Dell Inspiron 15-7548 Notebook Review


Now, this is where it gets interesting, from the first moment you lay your eyes on this laptop, you should already be impressed. Aluminum on the top, aluminum at the bottom, very well crafted it makes the device not just look very elegant and premium but also feel that way. The bottom feels very solid and the lid is the only thing that could Dell XPS 15 9570 USB-C Charger be called “a little less impressive” since it can be pressed in and flex, if you do this motion a bit faster you’ll even here some here getting pushed out from somewhere, but I’d guess this is something you won’t do all day long anyways, so let’s just forget about it then.

If we try to open the beauty for the first time, you’ll notice the next small weakness here, it can’t be done with one hand only, you’ll need 2 for that task to properly work, something that maybe isn’t the end of the world but it still can become annoying over time dealing with that, I don’t get why Dell’s hinges have to be that stiff but there’s 800049-001 HP Battery only so much you can do about it I guess.What you’ll see next once finally opened, is the keyboard, that almost feels lonely being surrounded by so much empty space around. I really don’t know why the had to place it so far back on the keyboard part, since it can feel like quite a stretch sometimes reaching over when typing on it.

With quite a gap between, we see the big and super nice track pad but more about that in just a few seconds, let’s get back to the keyboard here real quick.

The keyboard itself is spaced out very well, the layout seems very nice, handy media buttons on the top including a FN-Lock option which some of you might appreciate. The buttons have a good shape and texture and provide a good haptic feel to it, talking about haptic, the haptic feedback is quite ok, you get a good response, it’s not Sony KDL-50W829B KDL50W829B Charger the most quiet typing experience though, it doesn’t sound as loud and clicky as for example the Macbook Pro keyboard, not saying that that’s necessary a bad thing though. The key travel and dampening could have been improved though since the key travel is a bit on the lower side and you feel like bottoming out quite a lot. In the end it’s far from the best keyboard out there even further from being the worst. For a device focused more towards higher-end mainstream the keyboard itself will do more than just fine, after all it does things very well.The track pad is something I usually complain every time about when reviewing a Dell laptop but this time I finally don’t see a need for that anymore. Lg M2380DN M2380DN-PZ Charger The track pad is nice and big, has a well-balanced texture, not being slippery or sticky providing you with the right amount of friction for a precise feel. One more positive aspect to add here is the very reliable recognition of 2 finger scrolls and swipes, usually one of Dell’s weaker parts, finally done properly again.

The track pad also feels very solid, no gap underneath can be felt and it doesn’t tend to click just on a simple tap like so many other ones, the buttons Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Charger sound and feel very nice as well. It’s definitely one of the best available ones on Windows machine, the only thing I would wish for next time are a few more customization option and settings for more control over the track pad like multi-finger gestures, I’ve already seen this on Dell devices, so why didn’t the include it here as well?


The chassis of the Inspiron is just 2.3 mm (~0.1 in) slimmer than the chassis of the predecessor. The device gets slimmer towards the sides, so it actually appears much thinner. At the same time, it is around 500 grams (~1.1 lb) lighter. On the other hand, the materials are identical: The whole device is made of aluminum, the only Sony KDL-48W705C Charger exception is the bottom cover. Dell did change the chassis color: While the predecessor was entirely silver-gray, the successor Inspiron 15-7548 uses this color only for the lid. The top of the base unit is now darker (anthracite). A maintenance hatch is not available, but it is easy to lift the entire bottom cover. More on this later.

The build quality of the device does not reveal any issues and the same applies for the stability. It is only possible to dent the chassis at the center of the left edge. The torsion resistance of the base unit is decent, and it is only possible to Sony VAIO SVF15N1C5E SVF15N1A1J Charger twist the lid slightly. Pressure on the back of the lid does not result in picture distortions. The hinges are quite firm, so opening the lid with one hand requires some fiddling.


Dell sent us a assessment unit with a 4K display (3840×2160 pixels), but it is also possible to get the device with a Full HD panel. The high resolution of lenovo ideapad 320 charger the screen can result in some scaling issues when you use Windows and some third-party applications, because they were not optimized for high resolutions by the software developers.

The panel cannot impress us with its brightness: A value of 204.3 cd/m2 is too low for this price range. Both the display of the HP Envy 15 (285.5 cd/m2, Full HD) and the Asus N551JK (312.2 cd/m2; Full HD) show how bright it should be. Contrast (282:1) and black value (0.76 cd/m2) are quite bad. The situation is not much better for the Envy 15 (381:1; 0.78 cd/m2). Only the panel of the Asus dell inspiron 5555 charger N551JK (850:1; 0.38 cd/m2) manages good results. We cannot give you any results for the color space coverage because our measuring software crashed repeatedly.

The color accuracy ex-works is decent with an average DeltaE 2000 deviation of 5.83. The target value (DeltaE less than 3) is not too far away and we cannot see a blue cast.The integrated panel is based on the IPS technology and provides wide viewing asus tf101 charger angles, which means the display content is visible from every angle. However, you cannot really use the notebook outdoors; the glossy display surface usually affects the visibility.


The speakers are at the front bottom, maybe not the smartest place after all since you won’t be able to use it on your lap and enjoy the sound since the highs will be pretty much completely muffled, if you actually want to use it on your laps is another thing, after all it’s no small device but at least I do want to. Despite that though the big advantage of this speaker is the volume, the maximum level is very high and I even think it’s the loudest I’ve heard to date. You might wanna check my video overview to get a small demo of the actual sound, just to get a better feel. We get quite some bass, but watching the video you’ll see this bass macbook air 13 inch charger can oversteer quite a bit listening to certain music, same issue can be found with the highs as well. They crackle and distorts at times, mostly on low quality audio like live hangouts for example, something that seems to be quite common on aluminum built laptops. The best solution to prevent that, is to lower the volume, since we have lots of reserves left, this shouldn’t really become an issue. Mids on the other end are stable and sound fine, but once again the general sound will sound muffled no matter what settings you use.

