Alienware Area-51m Gaming Laptop Review

Unveiled at CES 2019,the Area-51m represents a pivotal moment for Dell and Alienware.The OEM has discontinued its venerable Alienware 17 series soon after all these years to introduce a entirely new style which will probably develop into the baseline for future Alienware laptops.Even the name is actually a deliberate nod for the original Alienware Area-51 laptop we reviewed over a decade ago.You will discover various essential aspects regarding the Area-51m that make it unique when compared to competing 17.3-inch gaming laptops already in the marketplace.For a single,it really is one of the handful of laptops that integrate Tobii eye-tracking for support on certain titles.Secondly,the method utilizes a normal 95+ W desktop Core i9-9900K CPU as opposed to the usual 45 W mobile Core i7 or i9 series discovered on most gaming laptops.Lastly,its RTX 2080 GPU is actually a removable and upgradeable Dell Graphics Type Issue card in the same vein as the MXM GPU.Combine this having a new chassis that optimizes airflow and also you have the most effective Alienware laptop Dell has created however.This enthusiast-level gaming laptop doesn’t exist in a vacuum,needless to say,so we’ll be comparing it to other 17.3-inch flagship competitors like the Clevo Eurocom Sky X7C, Asus ROG G703GX, MSI GT75 Titan, Acer Predator 17,along with the last generation alimentatore samsung cpa09-002a Alienware 17 R5 for excellent measure.We’ll also be comparing it to our reference desktop Computer equipped with an equivalent Core i9-9900K CPU and RTX 2080 GPU.Following all,Dell is claiming a efficiency level related to a desktop and so we’ll be placing that for the test.


Simply place,the Alienware Area-51m is freaking gorgeous.That is the antithesis of your ‘gaming laptop’ stereotype.This laptop functions a attractive,clean design and style,and whilst it really is surely huge,it does not appear like an edgy toy.You won’t feel the ought to hide this laptop when individuals come more than. The Alienware Area-51m weighs a whopping eight.54 pounds,and is 1.7 inches thick at its deepest point.This signifies you in all probability won’t be carrying it around anywhere,but it’s essentially thinner and lighter than the MSI GT75 Titan. It appears far better,as well: the Alienware Area-51m comes in two colour choices,Lunar Light and Dark Side of your Moon,and each possibilities batteria samsung aa-plvn4ar are jaw-dropping.We got the Lunar Light model,and also the laptop includes a white chassis with black accents inside the front,and where the vents are about back. You’ll discover RGB lighting literally everywhere ¡§C the keyboard,power button,trackpad,the logo around the back as well as a ring around the vents within the back all light up in what ever color you’d like.What is extra,as opposed to a lot of other gaming laptops,the Alienware Area-51m’s keyboard attributes per-key RGB,which implies your imagination batteria toshiba pa5024u-1brs could be the only limit to how you could make this laptop appear. And,of course you will find more than enough ports on the Alienware Area-51m.On the right side of the laptop,you’ll come across two USB three.1 Type-A ports.More than on the left,you get a Thunderbolt three,a further USB three.1 Type-A as well as your headphone and mic jacks.Finally,around the back,there is a Mini DisplayPort,HDMI,Ethernet,an Alienware Graphics Amplifier for an external GPU and two energy inputs.You study that ideal.For the amount of hardware on offer with the Alienware Area-51m,you happen to be going to must plug in both a 330W plus a 180W energy brick.On the other hand,you could plug within the 330W energy adapter,and it will be good sufficient to maintain the laptop operating,it just will not charge the battery. As for inputs,the trackpad is practically nothing to write household about.You will find two devoted hardware clickers,plus the trackpad itself is responsive and correct,even though it truly is a little also little for our tastes. But,that TactX keyboard It is divine.Deep travel,quiet,well-spaced,basically each and every constructive adjective we can use applies here.For the reason that the laptop is so huge,there is a complete quantity pad on the right side in the laptop,together with plenty of macro keys.These macro keys are cool adequate on their own,but what really sets them apart is their placement: we never ever obtain ourselves accidentally hitting them whilst writing or gaming.The truth that we are able to comfortably form on this laptop for function without waking up roommates could be one of the most effective components caricabatterie asus k53Sj about this laptop.You see,plenty of comparable desktop replacement gaming laptops feature loud and clicky mechanical keyboards.Although this is awesome for playing games,every thing else ordinarily suffers. The Alienware Area-51m’s fans,however, are loud,quite a lot each of the time.This is to be expected because of the class of hardware in such a tiny space,but if fan noise gets on your nerves,you could possibly need to look elsewhere.For a thicc gaming laptop like this,the Alienware Area-51m has surprisingly thin show bezels.They are not on the amount of certainly one of the greatest Ultrabooks,but they’re small adequate that we don’t notice them in day-to-day use.This really is probably because the lid in the laptop doesn’t cover the complete chassis,as there is about 2 inches of space behind the screen. Below the show is actually a Tobii Eye Tracking sensor,and it really is not also obnoxious.You are going to notice it,but just like each and every other aspect of this laptop’s design,it just fits. The display itself is actually a Complete HD IPS display,operating at 144Hz with G-Sync.And,with this GPU,hitting 144 frames per second in most games is definitely an absolute breeze,so we are frequently able to capitalize on the higher refresh price.Trust us,once you play some Battlefield V on a high refresh price show,there’s no going back. Finally,there’s the speakers.They are positioned on the front of your chassis and are,frankly,wonderful.Even with this very loud laptop,these speakers batteria acer tm8571 are loud and clear adequate that we never have to go scrambling for a headset even though playing games.There is plenty of bass and clear detail that it’s practically like having many of the greatest computer speakers built into the laptop.Basically,the Alienware Area-51m can be a thing of beauty.This is not a laptop that you are going to be in a position to carry about with you,obviously,but we can’t stop staring at it.Alienware includes a reputation for crafting distinctive and awe-inspiring computer designs,as well as the Alienware Area-51m is proof that the manufacturer hasn’t lost its touch.


