Asus Zenbook UX303LA Overview

It is usually hard to keep up using the obscure naming conventions of laptops and Asus is undoubtedly guilty of creating confusion with its variety of Ultrabooks. The Zenbook series has much more abstruse conventions than most, covering a multitude of models that differ in each mild and substantial strategies beneath their comparable shells and identikit names, as well as the UX designs are much more bewildering. Bose SoundLink Mini II AkkuSo the UX305 prefix seems to mean that the Ultrabook includes a matte non-touch display, several mini-ports, less thickness, significantly less fat, in addition to a far better battery life than the UX303 range. Although that feels like a great deal of difference, it doesn’t appear that a great deal within the flesh ?§C or rather the aluminium. Differentiating the UX303s additional, a number of them come with touchscreens (UX303LA), though this test model (UX303UA) does not. What this model has over the UX305, which techradar’s Kevin Lee loved in his recent critique, is that it comes using a newer Skylake processor and packs a bit far more oomph. This machine comes in a number of configurations, depending on how much you want to save or splash out.


The Zenbook UX303LA features a 13.3″ IPS complete HD 1920 x 1080 display. It has an remarkable 344 nits of brightness and it might reproduce 96% of sRGB and 76% of Adobe RGB. That’s as good because the greatest laptop displays available on the market when it comes to color HP 250 G7 Akku gamut, and Asus markets the color accuracy of this display. The truth is, in contrast to prior Zenbooks (even the Zenbook UX301 with its lovely Sharp IGZO panel), it doesn’t have a strange colour cast or visually discernable variance from calibrated sRGB. Very good work, Asus! The firm does supply a handful of colour profiles you are able to decide on from, need to you prefer amplified great tones or deeper blacks. Black ranges are decent for an IPS panel at 0.54 and contrast is often a respectable 640:one. IPS panel backlight bleed utilized to be an issue with Asus Zenbook UX versions, but happily backlight bleed is faint and at thoroughly standard amounts for that business.The Zenbook UX303LN has a Samsung PLS panelBose SoundLink Mini one Akku with an impressive QHD+ 3200 x 1800 resolution. When super-high resolution Ultrabooks hit the market place final 12 months, specs lovers went wild. The actuality is that the planet of Windows nonetheless doesn’t deal with super higher DPI show scaling properly. The Metro Live Tile UI in Windows eight.1 appears fantastic, however the desktop nevertheless has small near boxes, dialogs which can be too compact to study and numerous desktop applications nevertheless never assistance scaling well. Microsoft’s own programs do assistance scaling nicely–for example MS Workplace 2013 (but not outdated versions). Personally, I feel 1080p may be the highest sensible resolution for Windows eight.x machines unless of course you have a certain need to have for tasks like RAW picture file editing. That said, the machine defaults to HP HSTNN-LB8M HT03041XL HT03XL Akku200% scaling, providing you an effective 1600 x 900 desktop view that is readable. That even doubling makes for sharper fonts than other scaling levels.

Design and exterior

Let’s consider a stage back and possess a suitable look at this Zenbook. The UX303LN is really gorgeous. The minute I got it out on the box I was like: Hmmm, this feels distinctive. And it does, despite the fact that it may not look so from these photos.Design and style sensible, the Zenbook UX303 LN borrows most of its lines in the 2012 Asus lines and never from the redesigned 2013 designs, with their new screen hinge and glass covered circumstances. And that is a decision I salute, first of all, mainly because I was never a fan of your fingerprint magnet Gorilla Glass coating, and 2nd, for the reason that the cooling implementation is really much better on this approach, as you are going to discover a bit later. he entire Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS Akkulaptop is made out of aluminum, feels strong and by some means additional meticulously place with each other than before. You will discover no miss-aligned elements and there is an focus to facts you’d really anticipate from a premium gadget. The lid plus the interior&sides are every carved from block of aluminum, whilst a sheet of metal covers the belly, which is now thicker and more rigid than on the older Zenbooks, so the laptop won’t squeak anymore when grabbed.Aesthetically, the UX303LN looks pretty much like we’d count on from a Zenbook. The concentric circles pattern around the lid cover is nonetheless existing on this one, but is additional subtle, relatively toned down (and easier to wipe clean of smudges), though the brushed aluminum that utilised to cover the palm-rest on the older Zenbooks was ditched for a smoother, softer finishing, with a barely visible and almost indistinguishable texture. All these small changes may possibly not mean significantly on a first appear, but imh just give this new Zenbook a far more refined aspect.There are actually stillL11L6Y01 Lenovo Akku some style decisions that I never agree with, like the cooling grid hidden behind the screen’s hinge, which pushes hot air towards the display, and indirectly towards the user, the Power button integrated inside the keyboard, because the top-right button, or the tall and sharp front-lip which aggressively cuts into my wrist when applying the trackpad or the arrow keys. But I can understand to reside with these. On a a lot more sensible aspect, I do like the strong choice of ports on the UX303LN sides, with 3 USB three.0 slots, full size HDMI, mini-DisplayPort, a card-reader (which still can’t entirely fit an SD card) and some adapters inside the pack (USB to LAN and mini-DP to VGA). I also 807957-001 HP Akkuappreciate this laptop’s balance, as the screen is usually easily lift up with a single hand, though the body will remain flat on the desk.

