Asus N53SV Review

Today we have the ASUS N53SV notebook on our test bench.This multimedia/moderate gaming notebook has a lot of style to accompany with some nice specifications under the hood.This machine looks really good with a brushed aluminum lid and wrist rest.This notebook has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768.The same notebook with an optional,full HD 1080p screen is also available.Other obtainable options include Bluetooth with WiFi which are standard on the notebook.The big feature about which shoppers want to know is the processor.The ASUS N53SV uses an Intel Core i7 2630QM running at 2 GHz.The processor is a quad core supporting Hyper-Threading technology,making the operating system to see eight cores.Since this CPU has the TurboBoost technology,its internal clock jumps to 2.9 GHz whenever more processing power asus a41 x550a accu is required.The price for the ASUS N53SV hovers around USD 1,050 online,making this a more expensive notebook.It comes with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium for the operating system.Come along as we see how this notebook is made.


The notebook sports Asus’ trademark sleek design,with a silver finish present on the lid and a black layout bordering the display and palmrest.This gives the notebook an aura of style and sophistication which makes it the perfect business companion.The multi-touch enabled touchpad on the device worked wonders,and the keyboard didn’t fare too badly either.We especially like the audible ‘click’ sounds emitted by every keystroke,and the addition of a numpad was also welcomed.We felt that a chiclet style layout with some more spacing between the keys would’ve been preferable though,as there is still some finger overlapping present.Luckily the touchpad is positioned in such a way as to not impede the typing experience.A strip located above the keyboard houses the power button alongside a collection of media controls,including volume and play/pause options.The arrow keys also double as media controls to be used in conjunction with the function key.Another aspect to note on the Asus is its ice cool palm rest,something which has become a staple in recent Asus notebooks.Throughout use the palm rest remained relatively cool,helping to minimise stickiness Samsung S24D390HL Oplader and sweat build-up,and in turn helping to keep your device clean and devoid of unsightly fingerprints,which is a big plus especially during heavy use.


The Asus N53’s case is no stranger.The notebook has been available for a while in the most various configurations as the model N53J.An invariable factor is the chassis which stands out with an especially striking side line.The design correlates to the previously reviewed Asus N73,the 17 inch counterpart of the N53 at hand.We particularly like the wave-like transition of the lateral edges toward the display,as well as the striking and generously sized loudspeaker covers on the notebook’s familiar appearance.Another feature of the case Accu 800009 421 is the applied materials.Asus relies on aluminum applications on the wrist-rest and for the display bezel.The brushed surface has impressive haptics and feels typically cool with a palpably subtle texture.In terms of workmanship,the other plastic components are just as impressive with a throughout good stability.The all over matt surfaces that for example mask smudge and fingerprints add to the dignified looks.There weren’t any irregular gaps or fault in the coating to be found even under closer examination.The display’s good hold in practically all angles is noticed positively.If you want to access the upgradeable components accu l14m4p23 inside,you first have to find two screws hidden underneath the rubber feet.Afterwards you can access the inserted hard disk,as well as all four memory bays.

