Dell XPS 17 (L701X) Review

The Dell XPS 17 (1710X) is usually a desktop replacement notebook that is primed for use as a gaming laptop,a media centre or possibly a mobile workstation! It is a versatile Dell notebook having a 17.3in touchscreen in addition to a high-end configuration that involves a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU,two tough drives along with a strong NVIDIA graphics processor.Dell has accomplished away with several older connectivity selections,which include VGA,but integrated mod cons including DisplayPort,alternatively.

Design and Features

The Dell XPS 17 (1710X) is actually a significant notebook: its base is 415mm wide and 285mm deep,and it weighs just more than 4kg.It’s not a unit you may wish to use in your lap,and you won’t want to transport to and in the office as well normally.It feels properly built,and includes a massive multitouch touchpad and a really sturdy,backlit keyboard.Along the sides on the notebook caricabatterie dell inspiron 15 7577 are two USB 2.0 ports,3 audio ports,an SD card slot and also a Blu-ray drive.Much more connections are positioned along the rear from the notebook: you get two USB 3.0 ports,a Gigabit Ethernet port,HDMI and DisplayPort,and an antenna port for the internal digital Television tuner.It lacks FireWire and VGA,and it also doesn’t have an ExpressCard expansion slot.We’re not at all sad about these omissions,though it would be good to have an ExpressCard slot in case you must use FireWire or an expansion dock inside the future.The XPS 17 also has Bluetooth,802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi,and also a 0.9-megapixel,Skype-certified webcam.The selection of characteristics the XPS 17 boasts is hugely impressive.A pair of committed JBL speakers sit imbedded in the laptop’s chassis and deliver many of the ideal audio we’ve ever heard from a laptop.In case you use your machine for music playback,this will likely be a enormous bonus for you.The laptop also comes bundled with Nvidia’s 3DTV Play technologies.This indicates that,although the laptop’s panel is not 3D ready,you can stream 3D content to a compatible Television or monitor caricabatterie dell precision 15 through the laptop.This tends to make it a great selection for those looking to stream 3D games and films to share around the massive screen.There is also 2-megapixel webcam included.The XPS 17 is definitely an impressive multimedia machine that doesn’t price the earth.Fantastic performance and usability are joined by a extremely impressive capabilities list to produce this a competitive package.Like Apple with its Macbook range,Dell consistently refreshes its Inspiron and XPS desktops and laptops.We final looked in the mid-range Inspiron 17R and were fairly impressed with all the fashionable refresh.Now it is time for you to verify out Dell’s new high-end XPS 17.Sitting just one step below the company’s ultimate Studio XPS line,the ‘vanilla’ XPS is nevertheless a fairly highly effective beast.You will get as much as Intel Core i7 quad core processors; devoted,optimus-enabled graphics with up to 1.5GB of video memory along with the potential to output to a 3D show; a whopping 16GB of method memory; as much as 1.5TB of tough drive space and JBL 2.1 audio. They’re also the world’s 1st Skype-certified laptops with HD webcams,so these addicted to 720p video chat should really feel correct at property.USB three.0 and DisplayPort are also on board,making for an impressive line-up.Not surprisingly,our evaluation sample (L701X) is specified just a little additional modestly.Processing duties are handled by a dual core Core i5 460M running at two.53GHz,backed up by 4GB of DDR3 RAM.It really is also lots strong around the graphics front,supplementing Intel’s integrated graphics with an Nvidia GeForce 435M with 1GB of RAM for graphics acceleration caricabatterie lenovo adlx90nlt3a and light gaming when plugged in.Dell supplies speedy 7,200rpm challenging drives across its XPS 17 variety,and with this model you get a generous 500GB capacity.This all guarantees the surprisingly clean install of Windows 7 Property Premium 64-bit runs beautifully.Even so,what straight away catches the eye regarding the 17.3in XPS is its unapologetic bulk.With a starting weight of more than three.4kg and dimensions of 415 x 287.3 x 32.8-38.5mm,this laptop requires its role as a desktop replacement seriously.Despite this,it really is nevertheless an eye-catching machine.The majority of its lid consists of a single sheet of anodized aluminium,which appears and feels terrific,and does not show up fingerprints or grease marks like the glossy finishes found on the lids of most laptops.Like the Asus G73Jh,the lower half protrudes slightly in the back,showing off a white-backlit XPS logo.Opening the XPS 17 up reveals a matt black screen bezel,which should make quite a handful of persons delighted.When the keyboard surround and palm-rest region are constructed from an additional single sheet of aluminium,this time it’s in a brushed black finish matching the rest on the interior.Though fingerprints batteria hp cm03xl is going to be visible right here,it is nowhere near as poor as some thing like Toshiba’s Satellite L650,and is often a modest price tag to spend for the quality feel and solidity when resting your hands on it.The laptop’s base is plastic,coloured silver to match the lid.The energy button,status indicators and touch-sensitive controls – all located within a piano-black strip above the keyboard – are nicely backlit in white.General,Dell has accomplished an excellent job with this straightforward yet visually engaging look. 

