Dell XPS 13 Review

The Dell XPS 13 was one of the initial laptops to challenge the tyranny on the screen bezel. No less than in a Pc. Big-screen TVs have already been shaving away at the thick borders about screens for years now, but for laptops, it was a13 045n2a/acer a13 045n2a/acer ac adapter a13 045n2a/acer a13 045n2a charger something of a revelation.

It also helped that the XPS 13 was an incredible all-around computer, with a slim, sharp-looking body, fantastic functionality and battery life, plus a wide set of configuration alternatives.

In the couple of years considering the fact that then, the XPS 13, generally a bit on the heavy side, had began to feel somewhat dated. New MacBooks , asus ad890m26/asus ad890m26 charger/asus laptop charger ad890m26 new Spectre systems from HP and other premium competitors were moving the ball additional on design and style, even as this remained a strong, if less-exciting selection.

For 2018, Dell has issued a substantial reworking with the XPS 13, with microsoft surface 3 charger/surface 3 13w a brand new style that cuts down on general size, adds new CPU choices, and improves cooling and efficiency with much more heat pipes and thermal insulation.


This year would be the 1st time that Dell as noticeably changed the XPS 13 style because it earned the prime spot in our rankings. To begin, it’s essentially lighter and thinner than the 2017 model that launched just some months ago.

Dell slimmed down the macbook air charger 45w/apple 45w magsafe 2 power adapter for macbook air/macbook air 45w charger XPS 13 chassis to become 30% thinner at just 0.three inches (three.4mm) at its narrowest point along with a touch lighter at merely 2.67 pounds (1.21kg).

Now, one of the most notable of modifications for the XPS 13 design is bound to become the brand new Rose Gold on Alpine White colour option.

While practically each laptop maker has a1278 charger/macbook pro a1278 charger/macbook a1278 charger/a1278 macbook charger a rose gold color option today, Dell took it for the next level with an all-new set of materials for the complementary-colored keyboard deck.

Dell is particularly proud that the new keyboard deck houses a crystalline silica material that has the white color literally woven into it like a fabric, in nine composite layers.

This is definitely the asus ad883220/asus charger ad883220/asus laptop charger ad883220/asus ac adapter ad883220 initial time woven glass fiber has been, nicely, woven into a laptop. Plus, the base features a titanium oxide coating which gives it a pearlescent sheen, not to mention stronger stain-resistance than most.

Sadly, precisely the same can’t be said for the plastic that borders the edges of your laptop’s display. Over the previous couple of weeks of use, we’ve identified that surface pro 4 charger/microsoft surface pro 4 charger/surface pro 4 docking station this softer plastic has grown a bit gray in comparison to the plastic that borders the edge of base.

Of course, this XPS 13 model also marks the turning point on what may be its biggest bugbear: the webcam placement. Much better however, the macbook pro 13 charger 60w/macbook pro 13 inch 60w magsafe power adapter new IR lens operates properly for speedy logins using Windows Hello, the biometric security method that utilizes your webcam to sign you in. Nonetheless, the red flashing with the infrared lights is usually a little intense.

That mentioned, the 720p webcam produces about as sharp of visual as that in the most recent MacBook Pro, but is not a 60 frames-per-second lens like that around the Pixelbook. The Surface Book two beats them all using a 1080p camera.

The webcam comes equipped with toshiba satellite l50 b 1nx battery/toshiba satellite l50 b 1nx/pa5186u 1brs/toshiba pa5186u 1brs battery four microphones – placed inside the lip on the base on the laptop – for stronger video chatting input as well as far-field communication for yelling at Cortana from across the room. These mics choose up clearer voice audio more than video chats than a number of its competitors.

However, they won’t be difficult the likes of Google Household and Amazon Echo anytime quickly. When the pa5186u 1brs/pa5186u 1brs white/toshiba pa5186u 1brs battery microphones can pick up our ‘Hey, Cortana’ commands from a number of feet away in front on the laptop, trying them from behind the laptop in the exact same distance is often a bust.


The XPS 13 9370’s 13.3-inch, InfinityEdge show has bezels that are 23 percent thinner than the pretty much nonexistent borders around the XPS 7360. Simply because there’s practically no frame about the top rated and sides of your screen, images just seem to pop more.