Input Devices

The Asus N53S’s keyboard doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the current trend for chiclet-style keyboards.Instead,there’s just a 1-2mm gap between each key,allowing each to be of a fairly decent size.The numerical keypad’s buttons are a little smaller,but this feels like a fair compromise when it results in a spaceous main keyboard area.The key action is a little bouncy,but it’s definite enough to avoid that imprecise spongy feel of some laptop keyboards.The large-sized keys Dell T54FJ Accu and decent action make the Asus N53S very comfortable to type away on-its keyboard doesn’t lead the class though,trumped by the likes of the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 15.Asus installs the same unit as in the previously reviewed 17 inch N73 in its 15 inch model.The only visible difference is the QWERTY keyboard layout.Naturally,the accordingly modified layout will be sold in German language regions,just like the reviewed N73 was supplied with.The keyboard unit strikes oplader adl40wda with a fairly soft and doughy stroke during use.Due to the almost non-existent pressure point,typing is rather spongy.Fans of crisp keyboards won’t be satisfied.The partly very crowded key layoutalso gave us a hard time occasionally,especially in the arrow key area.Nevertheless,you are treated to an additional number pad in the 15 inch model,which can facilitate inputting columns of numbers decisively.A few gaming fans may also be pleased about this supplementary option.The same touchpad hardware has likely been used as in the bigger brother,N73.The multi-touch surface supports multi-finger gestures and can haptically be well distinguished from its surroundings because it’s been slightly submerged.The pad’s gliding traits are just as convincing as its responsiveness.It’s a similar tale with the display.The laptop uses a 1366 ¨¢768 pixel panel of the TN type.Although the standard setup for laptops of this level,performance is fairly uninspiring.Horizontal viewing angles samsung np900x5l oplader are acceptable,but there’s significant contrast shift when viewed from a less-than-optimal vertical angle.The backlight is fairly consistent but cast a blue hue at angles.To top it off,contrast is unimpressive.The experience of viewing Blu-rays and playing games on the N53SV isn’t much cop unless you sit just in the right position.The screen has a reflective glossy finish,so you’ll need to pump up the screen brightness right up if you want to venture outside with the laptop-and even then you won’t have much fun.To get the bump up to a full 1080p screen,you’ll usually have to spend a little more cash though-on something like the Sony Vaio VPCEB4X0E,which has its own share of other issues toshiba z10t oplader surrounding poor battery life,or Dell XPS 15z.The trackpad uses a brushed finish,offering an extra bit of texture to give your finger a very smooth ride across its surface.A single shiny metallic strip below accommodates the two mouse buttons-a design that won’t appeal to all,but is in keeping with the N53SV’s simple lines.One of the Asus N53S’s stand-out design elements is the speaker grille that sits just below the screen.For the casual bit of music-listening,or watching a TV episode in your bedroom,the Asus N53S is more than up to the task.For anything more substantial though,we’d still recommend hooking-up some external speakers.


As a desktop replacement-style laptop,performance is of utmost importance with the Asus N53SV.Thankfully,with a dedicated graphics chip and the Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor running the show,it comes up with the goods.In our PCMark productivity tests,it managed a respectable 6238 points.The 5400rpm hard drive isn’t hugely quick,but the Asus N53SV will be able to cope with the vast majority of productivity and media tasks you could throw at it-including favourites like decoding 1080p video.Something that has added a significantly chunk of change to its price is the 1GB GeForce GT540M graphics card.This mid-range card performs well with older games,and will handle new games at middling or lower settings.The Asus N53SV isn’t quite powerful enough to satisfy the most hardcore of gamers but for the rest of us,it’ll do the job admirably.For such a large laptop the Asus N53SV has decent battery life,lasting for four hours and 20 minutes in our productivity test.It won’t manage that long when playing Crysis of course,but for typing documents and so on you’ll be able to stay away from the power plug Fujitsu CP656340-01 Accu for the best part of a working day.At 2.7kg,it’s a little too heavy to comfortably carry around with you all day long,but this is otherwise a very versatile,feature-complete laptop.A higher-quality screen would have been a bonus,but with a built-in Blu-ray player,decent build quality,good speakers and strong overall performance,the Asus N53SV is an excellent all-rounder.We now come to one of the most exciting issues of this review: The new Huron River range including Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor.Apart from the following technical refinements of this new technology,one fact is particularly baffling: A strong quad core CPU in a compact 15 inch midrange multimedia notebook-this was only found in exceptions until now.The graphics card will also play an increasingly important role Dell Inspiron 7720 Accu in the future.Since there are four memory bays available,an accordingly lavish configuration can be implemented at an attractive price.Asus installs a 500 GB Seagate drive as the mass memory.Despite its conventional architecture,it is one of the fastest of its kind with 7200 rpm.A bit of key data of the new Sandy Bridge processor installed to start with.Detailed information about the recently introduced Intel Sandy Bridge CPU range can be found in our Sandy Bridge comparison test.If you look at the chip’s tech specs,they primarily differ in the possible clock rates.Exact prices weren’t set at the time of our research.Before we look at the CPU’s performance Microsoft 1514 1536 Oplader in detail,we would like to present a bit of general information about the new Sandy Bridge chip.To be mentioned as the most striking innovation is likely the graphics chip incorporated into the quad core processor.It now allegedly moves on the performance level of earlier entry level graphics cards.