While our specific unit is usually a higher-end configuration using the Core i9-9900K and RTX 2080,lower-end options ship with all the Core i7-8700 and RTX 2060 rather.The ability to swap out each the CPU and GPU is often a one of a kind advantage inside the gaming laptop space exactly where soldered processors are commonplace.The Area-51m has extra in common with Clevo barebone laptops as opposed to laptops from MSI or Asus because of this.All benchmarks and measurements batteria asus c21pp95 below have been performed using the technique set to Higher Efficiency mode unless otherwise stated.We want to show off the program at its fastest even if that means obtaining the fans at maximum RPM.CPU functionality batteria hp 800010 421 is practically two instances more quickly than the Core i7-8750H in the Alienware 17 R5 and about 45 % faster than the Core i9-8950HK within the MSI GT75.This fast of a CPU comes in handy when aiming for frame rates above 60 FPS.What we truly want to know is how the CPU compares against a standard desktop using the very same Core i9-9900K.According to CineBench R15 Multi-Thread,the Area-51m is just two percent slower than the Core i9-9900K in our desktop Pc.This delta starts to widen,having said that,when operating CineBench R15 in a loop mainly because the Alienware laptop struggles to keep maximum Turbo Enhance clock rates for lengthy periods as shown by our comparison graph under.Its initial score of 1941 points drops to about 1862 points towards the finish on the loop test.When accounting for this performance throttling,our reference batteria asus ux390ua desktop Computer performs about 7 to 8 percent more quickly than our Alienware.Our Eurocom Sky X7C with all the same Core i9-9900K CPU is in a position to score pretty similarly in the identical CineBench loop test.PCMark ten ranks our Alienware consistently behind the Eurocom Sky X7C equipped with all the identical CPU and GPU by just 1 to 3 percentage points.That is likely due to our Eurocom unit getting 4x the RAM than our Alienware and with more rapidly Samsung SSDs.Even so,these scores are nonetheless a few of the highest in our database.We did not experience any specific application or hardware issues on our test unit save for 1 annoyance.The screen batteria hp cq62-251tx would automatically dim if it doesn’t detect user activity for additional than 5 seconds.This can not be changed or disabled via any Windows or Alienware settings that we know of to create it much more frustrating.You will find a total of 3 internal storage bays with Optane support in comparison with 4 around the MSI GT75 or Eurocom Sky X7C.Our certain configuration is equipped with two SK Hynix PC400 M.2 NVMe SSDs in RAID 0 alongside a secondary 1 TB Seagate FireCuda ST1000LX015 HDD.Dell presents storage possibilities ranging from 256 GB up to 2 TB,however they regrettably don’t specify the exact model names for these drives.Dell boasts that its removable DGFF GeForce RTX 2080 GPU can run as quickly as a desktop RTX 2080 considering that they each run beneath related TDP envelopes.In truth,it undoubtedly comes close.Our “proper” reference desktop Pc with RTX 2080 graphics batteria toshiba c850-19n is capable to outscore our Alienware-51m by as much as 6 % in 3DMark benchmarks.Users must be capable to close that gap by overclocking the Alienware GPU in the price of larger temperatures.When when compared with other laptops with all the exact same RTX 2080 GPU,the Alienware seems to come out on prime.As an example,each the RTX 2080 GPUs within the Eurocom Sky X7C and Asus ROG G703GX are consistently about four to 6 percent slower than the Alienware.The graphics efficiency benefit on the Dell is there,albeit marginal.Systems with the RTX 2080 Max-Q just like the Alienware m15 or m17 are slower by about 20 to 25 percent.Real-world gaming performance continues to be essentially identical to a desktop RTX 2080 regardless of what the synthetic benchmarks above indicate.Operating Metro Exodus on maximum settings,for example,is often a few frames quicker than on our reference desktop.Overall performance is about 30 to 35 % more quickly than a typical GTX 1080 or 40 to 45 percent more rapidly than a normal desktop RTX 2060.Operating Witcher three shows no recurring dips batteria asus a31n1601 in frame rates to recommend no interrupting background activity throughout gameplay.

