Dell Latitude E7470 Review

Be certain to check our evaluations of extra current models of the Dell Latitude series,such as the Dell Latitude 7400 .

The Dell Latitude 14 E7470 is proof that organization notebooks never need to be boring.This 14-inch productivity laptop ($1,079 beginning,$1,339 as reviewed)is amongst the sleekest of its sort, with a slim and lightweight,3.4-pound chassis that makes the device a superb companion around the road.It really is also completely capable of handling your workloadasus f551m akku 33wh,with a zippy Intel Core i5 processor, a snappy keyboard and also a 9-hour battery built for any complete day of crunching away.Regardless of some hard-to-reach ports,the Latitude 14 E740 will be the uncommon organization notebook that offers equal components style and speed.The Dell Latitude E7470 design

Who stated business can not be sexy?The all-black Dell Latitude E7470 is strikingly sleek,sporting a slim,soft-touch,magnesium-alloy chassis that makes this Pc a joy to hold. asus f750l akkuThe notebook’s supersoft lid is just as pleasant towards the touch,although it is actually relatively susceptible to fingerprints.

The Dell Latitude E7470 ports and webcam

Unlike most notebooks,the Latitude 14 E7470 has the majority of its ports in the back.That indicates you will need to do some further reaching about to access the PC’s power input,sony acdp 100d01two USB 3.0 ports,HDMI port,mini DisplayPort and Ethernet jack.The only ports you’ll obtain on the edges are a headphone/mic jack,an SD card slot,a SIM port along with a single USB three.0 input.medion akoya e6240t akkuIt’s worth noting that the notebook does not possess a USB Type-C port for newer,fast-charging accessories;this could possibly be a concern for those hunting for a additional future-proof machine.

The Dell Latitude E7470 display

Although you may opt for an even sharper,quad-HD panel,the Latitude 14’s common 1080p display is crisp and clear sufficient for work,lenovo akku 55 94Whand colorful and vibrant adequate for once you need to kick back having a movie.The notebook’s screen preserved every single essential detail on the Captain America: Civil War trailer,from Steve Rogers’ wrinkling forehead to the Avengers’ colorful superhero suits. If you’d like an even higher-res screen,it is possible to configure the Latitude having a 2560 x 1440 touch screen for an additional $315.

The panel on this Dell notched an impressive 338 nits of brightness on our light meter, outshining the ThinkPad T460s (240 nits),the 1080p version with the EliteBook (288),and our 249 thin-and-light typical.

The Latitude’s richness and colour accuracy have been backed up by our lab tests,in which the notebook reproduced 118 percent in the sRGB colour gamut and demonstrated a color-accuracy reading of 0.45 (closer to 0 is far better).lenovo tab 4 10 charger originalThe ThinkPad was significantly less colorful but similarly correct (66 percent, 0.5),even though the EliteBook supplied a comparable gamut but with less accuracy (107 %, 9.five).

The Dell Latitude E7470 audio

Dell’s company notebook offers decent volume for when you’re playing messages or video chatting,but do not count on stellar music good quality.Tracks like Fall Out Boy’s “Irresistible” and Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” sounded impressively crisp around the vocal front,but every single song’s normally thumping bass was practically nonexistent.

You can customize the Latitude’s sound output by way of the Dell Audio app.The application features presets for music,films,gaming and voice,and you can customize person parameters which include treble and bass or dive into an EQ if you want to fine-tune each final detail.

The Dell Latitude E7470 functionality and graphics

Packing an Intel Core i5-6200U processor with 8GB of RAM,the Latitude is extra than prepared to manage your workload,even though It is not as speedy as its closest competitors.asus vc239h power supplyOn the plus side,I under no circumstances experienced a significant slowdown,even as I crunched away in Google Docs,jumped among 12 Chrome tabs,watched 4 separate Twitch streams and ran a complete method scan all at when.

Dell’s notebook scored 6,059 on the Geekbench three general performance test,slightly trailing the Core i5-6300U-powered ThinkPad T460s (six,796),the Core m7-6Y75-powered EliteBook Folio (6,706) and our 6,403 category typical for thin-and-light notebooks.

The Latitude matched 20,000 names to addresses in 4 minutes and 30 seconds on our spreadsheet test,just barely behind the EliteBook (four:21) and ThinkPad (four:ten) but more quickly than the 6-minute category typical.

Our Latitude’s 128GB M.two SATA SSD copied four.97GB worth of mixed media at a relatively swift 132.32 megabytes per second.lenovo adlx65clgk2aThat’s not very as quick because the ThinkPad (152.3 MBps) or EliteBook (162.two MBps),both of which pack 256GB SATA SSDs.

Packing Intel HD 520 graphics,the Latitude is improved suited to standard video playback than it really is to gaming or graphic design.The notebook scored 59,801 on the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited graphics benchmark,which is a little behind the EliteBook (65,639) and ThinkPad (68,448) but larger than the category typical.

The Dell Latitude E7470 battery life and heat

If you work long days around the go,the Latitude’s impressive battery life ought to satisfy.Dell’s notebook lasted 9 hours and 16 minutes on our battery test (continuous internet surfing over Wi-Fi), trumping the ThinkPad T460s (7:21),the EliteBook Folio G1 (7:02) plus the eight:02 category typical. We tested the Latitude with a four-cell,55W battery,which expenses an additional $34.30;the notebook packs a three-cell,37W battery by surface 3 power supply Luckily,opting for the much better battery does not add any noticeable bulk.

