Acer Predator Helios 300 Review

With the monstrous Predator 21 X and sleek Predator Triton 700, Acer staked a compelling claim on chargeur asus ad887020 the high-end market, loading its notebooks with extravagant characteristics along with the most potent transportable gaming hardware readily available. The Acer Predator Helios 300 does not concern itself with fanciful bells and whistles. It’s a simple, no-nonsense gaming laptop that delivers a refreshing quantity of bang for chargeur asus ad890026 your buck, starting at $1,100 on Amazon with a Core i7-7700HQ processor and a GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is not fairly excellent. The display runs dimmer than its rivals, and batterie toshiba pa3817u 1brs 48wh the storage is cramped. But beyond these minor grumbles, this machine checks each of the boxes you can ask for in an very affordable gaming laptop. It really is even uncomplicated to repair!


We can not locate fault in the Acer Predator Helios 300’s style. It is practically nothing awesome and Batterie HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Serie hardly a stand-out, but it’s not poor either.

This gaming laptop does try and stick towards the gamer aesthetic with its metal chassis inside a gun-metal finish, black colour with red accents, and geometric cuts and Chargeur Dell Venue 11 Pro (7140 9219) tapered edges. The Predator lettering and logo in silver adorn the best cover, though the bottom plastic cover has two, easy-to-remove compartments for the hard drive plus the RAM, which you can upgrade.

We appreciate the number of obtainable ports on this laptop, as well. On best of two USB two.0 ports and batterie asus a32n1405 a headphone jack, additionally, it boasts a USB three.0 port, a USB three.1 port, an HDMI port, Ethernet and an SD card reader, which certainly comes in handy if you’re utilizing this for the amateur photography and such.

The laptop is mid-sized – undoubtedly not small but also not too bulky, and Chargeur Sony ACDP 100D01 APDP 100A1 A surprisingly lighter than it appears. Although our critique unit is missing a tough drive, and we wonder just how much heavier it gets if there is certainly 1.

You might say that the design and style is definitely an indication of how this gaming laptop is general: it is not the ideal and chargeur acer sw5 015 137z 18w it has a couple of flaws, nevertheless it does effectively sufficient in other locations that you’ll locate very little reason to complain.


The 15.6-inch, 1080p display around the Predator is sharp but otherwise lackluster. When I watched the trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans, Medusa’s red hair didn’t pop against her lavender dress, and Batterie Toshiba Satellite NB10 A 103 vibrant lights overpowered both Black Bolt and Medusa within a scene with each other. It wasn’t as bright as I’d have liked, however it was completely usable.

I had a similar knowledge in Mass Impact: Andromeda. In dark places, I wished I could bump up the brightness, but in lighter parts on the Chargeur PA 1650 93 Asus game, I could see fine. Some fires for the duration of a space battle looked a lot more orange than red, but it otherwise looked correct.

The Predator’s display covers 81 % of Batterie Lenovo 45N1096 45N1097 45N1098 45N1099 45N1720 45N1721 the sRGB colour gamut, surpassing the Legion (68 %) but falling under the 15-inch laptop average (94 percent), the Strix (122 percent) plus the Leopard Pro (165 %).

The colors are not by far the most precise, either. The Predator’s Delta-E score of 4.7 (0 is perfect) is worse than the typical (two.2), in addition to the scores for Batterie L12L4E01 Lenovo the Strix (1.6), the Leopard Pro (0.3) along with the Legion (0.two).

The screen measured 226 nits of typical brightness on our light meter, which can be dimmer than the average (274 nits), the Strix (269 nits) and chargeur asus exa1208eh the Leopard Pro (245 nits), but brighter than the Legion (220 nits).

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Predator’s keyboard is comfortable, but I wish it felt additional responsive. The keys have 1.six millimeters of batterie pa5109u 1brs vertical travel, so I never ever felt as if I had been bottoming out. However the keys require 79 grams of pressure to actuate, which kept them from feeling light and clicky. It did not take long to acquire used to the additional pressure, even though, and I typed at 109 words per minute (inside my usual 107-115-wpm variety) with my standard two % error rate).

