re still relying heavily on web apps to get work done, and a1398 charger ultimately such restrictions aren’t for everyone.

Still, having a base price of about $200, the HP Chromebook 14 is a great value for those looking for any basic net browsing machine. It really is more affordable than the Toshiba Chromebook two even though offering a larger screen. The Acer Chromebook 15 serves up some much stiffer competition with newer components, much more memory and adp 180mb f a larger screen, but the HP 14-incher is a bit a lot more compact and superior looking to boot if aesthetics are crucial.

For a reasonably modest investment, you are going to get a responsive, friendly notebook that is actually fun to use despite its shortcomings.

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