Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 Review

It’s not that Lenovo delivers additional ThinkPads than you could shake a stick at?ait’s just that it might take an incredibly long time to shake that stick at them all. The ThinkPad E14 Gen two (starts at USD896; USD1,039 as examined) is really a dell inspiron 15 5100 charger company laptop aimed at small offices,priced below the enterprise ThinkPad T and premium ThinkPad X series (put simply,overlapping the ThinkBook series). It is a 14-inch slimline with several on the ThinkPad virtues,like a first-class keyboard and MIL-STD 810H sturdiness. But it really is around the heavy side for any 14-inch laptop; it’s only one USB-C and one particular USB-A port (not counting an outdated USB 2.0 port); along with the energy adapter steals the USB-C port. Lenovo laptops regularly earn 4 or four and also a half stars in our assessment ratings,but this one falls a little short.

Design and display

Aesthetically speaking,the E14 is quite a lot the quintessential ThinkPad,ideal down to the trackpoint nub,trio of trackpad buttons,black chassis,and red accents. Its hefty plastic situation has no discernible flex,and it meets an array of ruggedness specifications beneath the MIL-STD 810H standard.The non-touch display folds right down to a 180-degree angle. Whilst its 300-nit brightness hp elitebook 840 g5 charger degree is around the dim side for a higher-end laptop,the matte finish does assistance counteract glare if you are computing outdoors. At greatest brightness,the display was perfectly legible even using the sun at my back.

Trackpad and keyboard

Because this can be a ThinkPad,you are able to expect chunky keys with loads of tactile feedback. And my suspicion with all the ThinkPad E14 is the fact that the laptop’s thickness makes it possible for the backlit keyboard to be even chunkier.They are compliments. Whilst some people may choose a extra light-weight really feel,I love the travel on ThinkPad keyboards,along with the E14 affords more of it than another models. LG 34UM88C-P Charger The aforementioned X1 Nano,for instance,has much less depth,and its keys fall down with a clack,versus extra of the soft tactile bump around the E14.If only the trackpad could retain up. For any 14-inch laptop,the E14 trackpad is on the modest side,specially with its dedicated mouse button row on top. The larger difficulty has to accomplish with friction. The E14 trackpad just is not as smooth as the models on most other laptops within the USD1,000-and-up price range,so your finger may well get stuck as it’s sliding throughout the screen.

Speedy (and Costly) Hardware

In terms of real power,the E14 is dependable,if not cutting-edge. Our Gen two assessment unit came together with the most up-to-date 11th-gen Core i5 processor running at 2.4GHz,16GB of RAM,and also a 256GB SSD. Lenovo’s real prices are challenging to nail down,HP EliteBook 840 G3 Serie 65W Charger because of hiked-up MSRPs and near-constant,over-dramatic discounts around the on the net retailer. But for today’s ???sale??à value,this configuration is approximately USD1000. The base model tends to make do using a Core i3 processor,a phase down from Intel Xe to UHD graphics,just 4GB of RAM,and oddly,doubled 1TB SSD storage. Additionally, it cuts out the fingerprint reader,to get a base ???sale??à price of USD620.I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of energy on show with Intel’s most recent CPU and integrated GPU. Hooking the E14 as much as a triple-display dock,Microsoft Surface 3 Charger it was able to manage my relatively ridiculous triple-monitor desk setup,albeit chugging a bit when I attempted to use the laptop’s screen as well. But for my normal web,chat,and Photoshop-heavy workflow,it dealt with itself like a champ,using the occasional graphical hiccup from my (admittedly unreasonable) pixel load. It had to activate the cooling fan regularly,nevertheless it wasn’t any worse than,say,a Surface Pro.

I was also shocked to see just how much graphical power the Xe integrated GPU had. I was chargeur lenovo legion y520 in a position to play by way of various Overwatch video games at 1080p at 60 frames per second. Not right away?aI needed to bump the settings down a bit?abut it is easily the top efficiency I have observed out of integrated graphics thus far. Not surprisingly,it dealt with 4K streaming video with no dilemma,even even though doing some pretty extreme perform on other screens.

