Toshiba Satellite C850 Review


Toshiba chosen a black plastic situation for their Satellite C850. The aesthetic and design and style are acquainted from the Satellite Professional C870 (17.3-inch notebook). The manufacturer implemented solely matte surfaces, with a single exception: The touchpad is lenovo ideapad 320 charger encircled by a glossy ring. The palm rest, backside of the lid, and touchpad (such as the keys) are clothed with a textured surface that adds traction and hides fingerprints. Both the Samsung laptop or computer plus the F55A are dressed in purely plastic instances at the same time.

Overall, the base unit only yields slightly under pressure. The left front edge is actually a weak spot. In this region, the case might be easily forced inward. This isn’t especially surprising, given that the DVD burner is located underneath that portion on the situation. bose soundlink mini battery The computer’s torsion resistance could be stronger; the base unit twists too noticeably and easily. The notebook’s lid may be bent with tiny force as well. In many areas with the backside from the lid, the plastic might be forced inward far sufficient to result in alterations around the display. The hinges hold the lid tightly in place and bounce a little. It really is not possible to open the lid with only a single hand.


The Toshiba Satellite Professional C850-10N has a 15.6in. LED-backlit display using a resolution of one,366 by 768 pixels. The display is wide sufficient to comfortably dell xps 15 charger accommodate two application windows side-by side-in truth, pushing our Word document into as smaller a area as you can left ample space for any wide web page show.

The display features a matte finish, so it may be applied within a wide array of lighting situations. Viewing angles are fine around the horizontal plane, but significantly less surface book 2 charger superior around the vertical. You’ll be able to push the display down to about 145 degrees, so there’s a lot of versatility, but at this angle text can look decidedly fuzzy and images lose their integrity.

We could have accomplished having a bit extra punch from the LED backlight. And offered the somewhat reduced cost of even the most pricey model in the asus x553m charger range, we wonder whether Toshiba could have splashed out on the higher-resolution screen for many of the versions.

The Satellite Pro C850-10N measures a generous 38cm broad, 24.2cm deep and three.35cm thick. It isn’t light, either, using a beginning bodyweight of two.3kg.Nonetheless, that extra width makes it possible for Toshiba to match a number pad into the keyboard location. With full-sized lenovo ideapad 320 charger keys, this could show extremely useful if you are a typical spreadsheet user.There’s the common row of horizontal number keys also, certainly, sitting over the QWERTY keys. Toshiba makes use of old-fashioned contiguous keys, that are just a little around the massive side for our taste. Much more worrying is the quantity of flex in the keyboard: this was apparent even microsoft surface 65w power supply under our light touch-heavy-handed typists will discover some really critical bowing, especially inside the centre from the keyboard location.

There’s a set of little cursor keys for the correct from the room bar. These have no secondary capabilities for items like media playback, but there is a row of smaller keys over the number row that more than make up for this. 3 sets of 4 dell inspiron 15 5000 charger keys handle display brightness and external monitor switching, media controls, audio controls, Wi-Fi toggling and touchpad disabling. However there’s no backlighting option for the keyboard.

The touchpad plus the wrist rest both possess a stippled finish. The touchpad is somewhat recessed, using a shiny black plastic frame to provide it visual and bose soundlink three charger tactile separation from its surroundings. The touchpad options scroll zones and multitouch zooming, and both are comfy to use-particularly zooming.

The aforementioned stippling also appears on the region over the screen housing the on/off button, behind which lie the stereo speakers. The display bezel is smooth, but the stippling can also be present on the lid. It’s a simple design feature that enlivens an otherwise boring expanse of black plastic.Create excellent is acceptable for a notebook costing below ?¨o500 (ex. VAT). It is possible to flex the lid involving two hands when you hold it in the far corners, and it macbook professional a1502 charger might be depressed far sufficient to influence the screen when laid flat. On the other hand, the lid is pretty thick and seems fairly resilient.

The base also feels solid-we necessary to press fairly difficult to flex the wrist rest, as an example. Even the hinges, which is usually a weak spot on an affordable notebook, appear sturdy. Nevertheless, there’s no clasp to hold the lid and base sections collectively when you’re lugging the C850 inside a travel bag.


Toshiba equipped the Satellite with a traditional keyboard. It does include a number block. The principle keys have smooth, flat surfaces and measure chargeur surface 3 17 x 15 mm. General; the keys have a mid-length travel in addition to a excellent tactile response. We’d have liked the resistance in the keys to become a bit stronger. Sadly, the keyboard yields with each keystroke and for that reason will not give a really very good typing practical experience. Both the arrow and the enter keys could happen to be just a little bigger.


The C850’s multi-touch-capable touchpad was conceived by Synaptics and measures about 8.six x four.6 cm (~3.four x 1.eight inches). The pad is encircled by a glossy plastic ring that separates the touchpad in the palm rest. Both the pad together with batterie dell inspiron n5110 the mouse keys are spread with the very same surface texture because the palm rest as well as the backside in the lid. The texture will not interfere with the glide of fingers. The a variety of multi-touch gestures might be turned on and off individually within the touchpad’s configuration menu. The two mouse keys possess a quick travel and a superior tactile response.


As mentioned earlier there are many variants of your Satellite Professional C850 and also many consumer-oriented Satellite versions. The latter all run Windows 7 Home Premium and cost among ?¨o299 (inc. VAT) and ?¨o419 (inc. VAT). The batterie asus x93s entry-level Satellite Professional versions also run Windows seven Home Premium, with only the two top-end models running Windows 7 Experienced. These consist of our overview sample, the flagship ?¨o459 (ex. VAT) Satellite Professional C850-10N.