Keyboard and trackpad

Anyway, though the UX303LN has denounced the design lines of its predecessor, the UX302LG, it inherits its keyboard and touchpad. A fairly fantastic keyboard I should really say, with some flex within the middle, but nice feeling and correct sized square keys. They do not supply lots of travel, so you will need to have some time to get utilised to this keyboard, but are stiff enough to register commands even when pressed around the sides.On top of that, I do like the classic layout, using the exception with the Power Button placed in the top-right corner, which you’ll end up hitting lots when looking for Delete. And even though it’s stiffer than the other keys, thus harder to activate, it still turns Acer AS10D31 AkkuOFF the laptop, no question asked, when pressed by mistake.The keyboard is of course backlit, and it is possible to manually adjust the brightness (three distinct ranges, plus OFF) by hitting the FN + F3/F4 keys. The TouchPad is big and nicely separated from the palm-rest by its beveled edges. Its glass surface doesn’t present a lot of friction, but it is actually precise and responsive, both when performing casual taps or gestures. The complete pad is clickable, but clicks are a little stiff and noisy, so you will probably end up taping it a lot more often than actually performing physical clicks.As being a side not, Surface Pro 7+ Netzteilthe older Zenbooks were crippled by some jumpy and erratic touchpads, but this one with the UX303LN is nothing of that sort. In fact, i’d call it docile and accurate. All in all, there is not lots to complaint about the keyboard and touchpad. You are going to uncover better on some devices, but these are undoubtedly not bad either.

Screen & Sound Quality

The UX303LA has a 13.3in non-touch display with a one,600 x 900 resolution and an anti-glare finish ?§C so there is no sign of irritating reflections. The resolution is modest enough to ensure the Asus doesn’t fall foul with the scaling issues that afflicted the Lenovo’s three,200 x 1,800 panel, and it’s also a much better option compared to the 1,440 x 900 screen offered by the Macbook Air. It can’t pretty 41Wh HS04 HP Akkuoffer the sharpness in the HP, which had a 1080p panel. Accuracy wise, the Asus gets off to a superior start having a brightness level of 366 nits ?§C that is higher compared to the Lenovo, Apple and HP systems. The contrast ratio of 813:1 is fantastic, also ?§C only the HP was better. Those results, when combined together with the anti-glare coating, meant that this machine coped with use outdoors or below bright lights, despite the fact that the anti-glare material did make the screen grainy.Elsewhere, the UX303LA falls behind. The measured colour temperature is actually a amazing 7,370K, which is further away from the 6,500K excellent than every rival. The Asus’ average Delta E of 9.25 is also poor. The great colour temperature and lack of colour accuracy imply poor real-world results. The bright reds and yellows in our check photos lacked vibrancy, and skin tones felt pallid. This display also handled just 57.2% of your sRGB colour gamut, with only blues displayed properly ?§C another factor that makes this panel come to feel cool and lifeless. The brightness meant that white shades lenovo e330 akku remained distinguishable, however the mediocre black level ?§C 0.45 nits ?§C caused dark shades to merge. The poor colour accuracy and gamut coverage, when combined together with the middling resolution, mean the UX303LA isn’t a excellent decision for those that regularly edit images or video, and won’t be the ideal for watching videos either. Otherwise, the brightness and contrast make it a fine panel for day-to-day use: if you’re browsing the web, playing casual games or working with Workplace apps, it’s ample. The speakers surprised us. We count on slim, light laptops to get tinny, weak audio, however the Asus delivered punchy music. The mid-range was meaty, as well as the high-end proved snappy but not overwhelming. There is a little bass there too, which helps round out a reasonable audio profile. We’d choose somewhat far more low-end punch along with a tad extra volume, however the UX303LA is fine for listening to music or watching movies in a smaller room.