That mentioned, the Function shortcut keys handle points like turning the touchpad on and off, deciding on distinct show selections and adjusting volume – and Chargeur 795552 009 HP at least the WASD keys are highlighted. Even so, it is actually as powerful as all keyboards should be.

Our only complaint is the fact that the bottom keys are taller than the other individuals. We find that when we’re employing the 800050 001/batterie hp 800050 001 arrow keys for gaming, we typically miss the ‘Up’ arrow crucial simply because the ‘Down’ arrow one is taller than we’re utilized to.

The touchpad is actually a slightly various story. Like with most gaming laptop touchpads, this one’s undoubtedly not fantastic for gaming, even though it is responsive enough for Batterie Asus K551LN Serie productivity tasks. You will want a mouse if you would like accuracy and responsiveness, like with most gaming laptops. The touchpad is also just a little tight when you’re pressing down. Plus, we’ve run in to the situation of it being non-responsive or erratic when we have a mouse installed. This concern ordinarily fixes itself when we restart the laptop and disconnect the mouse.


We’ll keep our functionality somewhat abbreviated since it hasn’t changed considerably. First up is Cinebench, which can show us efficiency in short multi-core CPU tasks. As it is possible to see, the present model’s score is just a pinch quicker than the Unique Edition’s score, and Batterie Fujitsu CP672845 01 just a pinch slower than the Dell XPS 15 9570 and MSI GS65-which all feature precisely the same CPU.

Using Cinebench to measure single-core efficiency, we are able to see overall performance is right where you’d hope it would be. You could think that is boring, but it’s actually a fantastic sign for the laptop to become tied with each other Core i7-8750H laptop.

We also like to verify the chargeur asus adp 120rh b overall performance of laptops in longer tasks, to see how the CPU performs (and heats up) below stress. For that, we use the totally free HandBrake utility to encode a 30GB video file. The process can take 30 minutes on a typical six-core laptop. It’s pretty much a tie here amongst comparable systems, except for the Razer Blade 15, which was tested in its default mode. Set it to “gaming mode,” and chargeur asus adp 45bw c it falls in line together with the other 6-core laptops.

Moving onto the overall performance from the GeForce GTX 1060, the Acer Predator Helios 300 does not disappoint as Chargeur Acer Aspire One D257 13748 D257 13836 we see it just barely edging out the other GTX 1060 laptops. We’ll contact it a tie again-which is great news.

Our last gaming test utilizes Rise of chargeur asus ad883020 the Tomb Raider set to Pretty Higher in DX11 mode and, yup, it really is a tie once more. And yes, that’s a very good thing.

Our final test appears at battery life. We set the Computer in airplane mode to eliminate network interference, attach ear buds with pa 1121 28 volume set to medium, and set the screen brightness to a comfy 250 to 260 nits. We charge the battery to complete, unplug the laptop, and loop a 4K video until the machine shuts down.

The result with all the existing Predator Helios 300 is slightly superior than what the SE version on the laptop achieved, but nonetheless fairly below average general. Blame component of this on the batterie asus a41 x550a battery size: at 48 watt-hours, it is a pretty small provide. The higher-refresh-rate panel within the newer version will also tax the battery. We had the identical complaint using the SE version.

Remember, needless to say, that your battery mileage will differ based on how you use the laptop. Looking to play any Batterie Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E320 E325 E330 E335 E145 games off AC will drain this tiny battery lickety-split.

Battery life

The battery life on this laptop is decent for Chargeur Asus ZenBook UX31E SH53 CBIL UX31E SH72 CBIL such a device. Once more, it is nothing at all awesome, but the Predator was capable to complete a full run with the Guardians on the Galaxy film at 50% brightness plus about 48 minutes into a second run prior to it shut down.

