Asus Chromebook C300 Review

Design and Features

This modern-looking laptop includes a matte-black chassis and nicely textured, faux-brushed-metal polycarbonate major lid and keyboard deck. Unfortunately, the look does not lengthen for the sides of your laptop, exactly where the shiny plastic looks slightly low-priced. Fortunately, you will not need to appear in the sides unless of course you’re plugging acer aspire v3 771g akku/akku acer aspire v3 771g/original akku acer aspire v3 771g peripherals in to the system’s HDMI port, headset jack, AC power adapter, SD card reader, single USB two.0 port, or USB three.0 port.

The chiclet-style keyboard is pleasant to utilize, as will be the broad touchpad that supports multitouch gestures like suitable click and two-finger swipe. The technique measures 0.eight by 13 by 9 inches (HWD) and weighs 2.87 lbs, so it is easy to carry around the property or for your favored coffee shop. You can even fit it on an airline tray cable in coach to make use of the 12 totally free Gogo Inflight Web coupons that come with the technique. Other lenovo x1 carbon akku/akku lenovo x1 carbon/lenovo x1 akku Google provides like a 60-day Google Play All Accessibility subscription and 100GB of Google Drive storage (for two many years) may also be integrated. (Google Drive has a Chromebook-only vacation special: totally free 1TB of storage for two many years in case you register ahead of January 1)

You’ll require that cloud storage, because the C300 only comes with a 16GB solid-state drive (SSD) and 2GB of technique memory. The 16GB SSD is common of most Chromebooks, even though the Acer Chromebook C720P-2600Best Cost at Amazon delivers double the system memory (4GB) and regional storage (32GB) for around the exact same price. You can, certainly, supplement nearby storage with an SD card, although there is no approach to improve the C300’s method memory.

Hardware and internals

The C300 Chromebook isn’t much of a barn burner when it comes to internal specs. You will get an extremely pedestrian 13.3-inch 1366×768 show, backed up by 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage as well as the new Intel Bay Trail Celeron dual-core processor clocked at 2.16GHz. The processor could be the only genuine issue worth focusing on right here, as the rest of the asus f551m akku/akku asus f551m specs are pretty normal for a low cost Chromebook as of late. And at a retail price tag of $249, you can’t obtain a great deal fault inside the internals right here.

ASUS gives an apparently education-focused C300 with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, faster quad-core processor and optional cellular connectivity, le/novo g710 akku/akku lenovo g710/akku f?ยง1r lenovo g710/original akku lenovo g710 but these versions don’t look to become on sale at this point. The same goes for that other colors-red, yellow and blue-that ASUS advertises.

It ought to also be pointed out that there is certainly a smaller 11-inch edition of this Chromebook, the C200, that packs a lot the exact same specs and design and style but bumps the battery existence up by one hour. It even has the same value, $249, as the C300.The port layout is quite basic around the C300, with energy, HDMI, USB, SD card and headphone ports on 61w usb c power adapter/apple 61w usb c power adapter/usb c netzteil macbook pro 61w one particular side, and only a single USB and lock slot around the other. It really should also be mentioned the SD card slot is often a push-push type that requires the SD card into the physique completely, providing you extra selections for using that card as being a additional long lasting storage solution.

ASUS does an excellent job with its press images to make the C300 look as thin, light and premium as you possibly can, and I’m satisfied to say that the majority of that feeling comes across any time you in fact have the laptop in front of you. The complete lid and inside of the laptop is black plastic made to look like brushed metal, complemented by common matte plastic around the show and around the bottom from the machine with modest bits of shiny black plastic dell latitude e7240 akku/e7240 akku/latitude e7240 akku/akku dell latitude e7240 around different edges.The faux metal plastic looks rather nice and feels like it belongs on the higher-end machine, but picks up finger smudges at a fairly higher price. Grabbing the lid to open and shut the laptop and maintaining your wrists rested around the inside leaves noticeable smudges that look poor and are hard to clean off. The overall create high quality is just as superior since it appears, without flaws inside the building or creaks inside the physique whenever you move it about. Anything is tight and strong here.