Build good quality is extra of a mixed bag,for though it really is largely superb,there are some spots along the base exactly where there is additional ‘give’ than we prefer to see,and one location from the palm-rest where pressing down results in an audible click.Nevertheless,they are minor challenges in what’s,overall,a very well-built machine.In make use of the XPS 17 frequently stays whisper-quiet,even though under load its fans do have a tendency to rev up and it becomes rather audible.We also found the left palm-rest gets quite warm for the touch immediately after the laptop has been running at full load for a even though.Should you wish to use the XPS 17 (1710X) out on your balcony or within your yard,you’ll get annoyed by the hugely reflective screen.Even putting it close to a window batteria hp probook 450 g3 on a cloudy day will bring about numerous reflections to seem around the screen.Generally,it really is not a notebook that you simply can comfortably use outdoors or in bright regions.The multitouch touchscreen includes a resolution of 1600×900.The huge display is helpful whenever you would like to line up windows side by side,but the touchscreen is something that’s a lot more of a novelty for impressing your pals in lieu of a thing that could make you more productive.In saying that,it may be fun to utilize your fingers to switch Internet browser tabs,to zoom and rotate images,and to choose music and video files.Utilizing the touchscreen in this way for any prolonged time period is often tiring,however.Dell ships the XPS 17 with a touch interface called Dell Touch Zone,which takes up just about a third in the space on the Desktop when it is open,and it can be utilised to launch image,music,video and Web applications.In the top with the screen caricabatterie toshiba pa3917u you might obtain the Dell Dock,which permits you to carry out lots of equivalent tasks – it’s more annoying than beneficial.All up,the touchscreen has limited usefulness and how handy it can be will depend on the applications you use.


Connectivity on Dell’s XPS 17 L701X is definitely class-leading,and not only since it contains USB 3.0.The only point that’s missing is an ExpressCard slot,and we honestly cannot believe of lots of reasons you’d want a single right here.Along the left there’s a memory card reader caricabatterie apple m9689b a which not just requires the usual complement of SD/HC,MS Pro/Duo and MMC,but also the new SDXC normal.Around the right you are going to uncover a tray-loading DVD-rewriter,twin headphone jacks,a microphone jack,in addition to a combined USB two.0/eSATA port.The majority of the connections reside along the back,which can be not necessarily by far the most hassle-free location.Here you will locate two USB three.0 ports in their signature blue livery,Gigabit Ethernet,in addition to a extensive digital video output choice of HDMI 1.4 and mini-DisplayPort.Either one particular will allow you to hook up high-resolution monitors like the NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi,one thing that lots of older laptops do not help.We’ve equally little complaint concerning this laptop’s usability.Each of the keyboard’s keys are full-size,along with a number pad is integrated collectively with the usual shortcuts.Amongst these is often a committed button for deactivating the touchpad,though you should not want this as we identified the pad just about never ever interfered with typing.Layout is fantastic,even though it doesn’t match the intelligent shortcut placement and second function essential found around the likes of Samsung’s R780.The only aggravation for energy users is that the F-series keys are relegated to secondary functions by default,but this could be altered inside the BIOS.The keys also offer you a fantastic amount of travel,and though the action on a few feels a tad low cost,typing is still a very pleasant encounter all round.So far then,we’re pretty impressed with Dell’s new variety.Sadly,the L701X’s 17.3in screen is exactly where we come across our initially genuine disappointment.Dell nonetheless wants to differentiate its highest-end XPS Studio line,and one from the approaches it has performed that is by limiting the ‘vanilla’ XPS 17 to a maximum show resolution of 1,600 x 900.When this will be lots for the vast majority of users,it can be a major caveat caricabatterie sony vgp ac19v43 for those hungry for more desktop genuine estate.Because of this,sharpness is not rather as good as on Complete HD screens either,even though it is undoubtedly adequate for most along with the reduced resolution does make viewing modest icons and text easier.The screen’s glossy coating could be a problem with vibrant ambient lights present,even though within a darkened atmosphere it does improve perceived contrast and offers colours that further small bit of ‘pop’.Nonetheless,the TN panel wants all of the aid it can get,as contrast is quite poor.Blacks appear slightly grey,the darkest greyshades are indistinguishable from every other and subtle colour gradations in the lighter finish blend into solid blocks.The speakers produce a room-filling volume with out distortion,a wealthy and detailed soundstage,and dialogue comes across with uncommon distinction.When undeniably impressive,clarity and bass are not necessarily the very best of any laptop “on the planet” as Dell claims,however the quantity of portable machines caricabatterie sony acdp 240e01 that may match it could likely be counted on the fingers of 1 hand.Amongst these is Toshiba’s Satellite P500,which uses Harman/kardon speakers.Interestingly,Harman/kardon and JBL both fall below the same parent business,so it’s not surprising that they match up nicely.


