Microsoft Surface Professional 3 Review

What could be the Surface Professional three?

Microsoft calls it the tablet which will replace your laptop . That’s can, not will. Should you require a laptop, you’ll want to likely nevertheless get a laptop. If you want an iPad, you’ll want to go obtain a damn iPad Air. It’s not a straight substitute for both. It’s some thing far more. Some thing different.

What it really is a really talented hybrid. Probably the most talented. It’s as adept at watching Netflix in bed as it is operating on-site and on the move. It’s a full Computer, acer aspire v3 771g akku/akku acer aspire v3 771g/original akku acer aspire v3 771g but it’s not a Computer 100% from the time. It’s a graphics tablet plus a digital notepad. It’s the device you’ll in no way leave at household or at function, mainly because it’s important to each. Microsoft has taken 3 swings to strike a correct hit, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is one. Study on to discover why.

The Superior The Surface Professional three is thinner and lighter compared to the earlier two versions, regardless of getting a bigger 12-inch show and greater screen resolution. A brand new kickstand tends to make it much easier to setup and use, as well as the keyboard cover stays a best-in-class example. The Surface Pro 3 is now optimized for a digital pen, that is included.

The Negative That fantastic keyboard cover is just not incorporated in the base price tag, and its enhanced touchpad still doesn’t measure up. The chassis lacks pen lenovo x1 carbon akku/akku lenovo x1 carbon/lenovo x1 akku storage, as well as with tweaked kickstand and keyboard hinges, the Surface Pro 3 nonetheless doesn’t match perfectly on the lap.

The Bottom Line Even though the new Surface Professional three is Microsoft’s ideal Computer to date, it really is a lot more prosperous as being a tablet than a laptop substitute.

Design & Features

The basic Surface Professional concept remains the same. It nonetheless has a built-in kickstand, a keyboard cover (optional but crucial) and also a pressure sensitive stylus. But it’s also the first serious redesign of your Surface Pro due to the fact the original and Microsoft has made all the ideal moves. Preceding Surface Pros felt simultaneously too small and too asus f551m akku/akku asus f551m large. Too wide and too tall to operate as being a tablet; too small to substitute a laptop. A switch in the 10.6-inch, 16:9 aspect of earlier models to a 3:2 aspect 12-inch display solves this problem.

This underplays the difference, in fact. It transforms the Surface Professional 3. It’s intimidating at first, however the 12-inch display gives you ample room in which to perform and it feels comfortable in any aspect. And when videos have black bars where once there were none, the screen is so large it’s nevertheless better for them too.

It helps that Microsoft has worked hard to keep the Surface Professional three thin and light. At 800g (before you add the keyboard) it’s not light in tablet terms, nonetheless it’s lighter than any laptop in this class. It’s 107g much less than the Surface Pro 2, too. Even together with the le/novo g710 akku/akku lenovo g710/akku f?§1r lenovo g710/original akku lenovo g710 keyboard attached it weighs just one.08kg. That’s the same because the 11-inch MacBook Air and 300g less than the 13-inch MacBook Air. What’s additional impressive is it’s just 9.1mm thick. That’s thinner compared to the first, pre-iPad Air retina iPads and with right Computer components inside. That’s incredible. Indeed, everything about the industrial design and build quality on the Surface Pro 3 is staggering. In the textured metal rear on the chiselled edges and discreet air vents, the Surface Professional three oozes quality.

In fact, the only substantial criticism is the redesigned charger connection falls out too easily. It’s better compared to the old one particular, which had the same problem and left unsightly scratches, nonetheless it still needs a little function.

Of portrait modes and pens

It may possibly take a second to spot, but there’s 1 major adjust on the Surface design and style ID this time close to. The capacitive touch button Windows logo — which brings you back to the Windows 8 tile interface — has shifted through the bottom long edge on the chassis to one particular on the shorter edges. There are two reasons for that, to my mind. First, the new keyboard 61w usb c power adapter/apple 61w usb c power adapter/usb c netzteil macbook pro 61w covers cover the area where the authentic Windows button was located any time you use the second tilt-up hinge. Second, moving the Windows logo button towards the short edge points users toward using the device in portrait mode. I’ve found that most Windows tablets and hybrids are designed close to use in a laptop-like landscape mode, which has the display lying against its longest side, although the all-popular Apple iPad is primarily understood as being a device to be held upright in portrait mode, a lot like a book or magazine.

