Dell Alienware X51 Review

Alienware is amongst the strongest international brands of gaming PCs,having a variety that now stretches to a number of mobile and desktop type things.Even though numerous gaming PCs are available in giant towerslenovo 700 14isk yoga akku,the X51 packs a top-of-the-line CPU and mid-range graphics into a desktop chassis that’snot much bigger than a current-generation console.

The X51 line has been around for a while-Trusted covered the preceding version back in September 2014.akku asus a41 x550a originalThis update is actually far more about introducing up-to-date technologies along with a spec boost than a radical style overhaul.Our original criticisms with the earlier version focused on its specification,which wasn’t capable of gaming beyond 1080p resolution,lacked an SSD and lead to some toasty internal temperatures.Have these troubles been resolved with new-generation hardware?


You’d be forgiven for mistaking the Alienware X51 for a gaming console initially glance.This sexy mini-tower is built for the living space,Acer Aspire S3 951 Akku having a compact and curvy design that is complemented by some signature Alienware flourishes.

When stood vertically,Acer Aspire M5 481T Akkuthe X51 features a glossy front panel that provides access to a disc drive and important ports,and vented,attractively angular panels on the top and bottom.The desktop’s left and suitable side panels each sport sharp LED triangles which will light up in several colors,with some mysterious alien scripture adorning the right side.

The cherry on prime may be the company’s signature alien head logo around the front of your machine, which also can alter colors209126 001 HP Netzteil.If you’d like to lay the Computer horizontally and slide it into your entertainment center,you are able to tilt the tiny guy’s noggin 90 degrees to have it match that orientation.

Measuring 13.5X12.5X3.7 inches, the X51 isn’t quite as tiny because the adorable?Alienware Alpha(7.eight X 7.eight X two.2 inches).Having said that,sony apdp 100a1 ait features a smaller sized footprint than the?Digital Storm Bolt II(16.4 X 14.1 X four.4 inches) and is similar in size compared with all the Falcon Northwest Tiki(13.0 X 13.6 X 4 inches).


Quad-core Intel Skylake processors would be the new performance champions for Computer gaming,if only by a disappointingly slim margin over the earlier Core i7-4790K Devil’s Canyon apdp 100a1aThe X51 comes having a Core i7-6700K,but by default,it does not run at its full 4.2GHz Turbo Frequency. Rather it really is limited to 3.9GHz,the lower clock speed is intended to help keep down internal temperatures,which might be potentially problematic in little chassis gaming desktops.

The Alienware Command Centre software program makes it straightforward to change this,nevertheless.hp envy 4 1000sg akkuWith this R3 version of your X51-there are 4 listed on Dell’s site-the CPU has an all-in-one liquid-cooling system that enables that clock frequency to become raised to four.4GHz.This application also lets you fiddle with different settings-the Alienware FX mode,by way of example,which adjustments the colour on the LEDs on the top in the unit.

As with final year’s Pc,Alienware has selected a mid-range graphics card for the X51.The “Maxwell”-based Nvidia GeForce GTX 960?can be a slight improvement over the Radeon R9 270 within the preceding machine.mag safe 2 It only has 2GB of GDDR5 memory,which isn’t a massive amount by today’s requirements,but adequate for solid 1080p functionality.This card comes with 1,024 stream processors,32 ROPS,64 TMUs,a base clock of 1,127MHz and memory frequency of 1750MHz.

It has 16GB of DDR4 memory,operating at two,133MHz.There is also a 256GB Samsung PM951 PCI Express SSD,plugged directly in to the motherboard’s M.two slot.PCI Express SSDs are available in all shapes and sizes,supplying wildly unique efficiency inspiron 1545 charger argosSamsung’s 950 Pro will be the present king by a extended way,with study and write speeds of nicely more than 1GB/sec;the enterprise-grade SM951 is not as well far behind.

The PM951 is not really as very good,though.While it’s a PCI Express Gen three.0 device including NVMe assistance,with quoted study speeds that are an impressive 1,000MB/sec,the 280MB/sec write speeds lag behind standard two.5-inch really is inclusion is probably down to saving internal space in the compact M.two type factor,as opposed to the performance.But these study speeds are nonetheless really nice indeed.

Additionally,There is a 2TB Seagate hard disk,an obvious essential for any large library of games or media.

Windows 10 Dwelling comes as common on all X51 configurations and Steam comes preinstalled as well. In the course of testing,macbook charger 2015I was cursing Dell’s inclusion on the McAfee antivirus trial,which had expired and kept popping up in the course of benchmark runs requesting I pay them income.Not a opportunity,matey.


The Core i7-6700K processor delivered some outstanding benefits at its default three.9GHz clock frequency.In Geekbench,the multi-core outcome of 16,533 nonetheless outclasses the older Core i7-4790K at its 4.4GHz Turbo frequency,although the reduce clock speed indicates a worse single-core result of 4,177.Nonetheless,anticipate excellent efficiency in CPU-bound tasks like video encoding.

The PM951 presented improved efficiency in CrystalDiskMark than Samsung quotes on its net web page,lenovo tab 10 chargerwith 1,500MB/sec study speeds and 330MB/sec create.These results are good,but create speeds are lower than You’d achieve having a standard 2.5-inch SSD,so this drive actually isn’t quite as impressive as you may hope from a PCI Express 3.0 device.

Mouse and Keyboard

Unlike numerous of your gaming desktops we’ve reviewed,our Alienware X51 shipped with its personal mouse and keyboard. Each are relatively standard-issue-the keyboard packs a full numpad,and also a handy row of dedicated function buttons for changing volume,pausing and playing music and pulling up your email.

I discovered the keys to become comfortable adequate to sort a number of paragraphs,but as well mushy to rely on in the long run.mag safe 2 charger Even so,I blazed by means of the Important Hero Typing Test at 103.5 words per minute with 99 percent accuracy, besting my 75 wpm norm.

The included mouse includes a glossy plastic finish that feels a bit inexpensive,but the edges are nicely contoured for your thumb and pinky.macbook air a1370 chargerYou’re improved off sticking using a devoted gaming keyboard and gaming mouse if you have them handy,but I appreciate Alienware which includes everything you might want to get began.


The X51 is usually a beast inside a tiny box.You will discover some concessions to be produced from an upgrade perspective,but if you’re immediately after some thing tiny that manages to be a decent gaming machine,this could pique your interest.

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