General functionality in the XPS 17 is superb,as anticipated contemplating its specifications.The dual core Core i5 460M is more than strong enough for the average user,and when you do want much more cores,as ever Dell’s machines are quite customisable plus a Core i7 is just a click away. Dell’s newest is also surprisingly competent at gaming due to its Nvidia GeForce 435M,even though naturally it doesn’t hold a candle to laptops with ‘true’ gaming cards,like the Mobility Radeon 5870 discovered in the MSI GX740. Crysis is notoriously forgiving of low frame rates,but with an 18fps typical at High Detail batteria toshiba c850 it could not be known as playable using the ideal will inside the planet.Even so,dropping detail down to Medium resulted in an eminently playable 30.2fps average.That this multimedia-oriented laptop can even play a title so demanding at all is pretty impressive,and it undoubtedly makes Dell’s new XPS a capable option for the casual gamer. We did not get the likelihood to test stereoscopic 3D output,however the graphics aren’t definitely powerful sufficient for the majority of ‘true’ 3D gaming,so 3D Blu-ray would in all probability be the primary location of interest.We weren’t expecting as well much in the XPS 17 with regards to battery life – soon after all,it really is not specifically by far the most transportable machine around. Even so,we have been pleasantly surprised by only 10 minutes brief of 4 hours in the semi-intensive Productivity test and an equally impressive two hours and fifty minutes for DVD playback,which is a lot to watch even the extended editions batteria lenovo 121500049 of most films.These definitely are great benefits for this class of machine,and can be further amplified by going for an optional higher-capacity battery than the 56Wh default.Finally,around the worth front this XPS does really effectively.Considering the energy,build excellent and features you get – in particular cutting-edge ones like USB 3.0 connectivity appears quite reasonable,even though we are used to seeing Blu-ray incorporated at this price tag point along with the screen rather lets points caricabatterie msi adp 150vb b down if you’re picky about image excellent.An apt comparison from a worth viewpoint is definitely the 15.6in Asus N53JN,which also provides USB 3.0 and Optimus,but having a decrease screen resolution,weaker graphics,a slower CPU and tough drive,but nevertheless greater than the Dell with Blu-ray drive.A massive battery sits underneath the XPS 17 and its height provides the unit slightly bit of a forward slant.The battery is rated at 90 Watt-hours and it lasted 2hr 13min in our rundown test,in which we disable power management,enable Wi-Fi,maximise the screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video.This really is a greater result than some large 15.6in notebooks we’ve tested,which average less than two hours.We see the superior battery life coming in handy for those who ever choose to plonk the notebook on a coffee table batteria hp 15 r103nl and huddle up around the couch to watch a movie,but that is it.It is a chore to move the notebook away from your desk,and dreadfully uncomfortable to make use of on your lap.


The summary that we created inside the last review for the XPS 17 can basically be repeated for the refresh.Amongst other points,the perfectly manufactured and high quality case could be mentioned around the pro side.It could score with resistant surfaces,very good input devices as well as a clever port distribution.The installed two.1 sound technique batteria Samsung np305v5a from JBL will most likely make some users cry tears of joy ¡§C external loudspeakers are certainly not necessary.The praise continues together with the 3D capable Full HD show.Its luminosity outshines the competitors.The application performance is just as above average thanks to Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor.Nvidia’s GeForce GT 555M conveniently copes with most games.But needless to say,the XPS 17 isn’t fully flawless.Dell need to make improvements in each speaker positioning and connectivity.The higher weight and poor battery life also restrict mobile use.Nonetheless,the primary problem remains to be the higher temperature and noise improvement.The laptop gets particularly warm and loud during load.Around the worth front this XPS does definitely effectively.Contemplating the energy,make high-quality and functions you get – specially cutting-edge ones like USB 3.0 connectivity seems quite affordable,even though we’re used to seeing Blu-ray integrated at this price tag point and also the screen rather lets points down if you are picky about image top quality.An apt comparison from a value viewpoint is definitely the 15.6in Asus N53JN,which also presents USB 3.0 and Optimus,but having a reduce screen resolution,weaker graphics,a slower CPU and challenging drive,however still fees more than the Dell with Blu-ray drive.Decent construct good quality,a stylish design and style,excellent usability,impressive specifications,all the connectivity you may ever want and some of the greatest speakers to become identified on a laptop make a sturdy case batteria asus ux360ca for Dell’s new XPS 17.Only its distinctly underwhelming screen prevents this 17.3in laptop from choosing up a advised award.

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