We tested the Dell XPS 13 9370 with each a 3840 x 2160 (4K, Ultra HD) touch screen and a 1920 x 1080 non-touch screen. Each models presented impressive brightness, colour good quality and sharpness, although the 4K screen was 800049 001/hp spare 800049 001/hp 800049 001/hp battery 800049 001 noticeably improved. When I watched the 4K movie Tears of Steel, the neon pink and green lights impressed on both displays, but were richer around the Ultra HD panel. Fine specifics, such as the wires on a robot’s physique along with the wrinkles within a character’s jacket, stood out on each panels, and colors stayed true, even at 90 degrees for the left or proper.

According to our light meter, the XPS 13 9370 with 1080p screen achieved an impressive mark of 372 nits, while the model with the 4K panel blew us away with 415 nits. Each numbers are substantially higher than the asus ad883220/asus charger ad883220/asus laptop charger ad883220 ultraportable laptop category average (290 nits), the X1 Carbon (275 nits) plus the HP Spectre 13 (247 nits). The XPS 13 9360 with 1080p screen scored a equivalent 368 nits.

The 1080p screen on the XPS 13 9370 reproduced an impressive 117 percent from the sRGB color gamut, however the 4K panel was a1286 charger/macbook pro a1286 charger/a1286 macbook pro charger far more vibrant, hitting a complete 130 percent. Both numbers compare favorably to the category typical (105 %) and also the ThinkPad X1 Carbon (104 % with 1080p screen). However the 1080p panel is only five to 6 percentage points ahead of the XPS 13 7360 (112 %) plus the Spectre 13 (111 percent).


The XPS 13 9370’s side-mounted speakers deliver audio that is loud, but rough about the edges. When I played AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” the music was boisterous adequate to more than fill our lab, however the guitar and drums had been a bit harsh and tinny. The pa5109u 1brs/pa5109u 1brs genuine/toshiba laptop battery pa5109u 1brs pre-loaded Waves MaxxAudio software permits you to fine-tune the equalizer. Disabling MaxxAudio, that is on by default, produced the music sound hollow and distant.

Battery Life

Slimming the XPS 13’s profile didn’t compromise the keyboard or efficiency, but the battery wasn’t so lucky. The new model ships having a 52 watt-hour unit, a downgrade in the old model’s 60 watt-hour units.

The Dell XPS 13 doesn’t possess the best battery life in its class, but it really is near the leading in the heap. We saw 13 and a half hours within the lenovo g50 80 battery/g50 80 battery/original 41wh battery for lenovo g50 80 serie video loop with the 1080p show, which was reduce back to 10 along with a half hours together with the 4K show. Either model is likely to put you through a complete perform day without topping it off, but the 4K version won’t have a great deal left within the tank.

Both the models we tested have been pa3817u 1brs/toshiba battery pa3817u 1brs/pa3817u 1brs genuine/pa3817u 1brs original toshiba able to exceed final results from previous versions, in spite of the smaller battery. Dell’s most up-to-date design and style is much more efficient than the last, so present owners do have cause to upgrade.

Software and Warranty

Dell preloads the XPS 13 9370 using a few valuable utilities and a few bloatware. Dell Power Manager allows you to tweak the genuine toshiba pa5024u 1brs/toshiba laptop battery pa5024u 1brs/toshiba battery pa5024u 1brs method settings for maximum overall performance (with more heat and noise), coolest skin temperature, quietest fan noise or a balance among the three. Dell Enable & Assistance gives tutorials and warrant facts. Dell SupportAssist checks program health, shows configuration data and helps you download new drivers. Dell remote Desktop allows you to remote-control the laptop from another device.

The program also comes with asus ad891m21/asus ac adapter ad891m21/asus ad891m21 charger its fair share of bloat. Dell packs on a trial of McAfee LiveSafe along with a Dropbox promotion, which offers new users 20GB of free space for a year. Microsoft packs on its standard set of Windows 10 pre-loads, including Minecraft, March of Empires, Bubble Witch three Saga, Autodesk Sketchbook plus a link to purchase Drawboard PDF.

Dell backs its laptop having a one-year, limited warranty on parts and labor. See how Dell fared on our Tech Assistance Showdown and Ideal and Worst Laptop Brand Ratings.

Overall, the XPS 13 remains among the most beneficial ultrabooks on the market. It’s fast, sturdy and sports a gorgeous screen. Dell did not make any large adjustments for the design, but then again, it didn’t truly have to. When you’ve got a thing as good as the XPS 13 lineup, it is far better to stick with what functions.

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