Asus ZenBook UX32VD Review

Asus has extended pursued the premium Computer industry. The corporation lacks the marketing and advertising know-how and grunt of HP or Dell, nevertheless it has arguably accomplished a better job putting out legitimately fantastic goods. The company’s history is dotted with exceptional asus f551m akku/akku asus f551m laptops like the G-Series, the Asus U33J Bamboo and, of course, the Zenbook.

Asus recently gave its Zenbook an overhaul and introduced a brand new enhanced model, the Zenbook Prime. Show top quality may be the headliner. Asus ships the laptop using a 13.3-inch 1080p display. That alone will be noteworthy, however the firm goes further by installing a high-quality IPS panel rather than the mundane le/novo g710 akku/akku lenovo g710/akku f¡§1r lenovo g710/original akku lenovo g710 TN panel found in most laptops.

Don’t think that Asus has skimped elsewhere, nevertheless. Our critique unit arrived using a Core i7-3517U processor, which can be among the beefiest you are going to find in an Ultrabook. The UX32 model we’re reviewing also packs in an Nvidia GT 620M graphics processor and also a 500GB mechanical drive paired with a solid-state cache drive. 61w usb c power adapter/apple 61w usb c power adapter/usb c netzteil macbook pro 61w This can be distinctive in the UX31 models, which use Intel-integrated graphics but additionally present one huge, speedy SSD.

Of course, none of this stuff is cost-free. Our variant sells for $1,299. That puts Asus up against challenging competition such as the MacBook Air, HP Envy Spectre 14 and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Let’s see if the display could make this laptop stand out

Build and Design

The ZENBOOK series of Ultrabooks locations an emphasis on premium design and style and aesthetics and it shows. Constructed pretty much entirely of aluminum, the UX32 is strong and durable devoid of being too heavy. You can’t get the chassis to flex regardless of how difficult you make an effort to twist it along with the lid is almost as powerful. Even though we’re on the subject on the lid, dell latitude e7240 akku/e7240 akku/latitude e7240 akku/akku dell latitude e7240 the spiral etched design and style is surprisingly cool. It created our editors think on the ripples in a pond or the grooves on a vinyl record.The edges in the notebook are tapered to provide the impression the notebook is even thinner than it essentially is. All corners and edges on the notebook are smoothed and rounded ,extremely a great deal just like the MacBook Air.

While some Ultrabooks are thin without becoming especially appealing, ASUS has figured out the best way to combine the greater components of a thin-and-light style with premium supplies and finish. We won’t invest forever and a day discussing the lack of accessibility on the bottom of your UX32. The unfortunate truth of life with most Ultrabooks is that you can find no easy-access panels for upgrading the RAM, hard drive or servicing the magsafe 2 85w/apple 85w magsafe netzteil/85w magsafe 2 power adapter Wi-Fi card. The purpose for that is definitely most producers must use non-standard connectors on the motherboard (and even solder the RAM into place) as a way to make elements match inside the razor-thin chassis. Just understand that you aren’t expected to upgrade this Computer.


Underneath all that etched metal casing is a 1.7GHz Core i5 Intel 3317U processor, an NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M discrete graphics card, 4GB RAM and an abundance of connectivity choices. A 500GB HDD with 24GB SSD gives a great amount of storage, even if it does slightly pervert the notion of an Ultrabook.

Those specs certainly don’t location the UX32VD apple 87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c netzteil macbook pro/87W USB-C Netzteil Apple A1719 in to the most most powerful Ultrabook category, even though there is certainly a Core i7 choice available to pick up on the web.

Still, in comparison with one thing like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, this macine does not have an overwhelming quantity of grunt beneath the hood.Weighing in at 1.45kg, the laptop feels heavier than it in fact is, which likely features a lot to accomplish together with the premium metal finish.

The chiclet keyboard is nicely spaced and comfortable to form on, despite the fact that the italic font of the lettering on each key appears slightly odd.

It does appear exceptionally similar to the Macbook Air’s keyboard when it comes to spacing, althugh you will discover additional function keys plus the arrow buttons are smaller sized than Apple’s laptop.It really is also backlit, creating this an ideal companion for all those working at evening.

The trackpad is slightly smaller than the Air, despite the fact that it does function the exact same multi-touch capabilities. If something, it can be a little too sensitive surface 3 ladekabel/ladekabel surface 3/netzteil surface 3/microsoft surface 3 netzteil even though.On a regular basis whilst typing, the mouse pointer could be pushed to a various point on screen by an errant palm brush on the trackpad, resulting in paragraphs of misplaced words.

