Acer Predator Helios 500 Overview

What could be the Acer Predator Helios 500?

Acer’s Predator gaming variety normally ticks the majority of our boxes, offering strong specs and premium functionality without completely smashing the financial institution. Heading up the family will be the beefy Acer Predator Helios 500, a gaming laptop that may be acer aspire v3 771g akku/akku acer aspire v3 771g/original akku acer aspire v3 771g bagged having a Core i7 or Core i9 chipset and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1070 GPU. You can overclock with the flick of the virtual switch and there is a meaty dual AeroBlade cooling method to maintain the entire point from combusting. You can even bag it having a 4K show, for ultra-crisp visuals.

Price and availability

Acer is setting the Predator Helios 500 to begin at $1,999 or ?¨o1,799 (about AU$3,179) when it lands in shops and on-line within the US in June along with the United kingdom in July. Acer hasn’t however disclosed Australian pricing and availability.

That starting cost gets you very a lot: a 17.3-inch, 1080p (configurable to 2160p) Nvidia G-Sync display at 144Hz, which can be powered by an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor (as much as Core i9) and an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card. Backing that lenovo x1 carbon akku/akku lenovo x1 carbon/lenovo x1 akku up are up to 16GB of DDR4 memory and SSD options ranging from 512GB to 1TB (you could also get up to a 2TB hard drive). With that, the Helios 500 falls properly in line with its competitors in terms of pricing for the hardware inside.

Design and Build

First up, if you are after a machine to take on the street day following day, you may desire to have a browse of another gaming laptops. The Helios 500 is definitely an absolute monster, weighing just more than 4kg. Seriously, this point could be made use of to defend yourself asus f551m akku/akku asus f551m towards grizzly bear attacks. Aspect within the weighty energy adapter, which could in all probability also be made use of to fend off that second bear, and you’ve received very a bundle to cart about.

The likes from the Gigabiye Aorus X5 offer a much more transportable experience-that unique gaming machine weighs an virtually sprightly two.5kg. Meanwhile the Gigabyte Aero 14 is even lighter at under 2kg, which means you needn’t bust your back although humping it about.Not surprisingly, if you’re all about beefy performance without running the threat of throttling, then you will need to take a hit on portability. The Helios 500 is constructed like a brick portaloo simply because it packs some critical specs, and desires a critical cooling system to deal with it. As such, le/novo g710 akku/akku lenovo g710/akku f?§1r lenovo g710/original akku lenovo g710 it is finest left on the desk and only carried when required. And when you do ought to consider it out and about, don’t financial institution on fitting the Predator within of the standard backpack. It really is not only hefty, it’s rather chunky also.Nevertheless, I have no complaints in any respect in regards to build high quality. The Helios 500 sports a strong plastic chassis, without hint of troublesome flex or weakness. I would not recommend dropping it needless to say, but this laptop can suck up bumps and bangs using a smile.

One location exactly where gaming laptops truly cannot skimp would be the connectivity. Thankfully Acer has lined the Predator Helios 500 with an abundance of ports to hook up any drives, displays and peripherals you wish. A trio of Type-A USB 3.0 ports are joined by dual 61w usb c power adapter/apple 61w usb c power adapter/usb c netzteil macbook pro 61w Thunderbolts, so you may stick in all your external bits without running from space. Dedicated HDMI and DisplayPort connections may also be located about the rear. And of course there is Ethernet, guaranteeing a stutter-free on line connection.


Visually, the brand new Helios 500 is extremely diverse from the Predator 17 G9 conserve to get a handful of distinguishing features that obviously serve to identify it as being a member of Acer’s Predator household. These involve the highlighted cursor and WASD keys also because the characteristic power button.

One characteristic conspicuously missing in the Helios 500 may be the 17 G9’s protruding rear. Apparently, the cooling technique doesn’t call for this further dell latitude e7240 akku/e7240 akku/latitude e7240 akku/akku dell latitude e7240 headroom any longer despite possessing to deal with the precise very same GTX 1070 GPU as around the 17 G9.

Made totally from plastic, the situation is relatively rigid. Even so, it had been not as sturdy as we’d have expected and we were able to warp it slightly when applying torsional forces to its side. When performing so the gaps around the maintenance flaps widened along with the entire situation began to creak.