Ports and Expansion

The E14’s port choice appears developed to help keep you from needing a dongle,which can be useful,since it is not specifically essentially the most transportable 14-inch laptop around. Around the left side,you get USB-C (doubling as energy input),USB-A,HDMI,and the normal mixed chargeur lenovo ideapad 320 headphone/microphone jack. Around the suitable is often a 2nd USB-A port and?aa rare locate?aa fold-down RJ45 Ethernet port,plus a slot for a Kensington lock.I can not complain about the flexibility with the ports on give; it’s definitely extra than you’ll discover on most 14-inch laptops. But provided the dimension of this machine,I could have hoped for any 2nd USB-C port around the appropriate side,the greater to recharge within a batterie hp 807957 001 tight,limited travel area,and there is absolutely area for a MicroSD ( or perhaps complete sized SD) card reader.But elegance is only skin deep,appropriate? (The E14 had much better hope so.) Loosen 7 Philips screws from the bottom panel and you will obtain surprisingly simple access to its removable elements: a single typical SO-DIMM RAM slot covered by a metal protector,one 40mm M.2 storage slot (filled using the 256GB drive in our overview unit),and one particular empty 80mm M.2 slot,prepared to be filled with inexpensive storage. Non-soldered RAM and an open storage drive mean the E14 has much more expansion selections than most laptops in this dimension variety. If you’re prepared to get the cheapest model and upgrade it on adp 90yd b/chargeur asus adp 90yd b your individual,there is quite a bit to be saved versus other laptops,in particular if you want tons and plenty of storage.


Our test unit in the Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen two does not have the facial recognition login,but luckily,it comes using a fingerprint sensor that we’re able to test. It’s a good add-on that we’re confident lots of enterprise users will value since it just hastens the login method,to not mention adds a further amount of security. Sadly,it is not as trusted as,say,the one on our 2019 MacBook Pro Netzteil A1344 Apple 13-inch ?§C it generally requires a few tries prior to it really is able to study our fingerprint properly adequate to log us in.When you do not care substantially regarding the frills and the design and style aspects,having said that,and only care concerning the performance,you are going to be happy to understand that it is among this laptop’s best strengths. Regardless of our unit only getting the mid-range i5 chip,it has not shown any signs of enormous slowdowns for the duration of demanding tasks like possessing 25 diverse browser tabs ?§C three of that are enjoying videos from 3 diverse streaming platforms,Microsoft Outlook,and two word processing apps running at the very same time. Its overall performance stays snappy all through,and when we would definitely not be employing this to edit 5-minute 4K videos because it only has integrated graphics within,it definitely exceeds expectations when performing what it is been designed to perform. Akku Samsung AA-PB9NC6B The Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen two is also a single interesting child. That is certainly,it stays mostly neat below stress. Lenovo hasn’t actually pointed out what type of cooling system it is making use of,but what ever it truly is,it really is darn successful when you are juggling productivity duties and entertainment in the very same time.


A 720p HD webcam on the laptop is never gonna deliver as crisp and as comprehensive of an image as a devoted 1080p or 4K one particular,and that was anything we anticipated in the Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2’s personal HD webcam. Nonetheless,you can find several other misses right here,in particular when evaluating it to that of our personal 2020 MacBook Professional 13-inch,which has the same resolution webcam. The camera on the ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 not merely loses much more facts but additionally loses out around the dynamic range,capturing darker pictures than that with the MacBook’s when both are made use of inside the similar lighting scenario. Dark shadows are in abundance,which really does not make for a flattering picture when you’re video conferencing with colleagues. So,it might be sensible to also invest within a suitable ring light. But,that is not all: the image is also getting overprocessed so thatAkku Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS both nevertheless photos and videos possess a incredibly obvious smoothing impact. If that is the sort of editing you’re into lately,then you definitely could possibly appreciate it. If,on the other hand,you may have additional sense than that and want extra natural-looking photos,you need to maybe invest in a devoted webcam with a larger resolution. At least there is a privacy shutter should you obtain your self a bit camera shy or just not camera-ready but,and there is a operate video conference you will need to attend.

Battery Rundown Test

After completely recharging the laptop,we set up the machine in power-save mode (as opposed to balanced or high-performance mode) where obtainable and make several other battery-conserving tweaks in planning for our unplugged video rundown test. Akku Toshiba PA5109U-1BRS (We also flip Wi-Fi off,putting the laptop into airplane mode.) In this test,we loop a video?aa locally stored 720p file on the Blender Basis short movie Tears of SteelTears of Steel?awith screen brightness set at 50% and volume at 100% till the program quits.

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