It’s also way too keen to resize windows if you accidentally spot your thumb on the trackpad along with your forefinger.The 1,366 x 768 16:9 show has a nice matte finish, which makes it nice and quick to determine in a lot of lighting circumstances. Additionally, it tends to dull down the vibrancy of colours on screen, but to not a point we would complain about.

Three USB 3.0 ports around the sides of your laptop is really a good inclusion, specially as among them will charge your gadgets even when the laptop is closed.


Asus makes mention of “improvements” towards the keyboard which we recognize initially sight as the now integrated keyboard backlight. This function is usually beneficial, specifically in dark rooms or on an airplane, and may possibly help users sustain a suitable microsoft surface pro 4 ladekabel/netzteil microsoft surface pro 4/surface pro 4 charger typing orientation. Mention ought to be produced of a thoughtful, albeit minor, feature – the ambient light sensor can automatically adjust illumination if desired.

We could not detect any layout modifications other than our test unit sporting a different language layout. The typing knowledge is comparable to its UX31 predecessor except for any marked springiness beneath stronger stress. Though this might not prove to be a surface pro 4 ladekabel/ladekabel surface pro 4/microsoft surface pro 4 netzteil drawback for typing, it surely causes the keyboard’s impression of excellent to suffer. The unibody casing of your UX31 series holds the keyboard in spot a whole lot additional firmly than the sandwich building of your UX32 series.


The touchpad remains visually identical to its predecessor. The multi-touch capable mouse replacement is somewhat big with its 10.five x 7.0 centimeter (4.1 x 2.8 inch) surface and is touch-sensitive across the complete surface. In the decrease location, markings indicate locations for left and right clicking however the whole surface is nonetheless readily available to navigation as you can find no actual buttons. Applying pressure on the reduce area causes the entire touch pad surface to yield, activating a click.

Apple has employed precisely the same approach for various generations of its MacBooks using the major distinction getting that its operating program has 60w magsafe power adapter/apple magsafe 60w/apple 60w magsafe/60w magsafe netzteil considerably far better support for a variety of multi-touch gestures than Windows 7 plus the drivers also react more crisply to input.

Driving the cursor with all the touchpad worked extremely effectively nonetheless. We also liked its prompt reaction to two-finger rolling in the browser. Clicks are improved activated by ‘tap-to-click’ as physically pressing the marked zones on the apple 29w usb c power adapter/29w usb c power adapter/29w usb c power adapter netzteil/29W USB-C Netzteil Apple touchpad could move the cursor just ahead of activation. Drag-and-drop also didn’t often function to our satisfaction.


What does the perfect show for an ultra-portable notebook in fact look like? Higher brightness, superb contrast, a non-reflective display surface, higher resolution to get a crisp view, excellent viewing angles to become able to make out anything from unfavorable or wide angles (maybe not a good issue in Economy Class through air travel), and probably decent color space are all variables we look at necessary to get a perfect show. This combination would make a fantastic all-purpose display but has been largely absent amongst the myriad available notebooks out there. The superior news is the fact that the wait is now more than.

Asus equips the Zenbook UX32 with two solutions – a standard HD display at 1366 x 768 pixels and also the Full-HD 1920×1080 IPS panel that graced our test unit. This provides users a initial class display. But wait, there’s a lot more! In our tests, we measured a satisfying maximum brightness value of 388 cd/m2. Although this can be much less than the maximum 470 cd/m2 on the UX31 predecessor the distinction is far more than created up for by the non-reflective screen surface. On typical, the show sports a nevertheless great brightness of 355 cd/m2. Illumination at 88% is decent offered the high brightness.

Full-HD on a 13 inch notebook sounds rather tempting initially but could also lead to problems using the show size of screen components. At 166 dpi (dots per inch), the screen can show content material in far more detail than the HD variant (118 dpi). The tradeoff is that unless one adjusts scaling, one will probably be confronted with tiny dialogs, fonts, and Sony ACDP-100D01 APDP-100A1 A Charger windows. Our test model consequently defaulted to a scale of 125% and also the browser enlarged points by another 10%. With these settings it was possible to perform comfortably for one of the most portion, but there’s nevertheless the possibility of software program difficulties with scaled settings.

In our test, we could see some display challenges in numerous third party tools. Typical troubles were cut-off lettering or mixed scaling of dialog. Even in the most effective case scenario, some programs may just not assistance scaling and a single may well have to deal with tiny icons and text.

