Acer Nitro 5 Review

The Acer Nitro five doesn’t have high-end extras or even a high-quality screen,nevertheless it does possess a low value and a lot of mid-range gaming and computing power.

Design and build

If you’re familiar with Acer’s laptops then the Nitro’s design and style will come as no surprise.adp 230eb t asusThe machine has an angled base,jutting lines on the lid and red air vents, so it definitely stands out however it also looks somewhat dated when compared to several contemporaries.

The Nitro is produced from plastic,which is understandable given the price tag.Construct excellent is acceptable,as well,but this is another region exactly where the spending budget bites a little: there’s movement inside the screen and also the base may be e6420 chargerIt’s not ruinous along with the Nitro is still sturdy adequate to sling into a bag,but laptops towards the US$1,500 variety are likely to be extra robust.

You’ll get lighter and slimmer styles in the event you invest a little much more,too. The Acer weighs two.7kg and is 25mm thick,lenovo ac adapter adl45wcd currys which tends to make it heavier and thicker than most gaming notebooks.

The Nitro five (2021) has 3 full-size USB 3 ports,with 1 at 10Gbps.there is a 10Gbps USB-C port,too,however it does not assistance energy delivery or DisplayPort, which makes that connector much less useful.ideapad 100s charger Elsewhere,there’s HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and audio connectors, and internally there is dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth.

A 720p webcam completes the feature set.It really is a strong choice, with adequate ports and connectivity to handle mainstream gaming and computing however the webcam does not help Windows Hello,and there’s no card or fingerprint reader.

Cooling System

For a gaming laptop, efficient thermals are vital to delivering sustained functionality.lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 chargerAcer has put in plenty of work to help keep the system operating cool.The Nitro five packs-in two heavy-duty fans that push out the warm air by means of 4 substantial vents.These fans are controlled by Acer’s Nitrosense app.By default,the fan rotation speeds are tied to the method load.ga240pe1 00If you might be operating on a presentation, the fan speeds will hover at about 1800 RPM to 2000 RPM.However,it can go into overdrive when you are gaming. For those who never want to leave it towards the chance, Acer allows you to manually adjust the fan RPM values.

When monitored working with a heat-sensing infrared camera,the laptop reveals majority of its hot spots in the bottom.surface pro 3 docking station adapter Nevertheless, through the testing, the laptop’ssurface temperature under no circumstances crossed the 39-degree C mark, which is impressive for such a effective gaming machine.For reference, I’ve placed a glass of hot water on the right-hand side as well as a cold water cup on the left in the next image.

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard is where the Nitro five showcases its gaming aesthetics with RGB backlight.lenovo thinkpad t430 chargerThese keys are further divided into four zones that will be individually controlled to display different hues.The backlight can be static or you’ll be able to select from a bunch of presets which include Wave,Neon,Breathing,and so on.

The keyboard is well spread out and options island-type keys.Acer has also added a Numpad really should you need to perform effectively on spreadsheets.The keys have a decent resistance but it could have applied some more surface 2 laptop chargerAnother constructive regarding the keyboard is its low clatter.

Moving onto the trackpad,it is rather massive for a 15-inch laptop.It supports a variety of multi-touch gestures.macbook air charger 2012For instance,two-finger click triggers a right-click.Similarly,a two-finger slide is utilized for scrolling.Then,there is usual stuff like pinch to zoom.The trackpad glide precision is decent with space for improvement.

Screen & Speakers

The 15.6in show has a 1920 x 1080 resolution having a 144Hz refresh rate.This model doesn’t have Nvidia G-Sync,so you could see some minor tearing,nevertheless it won’tbe a major or common issue.Ultimately,this show is fine for mainstream gaming and eSports. a12 230p1aYou’ll only get syncing or higher refresh rates for those who commit far more.