The C300 nevertheless feels a bit bigger and heavier compared to the spec sheet indicates, leaving you questioning why there isn’t a great deal of a fat financial savings magsafe 2 85w/apple 85w magsafe netzteil/85w magsafe 2 power adapter thinking of that there are actually no followers within, nor is there glass or metal within the chassis build. I look at three lbs as the line to get a 13-inch laptop where it starts to feel heavier than it must, as well as the C300 is walking that line pretty finely.

Media matters

The actual test for a Chromebook is streaming media use. The huge, shiny sticker next for the C300M’s capacious trackpad guarantees “high-quality audio”-when what we actually get in the system’s hidden speakers is serviceable reproduction.

Playing “Dark Side on the Moon” in Spotify Premium, we have been in a position to pick out a lot of the detail, cleanly rendered with stereo effects intact. There wasn’t significantly distortion, nevertheless it was thin and focused at the treble finish on the spectrum. apple 87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c netzteil macbook pro/87W USB-C Netzteil Apple A1719 We attempted a little of not too long ago re-mastered Nick Drake, whose sparse acoustic fingerpicking and close mic’d vocal appeared to suit the dynamic array of the C300M’s speakers. Slipknot’s “Wait and Bleed” was just scream and snare, the guitars sounding like a bee trapped inside a jar.

Next, we opened Amazon Immediate Video for some HD streaming at 720p. The Medical professional Who specific “The Snowmen” played back stutter-free more than our 802.11n Wi-Fi connection-but it really is right here that the C300M’s TN LCD show started to show its weakness. We struggled to place it at a viewing angle that might let us to get pleasure from the surface 3 ladekabel/ladekabel surface 3/netzteil surface 3/microsoft surface 3 netzteil Doctor’s exploits without having shadow or light obscuring the screen. It had been significantly better up near, although the picture was a little soft and lacking some vibrancy.

The ultimate outing inside the media efficiency tests was browser primarily based bash-’em-up Bastion. At full resolution the C300M dealt with the cartoony Zelda-a-like admirably, with Chrome rarely dropping below 51 frames per second. Only in sustained fight did we see a dip right down to 44 fps. For us, that says this is a finely balanced device-with some area to develop.


Like the C200, the C300’s case is totally comprised of plastic. It is lightweight (1.four kg) regardless of a footprint that is closer to that of lots of 14-inch notebooks. The neon orange-red color of our evaluation unit is provocative and loud by style and design?aand, we mean this politely, but our certain model just about resembles a toy. That is not to say it looks poor, nevertheless it unquestionably is within a distinctive league compared to the metal-clad Ultrabooks and nondescript company machines that so typically flood the marketplace; it’ll get you observed. For customers with additional subtle computing aspirations, a totally black model can also be out there.

On all models however the black one, the palm rest is a smooth white color, and it’s comfortable towards the touch as well as easy to clean. In spite with the plastic assembly, the base is surprisingly sturdy on a surface, with not plenty of flex to speak of aside from microsoft surface pro 4 ladekabel/netzteil microsoft surface pro 4/surface pro 4 charger in the center on the unit close to the hinge. However, it can be twisted without too a great deal effort, which can be not sudden given the light-duty building. The colored show lid is similarly weak in its resistance to twisting and pressure from behind, each of which result in noticeable distortions on the panel. The bottom line, really expectedly, is the fact that?awhile it really is commendably constructed for its price level?athe C300 is hardly a tough machine.

