Asus ROG GU501 Review


You may have noticed this one particular before. The ROG GU501 appears practically identical to the Asus ROG Zephyrus M GM501 we lately reviewed. It is made of a handsome black aluminum using a two-toned impact, and has a significant, mirror-shined ROG logo around the right side on the lid that lights up within a menacing red when the laptop is on. The lid also includes a little Republic of Gamers logo around the really bottom in the light, along with a cutout allows you to see the status lights even when the machine is closed.After you open the laptop, you are going to come across a 15.6-inch, dell inspiron 15 5000 charger 1080p show surrounded by a thick bezel. There is a complete island-style keyboard with a quantity pad on the aluminum deck and some volume hot keys above the Function row.But if you’re comparing the GU501 towards the Zephyrus, you’ll also notice what is missing: an exhaust panel around the back of the machine that opens and closes with the laptop, enabling to get a ton of heat to escape. Around the GU501, you can find two legs within the back that lift the machine as much as let somewhat added heat escape, but there is nothing at all as dramatic because the vent.In spite of its slim chassis, the GU501 boasts plenty of ports. Around the left side, there are actually 3 USB 3.0 ports, an bose soundlink three charger HDMI output, a mixture headphone-microphone jack as well as a energy jack. The right side contains a fourth USB Type-A (three.0) port, a Thunderbolt three port in addition to a Kensington lock slot.


The GU501GM is virtually a carbon copy of its bigger brother, the Zephyrus M GM501. Precisely the same slim chassis is employed, wrapped inside the similar copper-colored trim. The brushed black finish across the case give the device a decidedly premium look macbook pro a1502 charger and really feel, along with the surface with the keyboard deck is very resistant to fingerprints. The only distinction lies within the hinge mechanism. While the actual hinge is the same, the GU501GM lacks the Zephyrus’ most exclusive feature; the back panel remains in place when dell latitude e6420 charger the GU501GM’s lid is opened.

The case is otherwise the same as that from the Zephyrus M GM501. Regardless of its thin profile, the chassis is sturdy and resists deformation. The plastic bottom panel also remains firm when pressed. The lid can be warped (slightly indented) with direct stress inside the center. The lid can also be bent concave without considerably work, but no deformation is permanent. The hinge mechanism is well-tuned, enabling for one-handed opening and keeping the screen steady when typing. The greatest sore points within the design will be the plastic bezels about the show. Each the Aero 15X and MSI GS65 have considerably smaller bezels holding the screenadp 230eb t in place and have a smaller general footprint consequently. The plastic bezels around the GU501GM look pretty much comically huge in contrast.The GU501GM’s footprint doesn’t meet the 2018 requirements for any premium-built gaming device. When the size will not be out from the ordinary, competitors just like the MSI GS65 have managed to compact their 15-inch gamers into a case close in size to that of a 14-inch laptop. Additional devices are chiselling away at screen lenovo yoga 710 charger bezels to match extra into much less, along with the GU501GM feels outdated within this regard. Not just is GU501GM bigger than competitors, it’s heavier as well. Once again, at two.5 kg, the machine is not unreasonably massive, but competitors have the upper hand here at the same time.


The 15.6-inch, 1080p display around the GU501 is not as bright as I’d like, but it really is vivid. When I watched the trailer for Deadpool two, there were a few city-based scenes where I wished I could bump up the brightness, even though Deadpool’s red costume usually popped against the gray cityscape. The yellow jumpsuits inside the prison scene also stood out inside a factory.When I played Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the game looked darker than it must have, dell inspiron 15 3000 series charger in particular as dusk turned to evening. It made it tough to see Talion’s leather cloak and the greenery around an orc outpost.Asus’ panel covers an excellent 115 percent from the sRGB colour gamut, that is much more vivid than the PowerSpec 1510 (113 percent), the Acer Predator Helios 300 (81 %) and also the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (70 %). But the mainstream gaming average of 119 percent was slightly greater.On our light meter, the show measured an average of 291 nits of brightness, beating the Helios 300 (226 nits) and also the Inspiron hp elitebook 840 g3 charger 15 7000 Gaming (233 nits). Nevertheless, it is less luminous than the average (303 nits) and also the PowerSpec 1510 (306 nits).


The keyboard is among the stronger points in the GU501GM. The arrow keys are a little too tiny for our tastes, but the rest from the keys are well-sized and well-spaced. Key feedback is superb with a smooth downward action and springy response. Key clatter is minimal, and also the overall typing expertise is one of the much better keyboards used within a gaming laptop. The GU501GM’s keyboard feels comparable to MSI’s highly-regarded chargeur surface 3 SteelSeries keyboards, save for any bit of travel distance inside the keys. Feedback mirrors that of other ROG G series laptops. The keyboard, like numerous other factors, can be a carryover from the a lot more high priced Zephyrus M and deserves the same praises we lauded in that assessment. That is definitely, the numerous Fn essential functions (fan speed, trackpad disabling, and so forth.) and dedicated volume, microphone, and ROG Center keys are fantastic additions. The copious batterie dell inspiron n5110 amounts of RGB modes are a good addition, but other notebooks (like the Aero 15X) supply per-key RGB backlighting.


