Lenovo Yoga C930 review

The Yoga C930 derives its name from Lenovo’s new naming convention. The “Yoga” loved ones name initially signified the ability to rotate the laptop’s screen 360 degrees to transform it into a tablet, when a novel function. Now that bose soundlink mini 2 akku convertible laptop styles are commonplace, Lenovo bestows the Yoga moniker on its entire line of premium customer laptops, even if the item occurs to be a standard laptop with out a rotating hinge.

Those additions currently make the C930 a extra intriguing device than its predecessor. Add lengthy battery life in addition to a sleek design, and Asus C41N1416 Akku the C930 is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial 2-in-1 laptops about.


Yet another Yoga, yet another specific hinge. This year, it’s substance over style. Gone could be the swanky metal watchband, and in its location is often a sensible “soundbar” speaker. The Yoga C930 might not be as gorgeous as its mechanical forebear, but lenovo b590 akku/akku lenovo b590 what it loses in beauty it recoups in functionality.

The overall look of the Lenovo Yoga C930 treads familiar territory for Lenovo, in that it keeps a slim metallic shell just like the Yoga 920 prior to it. Not just does it bear a slim profile, but 800050 001/hp 800050 001 it really is also light adequate to carry around within a bag with out straining your shoulders. For the contemporary, roaming skilled, its portability alone tends to make the Yoga C930 a worthy contender for the status of every day driver.

Branding on the deck incorporates a faint Dolby Atmos logo and a Lenovo emblem, which sit on a secondary mini hinge several centimeters for the left of the soundbar. An ovular energy button is on the right side from the device, and Asus S300CA Akku a fingerprint sensor blends into the deck just under the proper keyboard arrow.


Our overview unit was equipped using a 13.9-inch touchscreen display having a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and a resulting pixel density of 158 dpi. Alternatively, the Yoga C930 can also be out there having a 4K touchscreen for an further $200 in the time of writing. Lenovo confirmed that each panels are Dolby Vision compatible despite the truth that the Asus C32PnC5 Akku FHD panel will not be detected as an HDR show (in contrast to the HDR panels in Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1).

Our overview unit’s typical display brightness was measured at 291 nits, as well as the show was the brightest within our test group. Having said that, given that Lenovo advertises the display at 300 nits it turned out to be somewhat disappointing despite the fact that it did in fact attain much more than 300 nits inside the center. The contrast ratio of just 879:1 was courtesy in the higher black level (0.36). The aa plxn4ar akku/aa plxn4ar HP Spectre x360 boasted a much larger contrast ratio due to its drastically reduce black level. Thinking of the C930’s high price the typical brightness distribution of just 83 % was disappointing. Thankfully, we failed to notice any shadowing.

I saw a ton of detail inside a wide shot of London inside the trailer for the upcoming film The Kid Who Would be King, however the maroon, Gryffindor-like college uniforms the youngsters wore didn’t pop. When the fighting gets going, the array of colors bursting across the battlefield looked good, however the lenovo 45n1101 picture could have been much more vivid. When I opened up a Google Chrome net web page, the display’s white balance leaned yellow, plus the colors in Chrome’s logo looked muted.

The top and base sections are offset, a design and style feature accentuated by an angle at the long front edge. This also makes it less difficult to open the laptop one-handed. In the back, the LG a515 k.ae3ge1 Netzteil distinctive ‘watchband’ hinge from earlier Yoga models is replaced by a Rotating Sound Bar that creates a visual break in between the two sections, though also enabling for the 360-degree rotation.

As its name suggests, the new mechanism not merely hinges the major and bottom sections, but it also holds the speakers. This means sound pumps out towards you when you are functioning in laptop mode, and LG a515 k.ae3ge1 Netzteil upwards when in tent mode. It really is a neat option to receiving sound travelling in the ideal direction based on the usage mode.


The Lenovo Yoga C930 wields an 8th-generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor with 4 cores and 8 threads. Clocking in at 1.8GHz, the CPU can accelerate each of the way as much as 4GHz as soon as Turbo Increase kicks in.

The Yoga C930 did a superb job on our real-world functionality test, rapidly loading 15 Google Chrome tabs without a hint of lag. The 2-in-1 had no difficulties operating a full-HD stream of Fortnite on Twitch and LG a515 k.ae5be1 Netzteil a YouTube video from the funniest late-night talk show moments. From there, I fired up two more 1080p videos, but even these didn’t phase the Yoga.

Furthermore, this laptop accommodates 12GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage space. Even right after launching about 30 Chrome tabs, such as a single streaming WAKE ME UP INSIDE – Goofy Edition in 720p at max volume, I am happy to report that LG a515 k.ae3be1 Netzteil the slowdown was minimal and my girlfriend did not dump me.