The hinge just isn’t company enough to prevent teetering entirely, as well as the maximum opening angle is 135 degrees. The hinge is surely not firm sufficient to maintain the display securely in place constantly – it even moved when we had been carrying the unit around. Just just like the rest of your case the lid’s rigidity leaves quite a bit to become desired. It warped incredibly effortlessly whenever we applied opposing forces to its corners and bent readily inwards when pressure was magsafe 2 85w/apple 85w magsafe netzteil/85w magsafe 2 power adapter utilized to its surface. Fortunately, the display content material did not ripple or distort visibly, and also the panel itself seems to become decoupled in the frame.

All items regarded, make excellent was equivalent towards the Predator 17 G9 and thus much worse than on competing devices for example the Asus ROG Chimera G703. It lacks rubberized surfaces for improved grip and effortless handling but at least the palm rest’s paintwork is somewhat nonslip. The situation entirely lacks any kind of aluminum reinforcement or plating.While its 17-inch predecessor, the GTX 1060-equipped Helios 300, was nonetheless comparatively thin (29 mm) the 17-inch Helios 500 can no longer lay declare to any sort of spatial minimalism. apple 87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c netzteil macbook pro/87W USB-C Netzteil Apple A1719 Its thickness of 39 mm is owed to its huge cooling solution. Acer could have most undoubtedly shaved off an additional 2-3 mm but why bother? The Helios 500 is definitely an upper-class gaming laptop and as such it will not need to be either smaller or thin. Pretty the contrary seems to hold true: The much more heft and bulk the more performance it will have to be capable of delivering.

If practically 9 lbs (3.eight kg) is as well a lot there are some lighter options, such as the Razer Blade Professional (around 7 lbs) or even the Predator Helios 300 (approx. 6.5 lbs). On the other hand, the Helios 500 is not the heaviest gaming notebook by far and is outweighed through the likes of MSI’s GT75 Titan (ten lbs), Asus’ G703 (10.5 lbs), Acer’s personal surface 3 ladekabel/ladekabel surface 3/netzteil surface 3/microsoft surface 3 netzteil Predator 17 G9 (9.five lbs), and HP’s Omen X 17 (11 lbs). Not simply are these heavier than the Helios 500, their footprint can also be significantly larger (up to two.5 cm deeper but not any wider).

Keyboard and touchpad

Considering the dimension of this monster, it really is no shock the Helios serves up a fully-stocked keyboard. Pretty much all the things you could possibly possibly require is on give, which includes a committed keypad and five shortcut buttons, which could be customised with up to 3 various settings.

All of your keys are a great size, even the cursor keys (which can be frankly so rare that it is nicely really worth celebrating). That said, there’s no spacing among the standard keyboard and that keypad, so sometimes I missed when aiming for that return key, microsoft surface pro 4 ladekabel/netzteil microsoft surface pro 4/surface pro 4 charger hitting the numbers alternatively.The Helios 500’s keyboard features a company finish, and it’s responsive enough to work with for fast-paced action titles. It really is also a comfortable solution to smash out essays or emails in your downtime, if you are going to utilize the Predator for anything besides sniping fools in the encounter.

While many gaming laptops can virtually blind you with their dazzling backlighting, this Helios provides some remarkably subtle LED lights to illuminate the keyboard. The board is split into four separate zones, every of which may be lit up by a particular colour. This really is very easily configured using Acer’s pre-installed PredatorSense app, that is also CP500588-01 Fujitsu 65W Charger utilized to setup the five shortcut buttons. Even on highest brightness, the backlighting is rather weak (while nonetheless nearly strong adequate to highlight each and every crucial in comprehensive darkness).

The touchpad can also be illuminated with an LED strip defining the border. It is obviously far from excellent for anything beyond very simple games, with patchy responsiveness when utilizing the keyboard at the very same time. However, it really is completely smooth and responsive for every little thing else, and I enjoy that Acer has integrated dedicated mouse buttons, positioned beneath the pad.Nonetheless, one particular essential omission is some sort of fingerprint sensor. HP PFC USB Type-C USB-C Charger The Helios 500 doesn’t help Windows Hello, so you happen to be caught with getting into a password every time you unlock the laptop.