Compared to other gaming laptops, this can be a decent number. Of course, it is nowhere close to what you’d count on from an Ultrabook or Chargeur Asus ROG GL552VW CN091D other hyper-portable laptop. That’s not this laptop’s purpose, so do not leave the home devoid of that energy cord when you go with this laptop.


When it’s not gaming, the Predator stays nice and cool below easy workloads. Soon after we streamed HD video from YouTube for 15 minutes, the bottom of surface pro 4 chargeur the notebook reached just 88 degrees Fahrenheit; the keyboard involving the G and H keys measured 84.five degrees; as well as the touchpad was 79.five degrees. All of those temperatures are under our 95-degree comfort threshold.

But factors heat up once you start to play: The bottom climbed to 113.five degrees, plus the keyboard reached 104.five degrees. Even so, the touchpad stayed cool, at 83.5 degrees.


The 720p webcam around the Predator is nice and chargeur lenovo adl45wcg sharp, but its colors are not precise. While I could make out person hairs and see the creases inside a colleague’s jacket behind me, my navy-blue shirt appeared black.

Software and Warranty

Acer’s biggest addition to the Predator is its PredatorSense app, which lets you monitor CPU and GPU speeds and Batterie Lenovo G70 70 Serie fine-tune fan handle for optimal overall performance.

You’ll also come across all the bloat usually packed into Windows ten, like Sling, Facebook, Twitter, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Royal Revolt 2.

Acer sells the Predator Helios 300 with Chargeur Asus Eee PC 1025C Serie a two-year warranty. See how the enterprise did on our Tech Help Showdown and Best and Worst Brands report.

Why obtain the Acer Predator Helios 300?

The Helios 300 presents a great balance of capabilities and performance for Chargeur NP.ADT0A.012 Acer a affordable value. If you have ?¨º1200 to commit on a laptop, it’s a very good alternative.

Its most compelling feature is its great-quality 144Hz IPS screen, that is excellent for both gaming and all other laptop duties. Combined with solid gaming efficiency in the GTX 1060 graphics card and chargeur surface 3/chargeur microsoft surface 3 Intel 8750H processor, and you have got a machine that seriously delivers the goods for gaming.

Passable battery life, a decent keyboard and chargeur asus eee pc x101ch trackpad, and an abundance of connectivity all add to a constructive general impression.

That said, there are actually a couple of alternatives to think about. The HP Omen 15 features a slightly smarter-looking chassis with narrower bezels surrounding the screen, creating for a smaller sized footprint overall. It also consists of G-Sync to remove image-tear and stutter. It costs just ?¨º50 a lot more than the Helios 300 for primarily the same spec (8GB of RAM along with a 128GB SSD).

Spend an further ?¨º300 and you could choose up the Razer Blade – which, again, gives largely the exact same spec but with Chargeur Asus X751SA TY097 an even far better screen, a lot higher all round build excellent and a much more compact design and style.

Then once more, the more affordable configuration with the Helios 300 – with a GTX 1050 Ti, Intel 8300H, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD – expenses just ?¨º1000 and nonetheless includes that all-important 144Hz screen, creating that model a tempting selection as well.

Final verdict

We’ve mentioned it a number of instances and Chargeur de Voiture Dell Precision M70 Serie we’ll say it again: the Acer Predator Helios 300 is really a strong gaming laptop on the price range spectrum. Yes, you’ll find a handful of obvious signs where Acer seemingly cut corners, namely the set of speakers which are unimpressive and Batterie Fujitsu LifeBook E554 Serie the dual-fan cooling system that does small to lessen heat unless tuned to the max. Yet, while these are glaring flaws, they may be not comprehensive deal-breakers – invest within a fantastic pair of headphones and place a desk fan next towards the laptop.

The primary factor to concentrate on right here is the fact that this gaming laptop packs some energy for the price tag, enough to Batterie Toshiba Satellite Pro C70 B 10F deal with essentially the most demanding games even at ultra settings. The laptop also boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, which you only see in pricier models, and also a wonderful color reproduction, which both lend to its gorgeous show.

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