Lenovo Yoga 500 Review


The make quality from the 14-inch device leaves a solid and sophisticated impression. All plastic surfaces possess a soft-touch finish, which is not incredibly susceptible to fingerprints. The situation is distinctive for the aluminum surface at the top rated of your base unit, exactly where it is possible to hardly avoid fingerprints. The soft-touch surfaces give good grip and generate a hassle-free tactile feeling. The matte black show cover only will get a chrome-colored emblem. 800049-001 HP Battery You could somewhat twist the lid at the top with some force and it can be only sturdy in the direction of the side. The center of the plastic lid however can be slightly pushed in. The base unit is sturdy and may only be twisted with two hands, while pressure is no issue. You may dent the top plus the bottom of your base a bit inside the center, but it needs some force.

The matte black soft-touch finish is also employed for that bottom of the base unit. Black brushed aluminum will be the main materials for your best in the base and Sony KDL-50W829B KDL50W829B Charger surrounds the touchpad also because the keyboard. There is also a surrounding rubber lip, but you don’t get a upkeep hatch. This indicates you’ve got to take away the entire bottom cover to access the elements. A further downside for your maintainability could be the non-removable battery. It is actually hence not attainable to utilize the notebook with no a battery.

There are no big modifications in respect from the hinges. They leave a high-quality impression and retain the display effectively in position at unique angles. On the other hand, Lg M2380DN M2380DN-PZ Charger they can not protect against a bouncing once you make use of the touchscreen. It truly is not possible to open the lid with just 1 hand; it can even be tricky with two hands considering that there’s no indentation.

There will be a tiny gap (finger width) among the base plus the display if you fold the display back entirely to make use of the tablet mode. It is actually a outcome with the rounded edges in the bottom and also the lid. The slightly larger rubber lip is supposed to Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Charger safeguard the aluminum surfaces on the base unit against scratches in the unique working modes. On the other hand, it really is only one mm higher, so you must anticipate scratches once the surface is not absolutely flat. Similar to the predecessor, the test model supports the modes laptop, tent, stand at the same time as tablet. We mainly employed the laptop mode. The tent mode is useful after you observe movies. The stand mode suffers from bouncing after you make touchscreen inputs. The tablet mode performs perfectly. The input units are immediately deactivated when you switch into tablet mode. 1 issue may very well be the higher weight of 2 kg, and not every person will like applying such a significant tablet.


Take a shut look in the 14in display, even though, and you will see how Lenovo has managed to maintain the price down. With a resolution of only 1,366 x 768, it isn’t the sharpest show on the market, and text is rather fuzzy round the edges. Admittedly, the Asus Transformer Book Flip TP200SA also includes a 1,366 x 768 resolution, but that is crammed right into a considerably Sony KDL-48W705C Charger smaller sized eleven.6in screen, providing it a greater pixel density than the Yoga 500.he high-quality in the display is fairly sub-par, too. Our X-Rite colorimeter showed it was displaying only 57.2% of your sRGB colour gamut, leaving colours seeking washed out. It really is also hampered by bad viewing angles in addition to a reduced peak brightness of 212cd/m2, generating it hard to use outside or in brightly lit rooms.

Keyboard and touchpad

The full-sized keyboard was far more promising. It felt responsive over extended typing sessions, and each important gave a decent quantity of tactile feedback.Sadly, the same can’t be mentioned for your touchpad. Not merely is it extremely unresponsive, but I generally discovered Sony VAIO SVF15N1C5E SVF15N1A1J Charger myself wrestling with it in an effort to get it to perform what I wanted. I really favored utilizing the touchscreen over the touchpad, considering the fact that this a minimum of registered my finger taps. That is definitely a laptop that may advantage from the utilization of a mouse when it is not being employed in tablet mode.


Lenovo went with a uncomplicated, sober design and style for this laptop. The vast vast majority on the situation is black, with only a number of silver accents on the hinges and two shiny Lenovo logos, one particular around the lid as well as the other below the display. That’s for your edition we have right here, as there is also a red and silver model accessible, in case you need a touch bucket of colour in your machine.

Aesthetics aside, the laptop is effectively built and feels solid in hand. A matte soft plastic is employed for the complete outer situation. It really is not the rubbery kind used around the Thinkpads and a few other lines, hence the finishing doesn’t feel as nice, as premium, but in the lenovo ideapad 320 charger exact same time there is no extra coating that may put on off in time, so I believe this selection is actually a secure bet and guarantees the laptop would age nicely. The sides on the other hand are made from a somewhat grippier type of plastic, which assists when grabbing the laptop and also has a safety function.

You almost certainly know by now that this is a convertible laptop, having a 360 degrees foldable screen. That suggests you’ll be able to use it as being a frequent notebook, resting on its rubber feet placed around the belly, but in addition as being a tablet or in Stand and Presentation bose soundlink mini battery modes. And here is exactly where the rubbery sides come into play, at they act as support points in the Stand mode, but additionally safeguard the laptop’s interior in Tablet and Presentation modes, as they may be somewhat raised more than the palm-rest and act as feet for the whole gadget.