This ties directly into Microsoft’s strong pitch for the Surface Pro three as an educational device for note-taking, annotation, drawing, and sketching. The incorporated battery-powered Bluetooth pen is metallic, and a lot more substantial than versions I’ve tried with other Windows 8 tablets, such since the 8-inch Asus VivoTab 8.

In the case of the Asus, the Wacom stylus was made of thin plastic, but at least it slid ideal into an internal slot inside the tablet body. For the Surface Pro 3, you are going to want to both keep in your pocket or bag, or perhaps slide it behind your ear, unless you have a sold-separately type cover and its awkward stick-on stylus-holding loop.


Sexy. Imposing. Professional. No matter how you describe it, the Surface Professional three undoubtedly makes a statement. Whilst Microsoft has dropped the VaporMg branding, it nonetheless boasts the same sturdy magnesium casing as its predecessors, and not a hint of flex exists anywhere on the unit like a result. At 810 grams (versus the SP2’s 915 grams), dell latitude e7240 akku/e7240 akku/latitude e7240 akku/akku dell latitude e7240 it’s weighty enough to feel high-end from your extremely first moment of holding it within the hand, plus the workmanship is absolutely flawless. From your subtle slotted exhaust trench lining the perimeter of your device for the precision-chiseled ports and buttons, it’s a single of the most striking devices in its class.

Although it’s surely extra portable than the Surface Professional 2, the dimensions might surprise you at first. Whereas the SP2 featured a 10.6-inch 16:9 show, the SP3 in fact packs a larger 12-inch three:2 show. This implies a bigger situation, too?abut only in terms of surface area (no pun intended). The SP3 bumps the H x W dimensions to 292.1 x 201.5 mm (SP2: 275 x 173 mm), however the thickness has been reduced substantially (by 35%) to just mm (SP2: 14 mm). All in all, that boils down to 19.5% much less volume even in spite in the magsafe 2 85w/apple 85w magsafe netzteil/85w magsafe 2 power adapter larger display. Microsoft trumpets this accomplishment by calling the tablet the thinnest Core product ever created. Impressive.

The case has been totally redesigned to accommodate these dimensional revisions, as well as the first major difference is definitely the exchange of your black metal color to get a silvery grey that far more closely resembles that with the iPad. We’re also treated to a brand new kickstand design which is far more versatile than previously. Whereas the Surface Professional and SP2 kickstands only supported a couple of diverse positions, the Surface Professional 3’s can operate at any angle from close to 35 degrees to roughly 145 degrees. It accomplishes this via an particularly rigid set of hinges which?aupon first assessment?aalmost seem too rigid, as though apple 87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c power adapter/87w usb c netzteil macbook pro/87W USB-C Netzteil Apple A1719 the device isn’t meant to be opened so far. But rest assured, it’s by design, and the kickstand feels every bit as durable as the rest on the unit. A small strip of reinforced metal extending across and down to both ends in the kickstand’s base provides more stability and protection for your metal edge, while well-positioned magnets hold it securely in place when closed. Everything is actually a constant reminder in the careful engineering which produced this impressive morsel of modern technology.

If there’s a single area which suffers beneath the oppression in the ultraportable movement, it’s maintenance. The Surface Professional 3 hasn’t made (or even attempted for making) any progress here; it’s just as implausible to ever consider repairing or surface 3 ladekabel/ladekabel surface 3/netzteil surface 3/microsoft surface 3 netzteil upgrading as was its predecessor. In reality, rated it a petrifying 1/10 in this regard (the same since the SP2), and their technician even managed to break the device when opening it.

And there’s a single other caveat in the design which nevertheless haunts the overall concept: lap-based operation. The aforementioned metal strip works very well when positioning the tablet on a flat surface, but on the lap, it only manages to dig into your legs. Opening the kickstand further does rectify this, however the angle then quickly becomes impractical for typical use. You can’t have it all, we suppose.


The Surface Professional 3 features a Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC 2×2 Network Controller featuring integrated Bluetooth 4.0 + HS. There have been many reports of problems with this adapter, but we are happy to report that we experienced none of them with our overview unit. We tested connectivity speeds (reported by the OS) and actual performance, likewise as reliability, in multiple various areas of our lab at varying distances microsoft surface pro 4 ladekabel/netzteil microsoft surface pro 4/surface pro 4 charger from an ASUS RT-AC68U router, also as a TP-Link model running OpenWRT. Our baseline against which to compare was a Dell Latitude E7440 with an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 installed. We were pleased to locate that both devices experienced similar connection speeds in all areas (each reported and actual), and that reliability was never a problem even after resuming from sleep, which can be when many users were getting trouble.

