Asus ZenBook Flip 14 Review

The Asus ZenBook Flip 14 is really a touch-screen convertible that makes (just about) no compromises. Not merely does the 8th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor within the $1,299 model we tested deliver stellar speed, but this laptop also includes a bright, attractive screen; extended battery life; and sweet audio. The Flip 14 also added benefits from Nvidia graphics, helping this method outperform other laptops with integrated GPUs. We have some nitpicks, like the awkward stylus, but all round, this can be a amazing luxury laptop that is worth checking out.

Intel and AMD are nonetheless functioning on their collaboration for much more highly effective GPUs in ultrabooks, however the ZenBook Flip 14 uses Nvidia’s new GeForce MX150 chip. The MX series of chips is Nvidia’s solution for boosting graphical performance in ultrabooks and 2-in-1s. Performance-wise, the MX150 fits in to the reduce branch of GTX 10 cards, beneath the VR-capable GTX 1050.


If you’ve noticed a ZenBook, you have noticed them all. Okay, that is not precisely true, but it really is fairly close–and there is nothing incorrect with it. Asus has produced a distinctive aesthetic for its premier line of notebooks, along with the chargeur asus exa1208eh/ac adapter asus exa1208eh/chargeur exa1208eh/chargeur asus model exa1208eh/ac adapter exa1208eh ZenBook Flip 14 maintains it. There is the iconic Asus concentric circle pattern around the lid, and also the usual all-aluminum construct. Asus gives Slate Gray (our evaluation unit) and Icicle Gold, and they’re both attractive without becoming ostentatious. Dell’s newest XPS 13 and HP’s Spectre x360 13 are both a lot more striking, however the Asus will not embarrass you in a coffee shop.

Measuring 0.five inches thick and weighing 3.3 pounds, the 14-inch ZenBook Flip 14 is slim but just a little on the heavy side. The 13.9-inch Lenovo Yoga 920 (3.1 pounds, 0.six inches) plus the pa5109u 1brs/batterie pa5109u 1brs/toshiba pa5109u 1brs/batterie pc toshiba pa5109u 1brs 13.3-inch Samsung Notebook 9 Pen (2.two pounds, 0.7 inches) are thicker but lighter, plus the 13.3-inch HP Spectre x360 (two.9 pounds, 0.five inches) can also be lighter.

The left side on the ZenBook Flip characteristics certainly one of its two USB 3.0 ports, in addition to buttons for energy and volume. More than on the right side, you are going to locate a microSD card reader, a data-only USB Type-C port (which doesn’t draw power), a headphone jack, the second USB three.0 port, an HDMI output port plus a energy adapter port.

Considering the Flip’s premium price, Asus should really have integrated a Thunderbolt 3batterie dell latitude e7250/batterie dell e7250/batterie dell latitude e7250 19 5v both the Spectre x360 and also the Yoga 920 include, for connecting to high-speed docks and peripherals.

Biometric safety around the Flip 14 is handled by its IR webcam and fingerprint reader, both of which operate with Windows Hello. Even though the webcam is situated within the 800050 001/batterie hp 800050 001/batterie 800050 001/batterie hp spare 800050 001 middle in the best bezel (naturally), the fingerprint sensor is inside the top-right corner in the touchpad, wasting space you could have applied for navigating.


Asus gives only 1 display solution with for the ZenBook Flip 14, a 14-inch Complete HD display that remains popular at this price tag point. Depending how sensitive that you are to such points, you might discover that 14 inches and Full HD final results in chargeur asus adp 90yd b/ac adapter asus adp 90yd b/adp 90yd b/asus adp 90yd b/chargeur asus exa1202yh some pixelated text. It really is unfortunate that Asus isn’t offering a 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) option–that would make to get a considerably shaper show at this physical size.