The touchpad is marred only by its lilliputian footprint (ten.four cm x six cm). Glide is smooth across the glass surface, and also the clicking mechanism in our unit feels responsive, if a bit hollow. However, the small size tends to make tracking feel cramped and can be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, the whole surface on the touchpad responds to input (like the reduce region with button markings), granting a bit a lot more space to the user.


The ROG GU501 is loud and proud. The sound in the speakers easily filled a midsize conference space at just 50 percent of its max volume. The audio can also be detailed: When I listened towards the Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar’s “Pray for Me,” the vocals, batterie asus x93s synthetics and even deep bass came via. Nonetheless, at louder volumes, the vocals blew out a bit, so I tended to help keep it on the quiet side. In the preinstalled Sonic Studio III app, I identified that switching to Movie or Gaming modes produced that effect worse, so the default music selection is probably your best bet.The ROG GU501 sounded excellent whilst gaming, though. Asus A41-X550E As I played Middle-earth: Shadow of War, I could hear Talion’s footsteps crunching leaves, and orcs’ taunts throughout battles have been loud and clear.


With the latest Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD plus a 1TB SSHD (with an 8GB SSD cache), each day computing tasks are a joke to the GU501. Require 25 browser tabs open? I did that in Google Chrome, which includes a single streaming a 1080p episode of Last Week Tonight, and there was no lag at all.Around the Geekbench four all round overall performance batterie surface pro 3 test, the GU501 earned a score of 17,940, that is greater than the mainstream gaming average (14,456), at the same time as competitors just like the PowerSpec 1510 (14,223, Core i7-7700HQ), the Acer Predator Helios 300 (13,587, Core i7-7700HQ) as well as the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (10,535, Core i5-7300U), which havelast-generation processors.

Asus’ notebook copied four.97GB of files in 22 seconds, for any rate of 231 MBps. Even though that is quicker than the Helios (188.5 MBps), it really is slower than the average batterie asus a41 x550a (340.3 MBps), too because the speeds in the Inspiron (339 MBps) and also the PowerSpec (391.5 Mbps).

The GU501 paired 65,000 names and addresses on our Excel macro test in 37 seconds, putting it far ahead of your average (52 seconds) and the times from the PowerSpec (1:08) plus the Inspiron (1:29).On our HandBrake video editing test, the GU501 took batterie dell inspiron n5110 ten minutes and 22 seconds to transcode a 4K video to 1080p, beating the average (13:16) and the times from the PowerSpec (14:00) plus the Inspiron (19:06).

Gaming Performance

Full HD is the name of your game here. The GeForce GTX 1060, that is among by far the most common GPUs currently in use, is well-known to be able to push 60 fps at 1080p for most titles, and that story continues on together with the GU501GM. Rise of the Tomb Raider, a 2016 title that may be nonetheless fairly demanding, flirts with 60 fps with every thing turned up. batterie asus x93s Additional demanding titles, just like the Witcher 3, are playable at Ultra settings, but players will have to turn details down to hit the 60 fps threshold.

Battery Life

Asus’ laptop, like most gaming notebooks, doesn’t last all that lengthy on a charge. It endured for just 4 hours and 43 minutes around the Laptop Mag Battery Test two.0, which constantly runs by way of internet pages, videos and graphics benchmarks over Wi-Fi. a41 x550e That’s longer than the average mainstream gaming notebook lasted (three:01), but the Helios (6:01) and the Inspiron (7:17) endured longer.


The GU501GM aims to bring the most beneficial of the Zephyrus M into a reduced price bracket. For probably the most portion, it succeeds. The identical sleek, premium case (sans the elegant hinge mechanism on the bottom panel) tends to make the transition, as do the keyboard, speakers, and top-of-the-line Corei7-8750H. Sadly, this CPU proves to become somewhat of a mixed bag. The enhanced overall performance is significantly appreciated in most tasks, althoughbatterie surface pro 3 the CPU cannot appear to hold steady under computational pressure. The fans are a further point of annoyance; their high-pitch grates on the ears when gaming. On the plus side, there are mitigations for these troubles. Though the method crashes below CPU strain, batterie bose soundlink mini 2 all other workloads are effectively handled. The unique fan modes support to manage fan noise at the cost of higher heat and decrease efficiency.

All stated, there is tiny to dislike concerning the GU501GM, but thinking of the cost, there’s little purpose beyond aesthetics to think about a acquire. At its MSRP of $1900, the GU501GM is simply too expensive to become feasible; you’ll find other beautifully crafted devices with equivalent specifications for less (Asus’ personal Strix line comes to thoughts). For batterie bose soundlink mini 1 the same price or possibly a bit extra, users could upgrade to additional effective hardware as well as a better general package, like these provided by Gigabyte’s Aero 15x or the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin. Even at the present sales value of $1500, it’s difficult to suggest the batterie bose soundlink mini 1GU501GM more than other like machines.

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