A couple of processors are used throughout the range, our assessment model running a 2.3GHz Intel Core i3 2350M. This CPU is used in four from the six Asus A41-X550E readily available versions, whilst the entry-level versions running a 1.6GHz Celeron B815. Our evaluation unit had a good 4GB of RAM, expandable to a highest of 8GB. Graphics are handled through the CPU-integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, and that’s the situation across the board.

The 500GB, 5,400rpm challenging drive in our overview sample is not prime flight, but it must demonstrate adequate for many users. The lowest they go is 320GB inside the Satellite Pro variety, but there are a couple of 640GB possibilities within the Satellite range if you want batterie surface pro 3 the storage and therefore are ready to forego Windows seven Expert.

Connectivity is available in the shape of Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), with Bluetooth four.0 for short-range wireless links. At this price tag akku w530 it won’t come as being a shock to find out that mobile broadband is just not integrated. You are able to usually use a USB 3G dongle, or connect to a smartphone or 3G modem by way of Wi-Fi, obviously.

There’s no biometric login, and although our critique sample sported a webcam (each of the designs across both the Professional and non-pro range do) there’s no login through encounter recognition both.

Every model has an optical drive, which, unusually, is around the left-hand side of the chassis along with a USB two.0 port and also the power input. asus f751l akku There is a slot around the front edge for SD-compatible media. The front slopes inwards and this slot just isn’t noticeable without craning your neck or lifting the notebook; it is quick sufficient to discover by touch, though.

The proper edge with the chassis homes the remaining ports and connectors, namely: a pair of audio jacks, a 2nd USB two.0 port, a USB three.0 port, HDMI and Ethernet (RJ-45) ports and also a VGA connector.

Toshiba bundles a array of applications and solutions which includes: Skype, Google Chrome; time-limited McAfee Web Safety; the totally free, function-limited, acer aspire 7750g akku ad-supported Microsoft Workplace Starter (Word and Excel); and Toshiba’s personal Eco Utility, Pc Overall health Check and Tempro update checker.


The Satellite C850 series includes low-cost 15.6-inch notebooks. Each of the designs supply enough functionality for each day applications like word pa3817u 1brs processing, Internet communication, video playback, etc. Our critique gadget is currently offered for among 400 and 450 Euros (~$523 and $588). The Toshiba web site presently lists a complete of 15 designs within the Satellite C850 series. The devices differentiate in terms of their processor (from Celeron to Core i3), really hard drive dimension, amount of operating memory, and working program (Windows 8 or Windows 7). Essentially the most economical model on the lenovo akku 70 market place in the moment (C850-11V) is offered for about 350 Euros (~$457). The device is a Windows seven House Premium system, outfitted having a Celeron B815 and a 320 GB challenging drive.

Under the label Satellite C850 Professional, Toshiba is promoting a structurally identical series of notebooks for private and corporate use. The primary difference amongst the two series (aside from the usual distinction in components) is the fact that the products in surface three ladekabel the Satellite C850 Pro series are equipped using a matte display.

Battery life

A Windows Encounter Index (WEI) of (from seven.9) is reasonable for any notebook with the Satellite Pro C850-10N’s specs. It compares favourably using the AMD A6-3400M-based Dell Vostro 3555 and matches Intel Core i3-based Lenovo ThinkPad X121e.

As with several notebooks, including the two just talked about, the WEI-defining lowest subsystem score is for Graphics (desktop efficiency for Windows Aero). The remaining scores are a lot more than respectable: 5.9 for each RAM (Memory Dell XPS 15 9570 USB-C Charger operations per second) and Main really hard disk (Disk information transfer price); for Graphics (3D company and gaming graphics overall performance) and for Processor (calculations per 2nd).

The Satellite Pro C850 should deal with mainstream enterprise workloads very happily. If you’re expecting remarkable graphics performance with an integrated GPU, you shouldn’t be. Toshiba’s headline battery life declare for your Satellite Professional C850 range is 6 hours, but delve in to the specs with the Satellite and Satellite Professional designs and you will uncover 5.five hrs listed every single time. We tested the C850’s battery lifestyle by setting it to perform a DVD continuously, 800049-001 HP Battery which it managed for 3 hours and 38 minutes. This is a demanding workload, so with a selection of typical enterprise duties and judicious power management settings, it is best to get the claimed five.five hours. A full 8-hour day’s use may be stretching it, although.


The Toshiba Satellite C850-1LX gains points for its great application performance, incredibly higher contrast display and its 24-month guarantee. Additionally, the situation often remains great along with the computer’s energy consumption is reasonable. Due to the massive really hard drive, there is certainly lots of storage space. Even so, the notebook has its problems too. Sony KDL-50W829B KDL50W829B Charger The display brightness is low plus the keyboard sags even though typing. The purchaser also has to create do with no Gigabit Ethernet. The really hard drive also makes plenty of noise, and in combination together with the fan, the sound is rather bothersome in quiet surroundings. The situation might be much more steady also.

The Asus F55A presents additional computing energy along with a longer battery daily life. Those who’re able to make do without having a lot more computing energy can at present buy the F55A’s entry-level variant (Celeron B830, Ubuntu Linux) for about 260 Euros (~$340). The Samsung Series three 355E5C-S02DE should be the very first selection for any person who needs a matte display and/or a good keyboard.

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