Our positive experience could be a result of our Surface shipping which has a later version of your system firmware and drivers package than was previously available, but we can’t say for sure. What we can do is provide you with all the driver version our functional unit has installed: 15.68.3044.85.

Though it consumes the only available USB port, Microsoft sells a brand new version from the Surface Ethernet Adapter ($40) that reaches up to 1 Gbps connection speeds?- though a bit of searching reveals other highly-rated options to get a lower price.

The Surface Professional 3 features two cameras, every by using a 5 megapixel resolution, a single front-facing and a single rear-facing. As compared to your previous model’s 720p resolution cams, these are superior, but they’re nevertheless far through the quality of your iPad Air’s camera or that of many mobile phones. We compared photos from the SP3 plus a higher-end surface pro 4 ladekabel/ladekabel surface pro 4/microsoft surface pro 4 netzteil point-and-shoot (Olympus XZ-1) and found that, apart in the obvious differences in resolution (10 MP vs. 5 MP in this case), the SP3’s also produced washed-out color reproduction and a pretty severe situation of chromatic aberration within the rightmost 25% or so on the image. We’ve provided comparison shots below to help you visualize these findings.

Bam! And it’s up and running

The Surface Pro 3 boots fast. Crazy fast. So fast that I thought I hadn’t shut it down, and instead had put it into sleep mode. Some of this has to do with the reality that I’ve been reviewing a clean machine. And, obviously, improved SSD technology plays a role. But boot-to-password was around the order of three to four seconds. Be sure to hold the power button a bit longer than normal on first boot, however, as a quick press doesn’t seem to trigger it.

Agam Shah, a writer for PCWorld’s affiliate IDG News Service, noted that the Surface Pro three’s 2160×1440-pixel resolution isn’t quite comparable for the 2560×1440-pixel resolution of some competing devices. Sure, this may possibly turn off some graphics professionals, but not the average worker. Fewer pixels also tend to mean much more battery life. Microsoft claims eight hours of battery life during casual use, but our own in-house battery tests?awhich entail a continuous mix of scripted Office use and video playback?abrought the Surface Pro 3 to its knees after 4 hours, 18 minutes. That falls short of our result with the smaller 60w magsafe power adapter/apple magsafe 60w/apple 60w magsafe/60w magsafe netzteil Surface Pro 2, which shut down after 4 hours, 44 minutes.Our Core i5-based overview unit always felt snappy and responsive. Microsoft defines it like a ‘tuned’ version on the Core i5-4300U, the upgraded chip Microsoft adopted midway through the Surface Pro 2 life cycle. However the Surface Pro 3’s Worldbench 9 score was just 72, whereas the Surface Pro 2 achieved a score of 74.

The Surface Pro 3 retains the microSD slot of earlier generations, as well as the single USB three.0 and miniDisplayPort connector. (Plan accordingly to use the tablet with an external monitor.) The power button has been moved from your top suitable to your top left. Microsoft says an upcoming docking station will include three USB three.0 connectors and two USB 2.0 connectors, likewise as Gigabit ethernet.

The cameras have also been upgraded, with 5-megapixel devices front and rear, enough for complete 1080p Skype chats.

Beaten by the battery

Back to that battery result, it frankly isn’t even close towards the finest I’ve seen from a tablet. In my own use of the Professional 3 ?§C over 10 Google Chrome tabs, Spotify streaming high bitrate audio, TweetDeck running and HipChat active using the keyboard backlit ?§C the slate lasted three hours and 55 minutes. Both tests were run at max brightness on the “Balanced” power setting. Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro 3 can hold out apple 29w usb c power adapter/29w usb c power adapter/29w usb c power adapter netzteil/29W USB-C Netzteil Apple for up to 9 hours of web browsing before kicking the can. Considering that both PCMark 8 and my own test are plenty extra strenuous than that simple task, perhaps the device could last longer underneath lighter loads.