Performance and Benchmarks

The UX32 series utilizes Low Voltage Intel processors comparable for the older UX31; our UX32VD model features a dual-core i7 chip even though the reduce price UX32A includes a Core i3 processor. Paired with 4GB of quickly program RAM the Core i7 is much more than capable of handling every day workplace tasks or perhaps a lot more demanding applications like Adobe Photoshop.

The huge news here is that ASUS packed the inside with the UX32VD together with the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M committed graphics. Although the 620M graphics are depending on the older Fermi architecture as opposed to NVIDIA’s newer Kepler architecture, the 96 GPU cores use the most current 28 nanometer technology and also a reasonably 625MHz processor clock speed. The bottom line is that not just can the ZENBOOK UX32VD play most contemporary games (at reduced detail settings) but any application that also makes use of the graphics processors (like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere) will get a overall performance boost at the same time.

If there is any negative note around the otherwise stellar performance with the UX32VD, it has to be the challenging drive and SSD cache. For those readers who aren’t already acquainted with the technology, many Ultrabooks and also other contemporary laptops use a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Charger classic challenging disk drive (HDD) in addition to a low-capacity solid state drive (SSD) to deliver a “hybrid drive” that combines the high-capacity storage of a HDD with all the high speed of a SSD. You never ever really see the 24GB SSD mainly because it’s only applied to temporarily “cache” data that’s immediately necessary plus the 500GB challenging drive is employed as the primary storage space. A complicated set of firmware algorithms configure blocks of normally employed data onto the 24GB SSD so it can be accessed as promptly as possible.

This sort of hybrid drive configuration is good when it operates ?- but it is not functioning and it should here. Our typical storage tests all show the drive within the UX32VD operating slower than a HDD would by itself. This can be the reason the UX32VD suffers inside the PCMark benchmark scores in spite of the fact it has greater hardware than Microsoft Surface 1800 Charger the majority of the notebooks within the comparisons under. In real-world terms, this means the UX32VD requires longer than anticipated to start, it really is slow to wake from sleep, and some applications take way a lot of time to launch. We are able to only hope that ASUS releases an additional firmware update sooner or later to enhance the SSD cache efficiency.


Our overview unit came equipped with the normal Asus array of computer software. This includes attributes for example Asus WebStorage and Asus Enjoyable Center, which present extras that the majority of people will never bother working with. These solutions make their presence known by means of desktop shortcuts.

More noticeable are the two widgets installed around the desktop by default. One particular controls energy management, as well as the other controls the instant-on Microsoft Surface 2 Charger function whilst also giving an estimate of remaining standby time. Each widgets might be handy and don’t obstruct standard laptop use.

We also noticed that Asus shipped our review unit without having an annoying antivirus trial. We appreciate this and think that omission was the right decision. Trial computer software belongs on no laptop, however it seems specifically distasteful when crammed on a “premium” item.


The $1,299 ASUS Zenbook Prime UX32VD is kind of a niche Ultrabook for all those not happy with Intel’s graphics performance, and on that basis it succeeds. You get the same sweet 1080p IPS screen and rich Bang & Olufsen speakers as the UX31A, and Nvidia’s GeForce GT 620M GPU provides enough muscle to play some on the most Microsoft Surface Pro two Charger demanding games (albeit at reduced resolutions). There’s a purpose why the UX32VD was out of stock at multiple on the web retailers as we wrote this.

However, this Zenbook Prime’s graphics upgrade comes at the expense of battery life, additional heat along with a thicker and heavier design. We will be far more willing to live with these trade-offs if ASUS equipped this version of its Ultrabook having a full SSD instead of just an SSD cache. And we suspect that a whole lot of people could be Lenovo Miix 2-10 Charger willing to pay extra for it. For now, even though, the UX32VD will surely satisfy as lengthy as you know what you’re giving up.


Asus clearly has engineers who know what they’re doing. They are interested in high-resolution displays, eye-catching exteriors and excellent performance. The UX32 is an engineering feat no other Ultrabook available on the market can match.

Unfortunately, the laptop fell short in our battery life testing. That’s a serious problem. It is fair to assume someone buying a transportable laptop expects it to present great battery life. The UX32 is merely adequate.

And then there’s top quality control. The display is wonderful, but the backlight uniformity troubles aren’t. We have been incredibly disappointed to see a Dell Precision 15 5510 Battery misbehaving backlight spoil the top laptop display we’ve employed. And let’s remember the price tag of $1,299. This really is a premium laptop, yet it has a backlight issue not identified on a lot cheaper laptops.

We respect the Zenbook Prime UX32 for what it tries to accomplish, but we have mixed feelings about it as a item. Give it a look, but in addition take into account the MacBook Air and HP Envy 14 Spectre.

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