Energy Management

Idling on desktop draws anyplace involving 23 W and 39 W according to the brightness setting and power profile to become comparable for the older Alienware 17 R5.The truth is,energy consumption is comparable to most other less-powerful 17.3-inch gaming laptops when operating low to medium workloads.Differences commence to emerge when operating extra demanding workloads like games.When operating Witcher three,for example,we’re capable to record a continuous power consumption of 340 W in comparison with only 284 W around the Asus ROG G703GX with all the less demanding 45 W Core i7-8750H.It’s a 20 % raise in consumption for a mere five % boost in graphics functionality on this unique title.Running a desktop Core i9-9900K at complete speed unquestionably has its consequences caricabatterie dell e6430 in this regard.When on maximum load with Prime95 and FurMark operating simultaneously,we’re in a position to measure a combined consumption of 485.1 W in the two AC adapters.Note that the laptop is in a position to run on just one adapter only albeit at lowered overall performance.A single adapter is bigger and heavier than the other so you could carry only the tiny adapter for trips when the complete power from the technique may possibly not be needed.Some Clevo-based systems like the Eurocom Sky X7C run on a single extra-large AC adapter to prevent the hassle of needing two AC adapters.Of course,there are benefits and drawbacks to each the Dell and Clevo options.Battery capacity alimentatore toshiba pa3290e-3ac3 is smaller than on the outgoing Alienware 17 R5.Couple this with a far more demanding desktop CPU and it is unsurprising that battery life is shorter.When subjected to WLAN load,we’re capable to record a runtime of just more than two hours compared to pretty much twice that around the Alienware 17 R5 or Asus ROG G703GX.Outcomes are comparable to what we observed around the Eurocom Sky X7C equipped using the very same CPU and GPU.Even with almost everything set to minimum like brightness,Energy Saver,and Quiet mode,we’re only able to record a runtime of just over 2.5 hours.Charging from empty to full capacity batteria hp dO02xl takes a little over two hours.The charging time doesn’t appear to alter drastically if utilizing a single or both adapters and when the program is idling or running undemanding loads.


The Dell Alienware Area-51m is usually a replacement to a desktop gaming Computer.It is not meant to become a portable machine batteria hp 710416 001 which you can take along everywhere,it is a laptop using the grunt of a desktop,and in that regard,it delivers.The design is good and efficiency is on point,throw in the upgradeability functions and you’re left with a incredibly attractive package,especially when compared to the competitors in this price tag variety.Should you can afford 1,I’d say it’s unquestionably worth acquiring.

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