While not up to the lofty standard set by Lenovo ThinkPads, the keyboard on the Yoga C930 is decent to get a laptop this thin.That is regardless of the keys being reasonably shallow, at 1.3 millimeters (we favor at the very least 1.5 mm of essential travel). A higher actuation force of 75 grams gives the keys a particular weightiness, but lenovo e535 Netzteil they can really feel stiff through lengthy typing sessions. A quiet bump provides good response when a essential is registered, despite the fact that I’d have preferred a far more clicky, audible feedback.

In place from the chassis-wide watchband hinge is actually a sizable hinge that contains the Yoga’s speaker. It really is not as clever because the watchband, but it does provide some actual utility. As an alternative of relying on speakers that happen to be muffled from firing down into the table when the laptop is positioned a specific way, the new speaker design (which functions Dolby Atmos audio) guarantees audio is loud and clear regardless of how you position it. In common laptop mode the speaker performs as a soundbar that fires up in the base of your machine; in tent mode, audio shoots out in the apex with the inverted V to fill the area.

Naturally, the C930 has been upgraded together with the newest innards, which lenovo e535 akku on our test unit integrated a 1.8GHz Core i7 (8th generation), 12GB of RAM (not a typo), in addition to a 256GB SSD. The 13.9-inch screen is modestly but noticeably larger in genuine estate (and chassis width) than the lenovo t61 akku typical 13.3-inch ultralight, and it might now be configured with a full 4K show, together with Dolby Vision signal processing. Our test unit only supplied the stripped down 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, nevertheless, so I couldn’t encounter the complete force of all these pixels on a pint-sized technique.

orts are minimal but barely acceptable: Two USB-C ports (one particular is applied for the charger) and also a standard USB 3.0 port are incorporated. There’s no media card slot and celsius h720 akku notably, no HDMI output-which means these with external monitors will ought to rely on the second USB-C port for video output.

The C930’s soundbar hinge is no gimmick — this point sounds excellent. The dual-firing speakers simply fill a medium-size area with wealthy, luscious audio. There wasn’t the slightest hint of distortion coming from the hinge, even at max volume when I listened to Death Cab For Cutie’s “Hurricane.” Ben Gibbard’s soothing vocals were crystal clear, and asus r753ux t4262t akku because the speakers pointed toward me, it sounded as if the popular indie artist were serenading me.

Intel’s Core i5-8250U is a very effective quad-core CPU running at a base clock speed of 1.six GHz along with a turbo increase of as much as three.four GHz. It performed admirably during our tests, and was capable of using its Dell 1555 Netzteil turbo increase prospective quite nicely. Though it fell short of achieving the Yoga 920’s single-core overall performance (no wonder thinking of the 920’s Core i7-8550U CPU) it delivered a really strong multi-core functionality and outperformed all other devices by up to 6%.

Surface temperatures have been unobtrusive as well, and we identified a single hot spot of just 41.eight ℃ in the bottom with the base. It was also the only spot that Dell 1537 Netzteil exceeded the 40 ℃ threshold, which implies using the device on your lap should not come to be uncomfortable.

We already determined that the functionality decreases after a when for the duration of our Cinebench R15 benchmarks, and akku hp omen 17 w031ng running our strain test presented an explanation for this behavior. Shortly following beginning Prime95 temperatures reached a vital level, which resulted in a reduced core frequency. The CPU did reach its theoretical maximum of three.four GHz for a brief time period but ultimately settled at its base clock speed of 1.6 GHz, resulting inside a temperature of 71 ℃ and 17 w031ng akku/hp omen 17 akku a power consumption of just 11 W. In other words: sustained load is too much for the C930’s cooling remedy despite its two fans.

When it comes to sound Lenovo has decided to reinvent the wheel. For the very first time ever a speaker has been mounted inside the 360-degree hinge, resulting inside a speaker facing the Acer Iconia W4 821 Akku user directly for optimal sound overall performance all the time. Additionally to moving the speaker assembly into the hinge, Lenovo has also added two added speakers, meaning that the C930 options a total of 4 hinge-mounted speakers. Provided their central place, a single would virtually be tempted to refer to this assembly as a miniature sound bar. Because of assistance for Dolby Atmos, the toshiba satellite l855 150 akku speakers even managed to generate a surprisingly decent three-dimensional soundscape.

The Lenovo Yoga C930 is often a laptop that pretty much manages to tick just about every box: hard but reasonably lightweight; excellent sound output and a excellent screen; a well-designed keyboard; a privacy cover for the camera; and acku bose soundlink 404600 a lot of storage and power even within the entry level unit. On top rated of all that, there is a great storage option for the provided stylus, and — a minimum of with all the FHD model — all-day battery life.

On the downside, the screen does not pretty reside as much as Lenovo’s claims for it, and there is a shortage of ports and Dell 1555 Netzteil connectors. All round though, this can be a superior laptop that’s just shy of becoming an incredible 1.

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