Intel 4th generation Haswell U series Ultrabook CPUs power the Zenbook UX303 models. Our unit runs around the Core i5-4210U ULV CPU clocked at 1.7GHz with Turbo Boost to 2.7GHz. As outlined, it’s Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics, asus f751m akkubut there is a model with NVIDIA GT 840M 2 GB switchable dedicated graphics and a higher resolution display. As you’d expect, our base model performs similarly to other recent Core i5 ULV Ultrabooks with an SSD. Numerous Ultrabooks nonetheless ship with 4 gigs of RAM vs the 8 gigs inside the UX303, so the Zenbook has additional headroom for heavy multitaskers, video editing and compiling large applications in development environments. It’s suitable for MS Workplace, web with loads of tabs open, Adobe CC programs like Photoshop and HD video editing. It’s fine for older games and games that are designed to play decently on integrated graphics (Tomb Raider and even Bioshock Infinite on low settings and 720p resolution), but if you would like far more gaming punch, think about the UX303LN with dedicated graphics. The machine is one in the few 13.3″ Ultrabooks with upgradable RAM. From the medion akoya s2218 netzteilfactory it has 4 gigs of RAM soldered to your motherboard and a 4 gig DDR3L 1600MHz SO DIMM RAM module within the single RAM slot. That signifies it is possible to move up to a total of 12 gigs if you replace that module with an 8 gig DIMM. The laptop has a 2.5″ SATA drive bay (7mm height) using the 128 gig SSD in that bay and an mSATA SSD connector (for designs that ship with a conventional HDD this will act as being a caching SSD slot). As per usual, hp elite x2 netzteil the wireless card is socketed, and Asus uses the Intel AC-7260 dual band 802.11ac card. Watch our video to see how to remove the bottom cover and to get a see with the internals. For you forward thinking types, Asus will release the Zenbook UX305 with a fifth gen Intel Broadwell Core M-5Y70 1.1GHz CPU with Turbo Boost to 2.6GHz that is designed for tablets and low power consumption devices (hint, it won’t present faster performance than the UX303 but it will probably be thinner and lighter).

Battery Life

The Zenbook UX303 versions ship with Asus’ usual square charger (65 watt) with retractable prongs and a relatively short, thin cord. The machine’s three cell, 50 WHr Lithium Ion battery is nominally sealed within, but you are able to gain access for service by removing the bottom cover. The UX303LA model with integrated graphics averaged 6.5 hours on a charge at a fairly bright 50% brightness with WiFi Samsung Chromebook 3 11.6 Charger for our mixed productivity test that involves working in MS Office, web browsing with 10 tabs open, playing 30 minutes of HD YouTube video, editing 10 RAW files in Photoshop, checking email and social networking. With a lot more aggressive power saving settings, 7 hours ought to be doable. The dedicated graphics model need to fare a great deal the same when working with integrated graphics, and we’d anticipate some hours drop in use time if you control to maintain dedicated graphics constantly active.

Bundled software

There’s the usual array of bundled software with all the UX303UA, with substantially of it being trial versions or not particularly useful. On top in the ambient light sensor, the laptop comes with a piece of software called an Eye Care Switcher ?§C which, as far as I can tell, just dims the screen slightly. Annoyingly, it takes a couple of seconds to kick in. If you’re looking for cloud 65W Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Pro 7 Chargerstorage, there’s a bundled Asus WebStorage app. As great as it might be (and it truly is priced competitively with other suppliers), we still heavily recommend a non-supplier distinct storage supplier, like Google Drive, for the reason that with the ease of transferring your data and for long-term security. Dropbox, which comes installed around the machine too, is another option, even though its storage policies and tech aren’t as user-friendly as Google’s. Yet again, this laptop comes with Evernote, the app that doesn’t know what it can be. We’d uninstall it pretty quickly, alienware 15 r4 battery replacementunless you’re already trapped in that ecosystem.


Asus continues to impress us with their extremely beautiful, properly put with each other and continually evolving Ultrabooks. The Zenbook UX303 is undoubtedly their greatest effort yet, with a chic metal casing, incredibly excellent backlit keyboard, pleasing IPS complete HD show and upgradable parts. The UX303LN is an engineering feat: it fits midrange integrated graphics into a slim and light chassis, using a significant enough fan to keep throttling beneath control. It’s easy to recommend the Zenbook UX303 if you’re within the market for a sexy dell inspiron 7720 akkuand light Ultrabook with quality appears and parts.

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