The maximum brightness level of 255 nits is fine for indoor use but not sturdy adequate for the outdoors,and that’s paired using a black level of 0.19cd/m2. that’s good,and it creates a contrast ratio of 1347:1 dell xps15 impressive result.In real-world use,those figures translate to good depth and punch.

The colours themselves are a bit limited,though.The Nitro’s display only renders 61.5% of the sRGB colour gamut,so It is a long way short of producing every shade required by precision 5550 chargerThe Delta E of five.96 is only mediocre,as well,and indicates accuracy suffers.

Ultimately,the contrast and black point figures mean this show can deal with mainstream gaming: at that base level It really is got the punch and depth to obtain the job done.asus adp 120rh bBut the poor colour reproduction signifies that everything appears pallid,together with the boldest shades not done justice.

Specs & Performance

The Acer Nitro 5 (2021) packs an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 using a peak power level of 85W, that is proper within the middle of this chip’s variety it might run at any point between 60 and 115W.surface 1796 chargerIt’s nonetheless got its usual 6GB of memory,and it has three,840 processing cores and reasonable Ray-tracing ability.

The Zen 3-based AMD Ryzen 7 5800H is an superb and reliable mobile processor. It’s got eight cores, and its clock speed starts at 3.2GHz and accelerates to a peak of four.4GHz.

The rest of the Nitro’s specification offers no surprises:there is 16GB of dual-channel memory along with a 1TB SSD with middling read and write speeds of 2,391MB/s and 659MB/s.

he RTX 3060 zipped through Far Cry New Dawn at Ultra settings having a slick framerate of 82fps,and it averaged beyond 40fps in tougher games,like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077.surface 3 power supplyFor today’s major single-player games,that bodes effectively:they’ll run smoothly,and You’ll only must make concessions if you choose to chase averages at 60fps or beyond.

The RTX 3060 hit framerates beyond 100fps in easier games,too,so You are going to have no problem running the biggest eSports titles on the 144Hz display.acer aspire z5771 power supplyYou’ll only require a pricier laptop with an RTX 3070 if you’re chasing 240Hz performance or additional future headroom.

Battery Life

Gaming laptops generally offer poor battery life plus the Nitro five is no exception. Need to you use this notebook for office perform,it is going to last for about five hours with screen brightness set to 50 hw j355 power supplyIf you’re operating intensive tasks for instance 3D rendering or video editing,never expect anything over a couple of hours without reaching for any charger.adlx36ndt2aThose playing online multiplayer games are better off leaving the charger plugged in.In case you are a single of those gamers who fret over the battery wear and tear,perhaps just keep the charger handy.

Strong performer with QHD bonus

The Acer Nitro 5 we tested costs additional than most models in the Nitro five line,better known for its sub-$1,000 budget offerings.It really is somewhat disappointing to become paying far more for any laptop that’s nonetheless dressed in bargain-bin clothing,but for those who can get past the aesthetics,this Nitro five model delivers outstanding midrange gaming laptop hw j355 power cordWith an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU and RTX 3070 graphics,it outperforms laptops that cost hundreds more. And while its QHD 1440p show may well not be of interest to gamers,the bump up in resolution from the much more common FHD 1080p panel provides additional worth because it tends to make the Nitro 5 a extra helpful productivity machine as long as the shortened Shift key doesn’t drive you crazy.


The Acer Nitro 5’s price does mean that this laptop is rough around the edges. It really is a bit big and heavy, and it does not have particularly good battery life or colour accuracy.The speakers are poor and It is missing a couple of functions.

there’s nevertheless lots to like,though.The RTX 3060 is a superb GPU for mainstream games and eSports,the processor is superb,and also the Acer is cool and quiet.

The keyboard is strong, and the price is ideal: at US$1,149, this laptop is cheaper than most of the rigs with this kind of hardware. Along with the sub US$1,000 model having a Ryzen five should nonetheless be decent for most people.For those who can cope with these faults,You are going to find an productive and affordable machine here a mainstream gaming option that won’t break the bank.

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