Performance and Gaming

Prior to the Helios 500, I had only examined 1 laptop with an Intel Core i9 CPU, and it was a monster-the MSI GT75 Titan. Beyond all round size, the biggest difference among the Helios 500 plus the MSI GT75 Titan is the fact that the GT75 boasted a GTX 1080 and 32GB of DDR4 memory, as opposed towards the Helios’ GTX 1070 and 16GB of DDR4 memory. I did not involve the GT75 Titan within the benchmark comparison chart for that cause. Alternatively, I am comparing the Helios 500 to the Digital Storm Equinox, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus, the MSI GS65, Samsung S22D300HY Charger as well as the all-new Razer Blade 15. All 3 function an 8th generation Coffee Lake CPU, and although it really is the lower-clocked i7-8750H model, it is nonetheless a six-core CPU.

As you are able to see in the benefits, the Helios 500 outperformed another laptops by a good margin, which isn’t that surprising given that it truly is pricey, weights twice as substantially as them, and includes a higher-end CPU and GPU. Nonetheless, it’s not that much more expensive, so you appear to be getting some horsepower in exchange for all those additional dollars.

Also, there is been many focus about Intel’s Core i9 CPU and its use in a laptop chassis. Particularly, when it launched plenty of ink was spilled more than its thermal throttling in Apple’s MacBook Pro. That problem was resolved with an update by Apple, but I wanted to view if there will be any throttling in this chassis. I employed Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility because it permits you to run a anxiety test on the CPU, and notifies you of any throttling in real-time.

In my tests there was some throttling, with a rough typical of three.7GHz beneath full load. This was the clock pace regardless of the Overclocking 85W MagSafe2 Charger Apple MacBook Professional 15 setting I chosen inside the PredatorSense app. With no the stress test running, and with Turbo CPU functionality selected inside the PredatorSense app, throttling did not occur till 4.3GHz, that is quite very good to get a laptop.

Switching between Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG), I regularly saw performance over one hundred frames per second. On PUBG, that number was more than 130 fps all through the complete match when on Higher settings. On Ultra settings, for both Fortnite and PUBG, I would see the frame counter hover about 120 fps.

The 144Hz show combined with persistently higher frames per second provided an extremely smooth practical experience overall. I failed to pick up on any stuttering or dropped frames as textures are rendered when dropping into a match. Colour good quality and saturation were spot on to my eyes.

Scoping Out the Sound and Connections

So significantly for that core elements. A speaker grille appears towards the correct of the energy button, above the keyboard. In my trials, the sound amplified to a volume loud adequate to fill a decent-size living room with Michael Salvatori’s captivating Destiny 2 score. The excellent from the audio was extraordinary?abassy enough to venture the sound of the shotgun firing off with conviction inside your first-person shooter of selection?aand no cost of distortion 384021-001 HP Charger when cranked each of the way up. A 720p webcam is over the display, within the center with the bezel. It functions nicely adequate for video conferencing, but it really is not a high-resolution cam.

The Helios 500’s port choice is profuse. On its right edge are two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, at the same time as separate headphone and microphone jacks, in addition to a security-cable Kensington lock slot. Notably lacking is an SD-card slot, which would are available in handy for media pros utilizing dSLR cameras and high-end camcorders. The wireless-connectivity loadout is normal things: 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth five.0. So may be the guarantee: Acer backs the Predator Helios 500 with a one-year plan.


No shock: The Acer Predator Helios 500 in the 4K version with Intel Core i9-8950HK is a further fantastic device for gaming, because it nonetheless presents most positive aspects in the lower-priced model. Even so, in our view the lower-priced i7 model would be the better choice. The Intel Core i9-8950HK is barely in a position to make utilization of its larger overall performance, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Charger whilst in the same time causing higher temperatures under load and-together with all the 4K display-higher energy consumption. Concerning the show: The Ultra HD display is certainly a worthwhile improve, enabling for 4K gaming using the GeForce GTX 1070. The high-quality of your display is convincing, in particular the high color-space coverage. However, the Full HD panel has a greater refresh price, so both show selections have benefits and drawbacks.

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