Lowering the brightness will undoubtedly boost endurance, and I noticed that the tablet can last for days on standby. Irrespective, this is actually a device meant to handle relatively heavy work loads. If it can’t match the market-leading laptop in terms of longevity, then can it really exchange it?It’s true: both the 13-inch MacBook Air and iPad Air outlast the Surface Professional three in our tests. Under more intense loads, it wouldn’t be surprising to see both maintain their lead over Microsoft’s tablet. Perhaps it really is Windows 8.1, or far more probably that QHD screen ?§C regardless, there’s room for improvement here.

Bundled software

In addition towards the standard Microsoft apps and free trials, the firm includes OneNote with every Surface Pro three moreover to Flipboard and Fresh Paint among a few light casual games. In short, Microsoft keeps it extremely light around the bloatware, chargeur asus exa1208eh/exa1208eh/ac adapter asus exa1208eh/chargeur exa1208eh/ac adapter exa1208eh since it should really getting a first-party vendor.

OneNote’s inclusion makes to get a particularly attractive package due to the fact Microsoft opted to produce the note-taking app’s previously paid-for features free for all. It signifies that you can now password protect sections of notebooks, track changes to notes using page history and better manage files by searching for words in video or audio recordings.

The Windows Store has come a long way considering the fact that its launch, but still trails behind Apple and Google’s app marketplaces in terms of volume and quality. Windows 8 devices are still generally the last to receive major apps and app updates. This can be a far more serious issue if the Professional three weren’t packing Windows 8.1 Professional, but it is nonetheless a problem.

Surface Professional three game controller

OK, we’ll come clean, we haven’t tested Microsoft’s game controller in our Surface Professional three critique – mainly because it does not exist. But it’s interesting to note a Microsoft patent that shows that the company may well have been thinking about releasing achargeur asus x205ta/chargeur asus eeebook x205ta/asus x205ta chargeur/asus eeebook x205ta chargeur funky handheld gaming accessory in the style of Nvidia’s Edge for your Surface Pro 3 at 1 point, which would’ve taken the device in a very distinct direction.

Appearing to be cut down the middle, the controller would allow you to place each half for the left and right to use the tablet like an Xbox-style controller. Could some thing similar make an appearance inside the future? Stranger things have happened – and chargeur bose soundlink mini/chargeur bose mini soundlink/chargeur enceinte bose soundlink mini we’ve seen a few of them.

Surface Professional 3 updates Advertisement

Microsoft has released a steady flow of updates for the Surface Professional three considering that its release to improve stability and performance. Essentially the most recent was released in late January, bringing a slew of bug fixes and stability tweaks, additionally to a new graphics driver that promised to boost 4K video playback and playing videos using Google Chrome.

Numbered Version, it was the first driver to support Intel’s fifth-generation Broadwell processors – including the Intel HD Graphics 5500, HD Graphics 6000 and Iris Graphics 6100 cores. According to Intel, it also brought hardware acceleration of the VP9 video format that’s used in Chrome video playback and Google Hangouts.

Inconsistent Wi-Fi, one of the most niggling issue reported by Surface Professional 3 owners for some time, was fixed in an patch in November called the Wireless Networkchargeur asus r510c/asus r510c chargeur/chargeur asus r510cc/chargeur pc asus r510c/alimentation asus r510c Controller and Bluetooth driver update. It focused on improving performance when waking from sleep and connecting to a 802.11ac Wi-Fi network. That update also brought improvements all-around behaviour of the device when waking up from sleep mode using the Property Button or the Surface Pen.

Third time’s the charm?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro three represents an improvement on all fronts. If Microsoft’s “rule of three” holds, then this might be the Surface that gets it right. Let’s face it: the unique Surface wasn’t substantially of a tablet. The Surface Pro 3 definitely is.

But for all on the Surface Pro 3’s charms, you may be better served by exploring other options in the Windows 8.1 space, whether it be a hybrid or a traditional notebook. These competing devices could not have the Surface Pro 3’s gorgeous show, but chargeur surface 2/chargeur microsoft surface 2/chargeur tablette surface 2/alimentation surface 2/chargeur tablette microsoft surface 2 they’ll probably cost a few hundred dollars much less, sport longer battery lives, and maybe even face the challenges in the airplane tray table with greater aplomb.

That’s not to downplay what Microsoft has accomplished using the Surface Pro 3, nonetheless. With its latest tablet, Microsoft continues to hone in on what chargeur surface pro 2/alimentation surface pro 2/surface pro 2 chargeur/chargeur surface pro 2 boulanger buyers increasingly want: a spacious sheet of thin glass for operate and play.

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