That’s both good and undesirable. Very good since the interior is made of brushed metal, which would otherwise scratch very easily. Terrible because the raised edges are somewhat sharp and my wrists didn’t like them when obtaining the personal computer on a desk. That is a complain I’ve with all the Yoga 500 versions and hopefully Lenovo will smoothen them out on dell xps 15 charger their potential updates, result in I just like the concept of having protective raised edges, however the implementation isn’t what it must be.Anyway, that aside, the laptop is comfy to utilize in many circumstances. Tablet mode may well not be best, due to the fact this device weighs around 4.3 lbs, so it is not simple to hold within your hands for lengthy, but studying paperwork and searching in Portrait mode, with the pc leaned on my legs, was actually an pleasurable knowledge.

The hinges are properly constructed, and that is a crucial factor on the hybrid. You will have to have both hands to lift up the screen and switch involving modes, but they operate relatively surface guide two charger smoothly and present the support the screen needs. There’s nonetheless some wobbling when poking and swiping the show in laptop mode, so they could happen to be stiffer, however the practical experience is not terrible general.

On to some practical aspects, the palm-rest is broad and presents superior support when typing. It really is filled up with annoying strikers although, and also you will most likely would like to peel them off. The ports are lined around the sides, where you’ll locate 3x USB ports, HDMI video output, a Lan connector and an SD card-reader. A volume rocker along with the Energy button asus x553m charger are positioned around the sides as well, but they are stiff enough so you will not accidentally press them after you grab the laptop, like with some previous Lenovo models. And also you may also deactivate the Power Button in the settings, so it doesn’t do something if pressed when the computer system is on.


Our Lenovo convertible is equipped with an Intel Core i5-6200U dual-core processor, 4 GB DDR3L memory also as a committed graphics card from Nvidia (GeForce 920m). Other CPUs are certainly not accessible. Lenovo’s web site only lists two versions from the series: Our check model along with a model using the integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics 520) in the lenovo ideapad 100s charger Skylake processor. The price difference in between the two is around 100 Euros.In real-world use, the Yoga 500 proved rather sluggish. It took a honest while to boot up, with applications also taking some time to load. It is unquestionably among the slowest Lenovo 2-in-1s I have tested not too long ago, although you could say that’s to be anticipated given the cost. surface professional four charger Not surprisingly, it is not cut out for light gaming, both: even Minecraft noticed some quite drastic frame rate drops under 20fps on quite a few occasions.

Battery daily life

Battery existence is by far the Yoga 500’s worst attribute, even so. Lasting a measly 2hrs 49mins in our steady video playback test together with the screen set dell xps 13 charger to our predefined degree of 170cd/m2, you’ll be hard-pressed to squeeze out sufficient juice for any morning’s operate, let alone a complete day, so taking the charger with you is an absolute ought to.


The Lenovo Yoga 500-14ISK is a strong 14-inch convertible for various usage situations. For those who are currently searching for any convertible, you possibly understand how you’ll use it. Comfy surfing in tablet or stand mode on the couch at the same time as the video playback in tent mode are only a couple of usage scenarios. The 14-inch gadget can be a bit lighter than comparable 15-inch products, however it nevertheless recommendations the scale at 1.8 kg. Whether this is as well heavy is really a chargeur acer swift 3 subjective impression. But you should not concentrate an excessive amount of around the weight when you never mostly use it in tablet mode. Lenovo does a lot of items suitable. The components depart a sophisticated impression as well as the two 360-degree hinges operate very properly. There isn’t any criticism for that keyboard, ClickPad or touchscreen, either. Another positive element is definitely the use of an FHD IPS panel. It delivers broad viewing angles, superior contrast plus a excellent black worth. The only dilemma is the outside efficiency, mainly because sunlight is a difficulty resulting from the lower brightness in combination using the very glossy screen.

There may also be some factors of criticism. We would have liked to see an SSD, which would increase the productivity. Lenovo unfortunately only delivers a standard challenging drive. There is enough storage space having a capability of 1 TB. A different issuechargeur surface professional 2 will be the battery. When you care in regards to the runtimes, you must have a closer appear, mainly because less than 3 hrs in our Wi-Fi test is disappointing. The price with the Lenovo Yoga 500-14ISK with all the Nvidia GeForce 920M is 769 Euros (~$848). That is comparable to the rivals. The gaming functionality is just not really very good. Gaming fans will likely be far better off with a GTX chip. Essentially the most strong GPU for any convertible is at the moment the Nvidia GeForce 940M.


You cannot expect a top-notch laptop for your price Lenovo asks for that Yoga 500, specifically at the entry degree. There’s a good amount of storage, the keyboard is comfortable to work with, as well as the capability to rotate the display through 360 degrees may possibly appeal. Nonetheless, the chargeur lenovo x1 carbon show resolution isn’t great, make excellent is typical, and some might find that the battery daily life comes up short.

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