Speaking of settings, as on pretty much all Dell devices recently, we get MaxxAudio here as well, on this one in particular you get more settings to hp pavilion g7 charger adjust the sound to your preference than ever before, these settings really can make a big difference and actually improve the default sound a lot


While the keyboard of the Inspiron 15-7537 has a numeric keypad, Dell has decided to discard it in the Inspiron 15-7548. The keyboard of the Inspiron has a two-stage illumination. The main keys have a size of around 14 x 14 millimeters (~0.55 x 0.55 in) hp pavilion g6 charger and with short strokes and a good pressure point. A slightly firmer resistance would have been more to our taste. However, the input still provides a decent typing experience.


Dell uses a ClickPad (a touchpad without dedicated mouse buttons; the whole pad is a button) with multi-touch support as a mouse replacement. It has a size of around 8 x 10.5 centimeters (3.5 x 4.1 in), which means you have a lot of space for gestures. chargeur dell xps 13 usb cThe slightly roughened surface of the pad provides good gliding capabilities for the fingers. The pad has a short stroke with a clearly audible and perceptible pressure point.

Color reproduction

The display of the notebook has pretty accurate color reproduction with its stock calibration. The average deviation of DeltaE(76) is approximately 2.61. If you are planning to use the screen for professional photo or video editing, you might want to use an external calibrator, otherwise the screen is good as it is.


You already saw the specs at the beginning, so you might already know what to expect here. We have a very fast SSD, so they already did everything chargeur lenovo ideapad 320 right with the storage solution, good. Next, the Intel i7-5500U, I’m not quite sure if that’s the best option to use, but more about that later.

All day-to-day task I threw at it got executed fairly well but it also always felt like the massive 4K resolution did drag the performance down a bit, the system chargeur lenovo ideapad 100s 11iby felt less lightweight and snappy than most 1080p systems I reviewed so far.

I can’t say though for sure though if it’s actually due to the resolution alone, I should have lowered the resolution to 1080p to find that out, but sadly I didn’t think of that until a viewer of mine pointed it out.

But be it as it is, it performs well enough in most cases, the browsing experience with Internet Explorer was flawless no matter what input device was being used. The same can’t be said for the use of Chrome though, scrolling with the touchscreen & track pad, both felt sluggish and janky, almost to the point I would call it unusable, not chargeur asus vivobook flip 14 recommended the least though. Using a traditional mouse it was ok again, still not the best experience.

Video editing and other more demanding task once again worked fine and behaved as on any other ultrabook with those kind of internals.

I didn’t dig deeper into the gaming performance and have to rely on my quick research on what the system should deliver. From what I saw, most chargeur acer swift 3 games should be well playable at 1080p with low to medium settings, of course this will depend on how demanding the games is. Sorry for this shallow insight but I’m simply too much out of the game here until I find some more time to dive into this area again.


If you are planning on installing other OS besides the pre-installed Windows 8.1, you might want to reconsider. The problem is that Dell didn’t provide surface pro 4 ladekabelany drivers for the chipset, audio, Wi-Fi and etc. Also, we noticed some problems with the scaling of applications and games. Interfaces and text appeared too small for a comfortable viewing and reading.


The battery is manufactured by Panasonic Energy with a serial number of YU12013-14003 and it has a capacity of 56Wh or it roughly relates to 7600mAh. This may seem a lot, but don’t forget the fact that the Inspiron 7548 has a relatively powerful chargeur asus ad883020/ad883020/asus ad883020 discrete GPU and a power-hungry display with UHD resolution, not to mention the touch capacitive panel. To see how the battery handles this demanding hardware, we ran the usual test for web browsing, watching a movie and gaming. All test share the chargeur asus ad890026/ad890026/asus ad890026 same conditions -Wi-Fi turned on, Bluetooth is off, power saver is also turned on and screen brightness is set to 120 cd/m2.


Dell Inspiron 7548 is a great multimedia notebook with a thin, sleek and premium style. Maybe a bit on the heavier side, but quite manageable. The laptop is designed to look great, but it does struggle a bit to keep the internals cool. This may be because of the sufficient grills for dispersing the heat, which are located only at the bottom. chargeur surface 3 Nevertheless, this can be fixed easily with an external cooling pad. But it’s quite unlikely that a normal user would be capable of reproducing such big CPU and GPU loads in real-life conditions, so we can’t say this is a considerable drawback.

Since it’s a multimedia machine, the Inspiron 7548 features a great UHD screen with excellent properties like good pixel density, multi-touch capacitive panel, covers big percentage of the color gamut, it’s harmless to the eyes (over 23% brightness level), and has nearly perfect color reproduction. To be honest, we didn’t expect such good results from a UHD panel on a laptop. However, the extra pixels do drain the battery really fast as batterie dell inspiron n5110 you can see from our battery test results. Another considerable flaw is the size of the keyboard -it is too small for a 15-inch notebook, but at least the touchpad and the key design is nearly perfect. So, to sum things up, if you are searching for an elegant multimedia notebook, but the price tag isn’t a problem for you -the new Inspiron 7548 is the notebook batterie asus x93s for you. Maybe that’s the price you have to pay for a good UHD screen which is rarely seen on a laptop.

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