Despite the truth that the gadget may be opened together with the assistance of a Phillips-head screwdriver (eleven total screws) and an outdated credit card, there is not much one particular can do as soon as inside the C300. Upgrades are usually not doable, as the eMMC flash memory and RAM are each soldered towards the board. The 2 issues that could be achieved are replacements of both the battery or even the WLAN adapter, each of that are conveniently accessible after the back is surface pro 4 ladekabel/ladekabel surface pro 4/microsoft surface pro 4 netzteil removed. The CPU can even be identified resting beneath a large metal heat spreader, which is secured using the help of just a couple of a lot more screws

Display and speakers

Another low-cost Chromebook, yet another inexpensive show. The C300 ships having a extremely simple 13.3-inch show at just 1366×768 resolution, and can also be the drastically inferior TN show sort that offers bad viewing angles and vibrancy. The display works, and that is about it. Colours are washed out, viewing angles are bad and brightness is just average-par for the program for most contemporary Chromebooks, sadly.I have a bigger challenge using the reality that this can be a TN panel compared to the resolution, truthfully, as you happen to be far more probably to discover 60w magsafe power adapter/apple magsafe 60w/apple 60w magsafe/60w magsafe netzteil poor viewing angles and washed out colours than you’re to be spotting person pixels holding the computer as far from your eyes while you frequently do. Chrome OS also does a poor work scaling its interface to higher-density displays, meaning the most beneficial resolution to get a 13-inch laptop at this time is most likely just 1600×900.

One thing (and only 1 thing, honestly) that HP received correct on its Chromebook 11 was its 400 nit brightness IPS show, and I wish far more Chromebook makers would up their game around the display front like HP did there.

If you flip the C300 more than you are going to notice a pair of speakers just beneath the left and ideal edges near the front with the laptop, which supply pretty good sound thinking about their dimension. Bass is understandably limited, but the speakers get rather loud with out distorting, which can be excellent for some impromptu music listening once you do not have Dell XPS M170 M1710 Slim Charger Perform keys) is populated by devoted hardware and computer software handle buttons, like net browser controls, window controls, brightness, audio, and on the far proper, the energy button.

It’s silly to expect perfection from the keyboard of the $219 laptop, but our greatest gripe is likely the variances in essential tightness and suggestions (the bottom-left CTRL key, for instance, only supplied around half the suggestions of most keys), CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger Chrome plug-in shop in situation you must add programs for your technique. Google Docs and Drive worked fine in testing, but your mileage will differ, according to the power of one’s Wi-Fi signal.

Battery life

With this level of hands-on overall performance you might count on the C300M to burn by way of its battery swiftly, but that seems far in the situation. Asus promise us a 10 hour battery daily life and, whilst we in no way fairly received that in true globe use, it’s fairly near. We recorded 1 stint of 9 hrs 16 minutes of mixed utilization, with power settings tweaked working with Retain Awake to stop the display from likely to rest. More than our time period of use, the battery calibrated to reporting 9 hrs 30 minutes of juice left when full.

This is excellent functionality by any measure, but especially spectacular when stacked up against other 13.3-inch Chromebooks. It’s a full two hours longer than the-on paper, more powerful-Samsung Chromebook 2 (our assessment of this machine clocked the battery life at 7 hours 32 minutes). It beats the battery lifestyle of Toshiba’s 1080p Chromebook two by an even larger margin.

Bottom line

This is actually among the nicest seeking and feeling Chromebooks out there now, that also presents a great keyboard and battery existence, which can be exceptionally surprising taking into consideration that it is also one of the cheapest solutions out there. Corners were cut to hit that $249 value level, with ASUS placing only 2GB of RAM a subpar display in the C300, apple 29w usb c power adapter/29w usb c power adapter/29w usb c power adapter netzteil/29W USB-C Netzteil Apple however the only true detractor to each day use will be the underpowered processor.

The ASUS C300 Chromebook is likely still finest relegated to being a 2nd personal computer for far more informal utilization contemplating its restricted processing capabilities, but for $249 you definitely cannot go incorrect with this machine if that easier use situation is exactly what you’re seeking for. Energy users may have to appear elsewhere, but that does not imply that ASUS doesn’t have a superior thing going together with the C300.

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