When we subjected the ZenBook Flip 14’s show to our colorimeter, we found that it gives an objective experience that’s on the low side of average. Its brightness was considerably reduced than we like at 239 nits, which chargeur asus adp 45bw c/chargeur adp 45bw c/adp 45bw c/asus adp 45bw c/asus ac adapter adp 45bw c is nicely below the 300 nits baseline we choose and that the Yoga 920 and Spectre x360 13 exceeded. Contrast was at the low finish of our comparison group (specifically the Surface Book 2 13, which can be a standout performer here), and color gamut support was just average. In its favor, colour accuracy was much better than all however the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, and gamut was spot on at 2.2–meaning videos and photos might be neither too dark nor also light.

As is usual using the chargeur macbook pro 13 60w/chargeur macbook pro 13 pouces 2010/chargeur macbook pro 13 2010 displays on today’s premium notebooks, typical colorimeter benefits translated into a great subjective viewing experience. For the usual productivity tasks and for consuming media, the ZenBook Flip 14 was lots colorful and vibrant. Only the displays somewhat low brightness and significantly less sharp resolution held it back from becoming extra than just okay.

For its notebooks’ sound capabilities, Asus performs closely with Harman Kardon. The ZenBook Flip 14 is usually a standout example of how properly that collaboration functions, with chargeur asus ad890026/asus ad890026/chargeur ad890026/ad890026 asus/chargeur asus model ad890026 dual speakers plus a ?¡ãSmart Amp?¡À that combine to make some impressive audio. Volume isn’t terribly loud, but you are able to crank it as much as its complete volume with out distortion. Music and Tv shows sound wonderful, and only the usual lack of deep bass holds music back from getting enjoyable. You can tweak the audio settings if you’d like with Asus’s AudioWizard utility, which lets you optimize the sound according to the source material.

Extremely typical 2-in-1 input options

As a convertible 2-in-1, the ZenBook Flip 14 supplies the usual wide range of input choices. There’s a rather typical island keyboard sporting black keys with white lettering, and it adp 120rh b/chargeur asus adp 120rh b/chargeur adp 120rh b/ac adapter asus adp 120rh b provides up a typical layout and consistent backlighting with 3 brightness levels. While there’s an ample 1.4mm of key travel, the keyboard’s bottoming action is surprisingly abrupt. It’s a comfortable keyboard, but not almost as precise as the one particular you’ll find on the Spectre x360 13.

The touchpad is massive and supplies a pleasant surface for mousing on the go. The Microsoft Precision protocol assistance indicates Windows ten gestures are precise and responsive, and also the buttons are clicky devoid of becoming overly loud. The chargeur surface pro 3/alimentation surface pro 3/surface pro 3 chargeur/chargeur microsoft surface pro 3 only distraction is the Windows ten Hello-supporting fingerprint scanner in the upper-right corner from the touchpad, which takes somewhat having use to.

Of course, Asus builds active pen support in to the ZenBook Flip 14’s display, and consists of an Asus Pen inside the box that provides 1,024 levels of stress sensitivity. That is nicely behind the curve right now, where machines just like the chargeur acer a13 045n2a/a13 045n2a/chargeur a13 045n2a/acer a13 045n2a Yoga 920 and Surface Book 2 provide 4,096 levels as well as tilt support. Also, the ZenBook 14 Flip’s display has a slightly tacky surface the offers up also significantly resistance -inking is therefore less comfy and precise since it need to be.

The all-aluminum Asus ZenBook Flip 14 is as desirable as it is speedy, providing you the overall performance chargeur lenovo adl45wcg/lenovo adl45wcg/chargeur adl45wcg/chargeur lenovo model adl45wcg you would like inside a style you are going to would like to flaunt. The only downsides are that it lacks Thunderbolt three ports and includes a stylus that must feel better against its screen.

The ZenBook Flip 14’s battery is one of its prime options. On high-performance mode, I can eke out around eight to nine hours of battery life. But, if I treat the ZenBook as the productivity machine it was intended to become and dial back many of the energy management, I can reach 11 hours, effortlessly.

Those are fantastic usage numbers, no matter how you spin it, in particular having a discrete graphics chip along with a Core i7 processor. When you’re all out of power and need to charge up, you are going to be applying a little, squat Asus power brick having a proprietary power jack. There’s no USB-C charging anywhere, which I’d have scored as among the ZenBook’s very best traits if it had it.

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