The manufacturing process sinks to 32 nanometers.Beyond that,the CPU’s turbo function is improved,there is a faster and now shared “last level cache” and a faster memory controller.The first leaked information states a major performance increase of the new processors.We’ll illustrate what this looks like in detail on our Asus N53SV notebook.Either HD or Full HD is used optionally in the Asus N53 series.Our sample had the HD display with the lower resolution fujitsu u747 oplader of 1366×768 pixels.Although this is the current standard of compact 15 inch notebooks,it doesn’t always supply enough overview on the display.For example,during multitasking,so when several simultaneously opened windows are in use.Additionally,videos can’t be completely enjoyed in Full HD with Blu-Ray drive configuration.First,we’ll look at the installed display’s assessed rates.In fact,the reproduced black could be a bit crisper in movies and games.It also becomes obvious that Asus has only used an average screen in the color spectrum comparison in our prototype.For example,the sRGB color space can’t be covered.Adobe RGB doesn’t even come close.Professional image editors will find a reason for exclusion in this.Normal users won’t mind this as much in everyday use.The reflective surface is the main reason that the Asus N53SV isn’t really suitable for outdoor use.It causes disturbing reflections on the display in bright surroundings,so even indoors in an adverse position to the light source.This can even lead to complete illegibility of displayed content outdoors.The display doesn’t earn any kudos with its given viewing angle stability.They are still adequate enough on the horizontal plane so that even several people can watch a movie.However,you already have to reckon with extreme losses and image changes with the slightest deviations from the ideal viewing angle on the vertical plane.Equipped with a lithium ion battery Accu 088772 088789 088796 with a capacity of 48 Wh,the strong configuration with a quad core CPU gives little hope for a long battery life.Nevertheless,the notebook reaches good 265 minutes in the maximum possible battery life test with minimum display brightness,disabled communication modules and enabled energy savings mode.That is about four and a half hours.The mains independent time shrinks to only 63 minutes under load.In the practical WLAN surf scenario,we could surf for about 160 minutesin energy savings mode,adapted brightness and enabled WLAN module until we had to go back to the power outlet.Apparently,DVD rendering needs a bit more energy Dell 451 BBFS Accu in the same settings and is possible for 140 minutes with a full battery.A look at our multimeter confirms that the Asus N53SV has a power consumption of only 11-16 watts in office mode.Considering the configuration with a quad core CPU and a strong midrange graphics card,this is an excellent result.Nvidia’s Optimus contributes to this,among other things.The Nvidia graphics card was enabled here.In comparison,the Asus only achieves 51-77 W under load with the Intel GPU.


Even if the largest part of the positive overall impression is due to Intel’s new Huron River platform,Asus has succeeded in setting up a strong multimedia notebook.The case’s qualities,as well as the restrictions caused by the interface distribution,the input devices and display have been maintained.The installed Sandy Bridge quad core CPU,together with the Nvidia Geforce GT 540M,provides an incredible performance increase,which boosts oplader ad890026 the Asus N53SV to the top of its class.It is already hunting in the grounds of older entry level gaming notebooks.The balancing act between excellent performance reserves and nevertheless acceptable emissions combined with an adequate battery life is accomplished with Nvidia’s Optimus.It’s a pity that our pre sample was only equipped with an ordinary display.According to Asus this will be improved before sale.The price with which the notebook will be launched onto the market will ultimately be the decisive aspect.If it remains within the range of 1000 euro,the N53SV could turn out to be a much desired all-round laptop.A versatile machine that handles gaming,multimedia and productivity tasks equally well,the Asus N53SV offers excellent value and decent build quality.Its looks err on the serious side a bit more than is strictly necessary,but its design remains cohesive resulting in a good-looking laptop.The screen’s nothing special,but the rest of what’s on show makes this mid-range laptop a highly attractive buy.

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