The Latitude managed to stay just cool enough for comfort in our testing.Just after streaming 15 minutes of HD video,thenotebook’s touchpad,keyboard and underside reached 79, 85 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit,respectively,all of that are below our 95-degree comfort threshold.


The port number of the E7470 is fairly fantastic,specially given that the 14-inch model has ports in the back,that is pretty uncommon to get a contemporary device. Neither an HP Folio 1040 nor a?ThinkPad T450s?presents this.DisplayPort next to HDMI;only VGA d-Sub is missing,but you nonetheless get this old port around the optional docking pro 6 chargerThe latter could be attached for the docking port at the bottom from the E7470.

The docking stations from the E series get started at 120 Euros ($136),like the Dell Euro Sophisticated E-Port-Replicator 130W with USB 3.0. In addition to various video ports (VGA, 2x DisplayPort 1.2, 2x DVI-D)you can find even some older ports:Serial,parallel,2x PS/2. This suggests you can also attach older measurement and input devices in organization environments.

Dell’s Wireless Dock is however no option,due to the fact it needs a 5th generation vPro processor and Intel’s Tri-Band Wireless-AC 17265.Our review unit however only uses a Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8260.If you’d like to make use of the Wireless Dock,possible purchasers really should watch out for corresponding hardware equipment;Dell Germany gives the AC 18260 3×3 Wireless as an optional Wi-Fi module.Triple-Band enables transfer rates of up to 1.3 Gbps;a 30% boost more than the standard 2×2 Wi-Fi technologies.

We verify the overall performance in the card reader with our reference SD-card Toshiba Exceria Pro SDXC 64 GB UHS-II.The maximum transfer rate is as much as 206 MB/s when we copy big files,though the usual jpg. files (about five MB every) are copied at 183 MB/s. Those outcomes are extremely fast and hardly any laptop reaches it!


If you type a good deal on your notebook keyboard,you will want a good quality input device. The keys having a conical curvature have a firm,pretty much challenging stroke.The whole keyboard region will not bounce and can’t be pushed in,either.The keys are not rubberized,but not slippery.The travel is quite restricted but nevertheless comparable to good qualified inputs. In return,we are able to appreciate a great pressure point,that is right away noticeable once you hit a important.

The arrow keys are smaller sized than usual and are slightly shifted towards the bottom,so you could easily uncover them.Poor lighting conditions are no dilemma,either, thanks to the two-stage illumination.Dell allocated the Fn keys with functionalities for volume, brightness,mic off,Wi-Fi off and so on.xps13 chargerin favor on the function keys F1-F12.The microphone off/on is exciting,which can be comparable towards the speaker on/off.A numeric keypad is just not accessible,that is equivalent to all the other 14-inch models.You may only use one around the appropriate area with the keys via Fn mixture.

Touchpad and TrackPoint

Laptops in the Latitude 7000-series are equipped with touchpad and TrackPoint, but the latter is paired with all the illuminating keyboard (dual pointing).The touchpad is when once more 10.0 x five.4 centimeters (very same as predecessor?E7450). It supports a lot of gestures with two,three or 4 fingers.Fingers glide very easily and without the need of stutters across the smooth surface,which can be automatically deactivated whenever you use the keyboard.

Positive for the ergonomics: You still get committed mouse buttons having a firm stress point and also a smooth stroke.The buttons are slightly rubberized and therefore not slippery.Due to the slanted mounting, you may use the pad quite immediately.

We can not judge the benefits or disadvantages on the TrackPoint,due to the fact it is just a matter of finding utilised to.Some users don’t choose to waive the tiny joystick,specially due to the fact it has been normal for years,that is also the case for the HP EliteBooks and Lenovo ThinkPads from the T-series.The fingers just don’t have to move away in the keys through typing to work with the cursor,which can save time. The 3 buttons belong to the TrackPoint,lenovo 330s ideapad chargerbut is usually customized or utilised without having it.The middle button is usually a replacement for a mouse wheel.


Dell stays correct to its philosophy and will not waive any functions for the successor for the small business Ultrabooks.The 14-inch device is well-built and capable enough for company as well as any other sensible tasks.This excludes the glossy touchscreen,that will make annoying reflections under daylight.The?WQHD panel convinces with great specs in return,that are really convincing indoors.Wonderful input devices are mandatory for a high-end Latitude,along with the E7470 will not disappoint.The identical applies for management and safety:Seldom any notebook sports a great number of (optional) security capabilities.The maintainability deserves praise at the same time;just eliminate the bottom cover and you obtain access to all elements.

The only drawback would be the runtime,much more than five:46 was not feasible in our Wi-Fi test.This will not really suit the pretty higher expectations or the high cost of two,300 Euros ($2620). Versions with HD or FHD screens ought to have slightly a lot more stamina according to our experiences with 4K and FHD configurations from the identical model.

Probably the very best option is lenovo 300e charger, but even the version with a matte FHD panel charges 200-300 Euros ($227-$341) additional.The runtime is far better,but the?hp elitebook x360 1030 g3 chargerprovides fewer ports in return.The IGP version of thedell xps 15 9575 chargeris interesting if you need to save some dollars;a comparable configuration begins at about 1,850 Euros ($2107). The price-performance ratio amongst the E7470 and T450s is actually pretty comparable any time you evaluate the matte FHD versions.

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