Acer Predator Triton 500 review

From its blazing Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics to its 144Hz full-HD show with 3-millisecond response time for you to its 6,600rpm cooling fans, everything regarding the Acer Predator Triton 500 is rapidly.

The Triton 500 can also be fantastically compact for any 15.6-inch gaming laptop. It weighs four.six pounds (2.1 kg) and chargeur lenovo adl45wcg is only 0.7 inch (17.9 mm) thick. That signifies it offers you high-performance gaming anytime and anyplace you would like it — assuming you are within ten feet of a energy outlet. It’s, predictably, not inexpensive.

Prices get started at $1,800 for the Triton 500 with a much less potent RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU. But the version I reviewed, model PT515-51-765U, is $3,000. A comparable version with half the RAM and storage sells for GBP2,500 inside the UK in conjunction with chargeur surface pro 4 an RTX 2060 configuration. The Triton 500 is presently unavailable in Australia, however the US price tag for the review configuration converts to about AU$4,260.

There are some nice gaming-oriented capabilities, but seriously it’s the quickly overall performance and also the thin and eee pc asus light chassis that tends to make you desire to dig within the couch cushions to come up with all the money for the Predator Triton 500.


While the Triton 700 from 2017, which also measured 15.6 inches, was only able to convince us to a limited extent with its wide display bezels and also the uncommon placement of the input devices, the Triton 500 gives a much much better impression even initially glance. This begins with batterie asus x751l the very slim show bezels that reduce the footprint with the notebook from 39.three x 26.6 cm (15.five x ten.5 in) to 35.9 x 25.5 cm (14.1 x ten in). Not simply does this make the device look greater, nevertheless it is also easier to carry.

In terms on the weight, instead of two.39 kg (five.27 lb), the Triton 500 only weighs 2.14 kg (four.72 lb) that is also a relief in your arms. A small drawback of the batterie asus a32 k55 slimming regimen would be the mediocre stability. Particularly the lid turns out to become not pretty warp-resistant. Having said that, this can be a problem that a variety of competitors also struggle with.

In terms with the workmanship, the 15-incher does not show any weaknesses. In our test unit, the transitions among most surfaces were pretty clean. Thanks to the usage of metal, the Triton 500 also appears really high-quality. The elegant, and at the same time subtle, design also earns some positive marks. With the exception on the blue border about the logo around the lid and batterie asus a32n1405 the blue-colored cooling elements, Acer forgoes each of the color gimmicks. Only any time you turn it on, does the Triton 500 show its true nature, with the arrow keys and the WASD area being emphasized by the blue illumination.

Acer could nevertheless strengthen a bit on the hinges. Even though it’s laudable that the show is usually opened to batterie asus a41 x550a a complete 180??, the show lid drops down pretty swiftly in our shake test. Nevertheless, the case makes a very good impression all round.

Design and build

A year or two ago I wouldn’t have anticipated such effective specs inside such a compact and slim design, but in recent times you will find quite a few such 15-inch ultraportables with chargeur asus pa 1121 28 RTX 2080 graphics and also a potent processor. They’re not each of the same even though.

On the outdoors the Predator Triton 500 appears a great deal like a standard computer, with the keyboard and clickpad placed exactly where they need to be, having a slim-bezel screen that flips all the strategy to the back and chargeur macbook air 13 with all the required ports lined around the sides. The truth is, the only aspects suggesting its sleeper status will be the significant blue radiators around the back and sides, also because the extra intake grills above the keyboard, and boy is this a sleeper laptop, as we’ll go over within the Functionality section down below.

The Triton 500 is also compact, slim and light. In reality, size sensible it really is not a entire unique in the competitors with chargeur asus exa1208eh whom in addition, it shares its hardware traits. The develop, however, is extra on par together with the flimsier GS65 Stealth than the sturdier Blade 15, as the screen is rather versatile and there’s also some bend in the keyboard deck.

Pushing on the screen results in a fair bit of warping, but it lead to any ripples into the panel; as for the inner-deck flex, that’s not that terrible and shouldn’t bother you with day-to-day use, so whilst a sturdier construction would happen to be welcomed, I can see myself accepting this because it is. Nonetheless, I’d be careful when carrying the chargeur surface pro 3 Triton in my backpack and wrap it in some good-quality protective case, which should also assistance fend-off scratches.

Metal alloys are employed for batterie asus r510c the complete outer-shell, with some great high quality plastic around the bezel. This laptop also looks clean and uncomplicated, without any annoying lights or branding elements around the inside, as even the status LEDs were conveniently pushed on the sides. That Predator logo around the hood even though, which is lit by the screen’s panel and chargeur asus ad890026 cannot be switched off, blows away some of its cover and could make it a challenging pass in strict office/school environments. General even though the Triton 500 is nonetheless a lot more tamed down than the Predators in the past, plus a decal on the lid really should also solve the logo issue.

This is also a practical computer system. The rubber feet around the bottom retain it nicely anchored on a desk, you’ll be able to conveniently lift up the screen with a single hand and push it all of the way flat to 180 degrees, the palm-rest offers adequate assistance and chargeur asus pa 1650 93/chargeur adp 65dw c there’s no sharp front-edge or pointy corners that could dig into your wrists. The ports are also lined on the edges and include things like just about all you will need, except for any card reader.

So, is there something o complain about? Well, not truly, but if we’re to nitpick I’d say front-facing speakers would happen to be good, as well as a smoother joint among chargeur asus ad883020 the sides and bottom panel, which on our sample leaves out a number of sharp bitty edges.

Back to that IO, regardless of its slim form, there is nevertheless a LAN port on this thing, alongside HDMI and batterie macbook pro 15 mini DP for video output, 3x USB A slots and USB-C with assistance for PCI3 4x Thunderbolt 3.

All in all, Acer just about nailed it with chargeur asus ad887020 the design and style and ergonomics, and the Triton 500 is merely certainly one of my favourite Acer laptops to date. The construct could happen to be a bit sturdier though, as that’s a thing they sacrificed after they opted for the lightweight magnesium-alloy construction.


Like most of the gaming competitors, the Triton 500 is equipped with a Full HD IPS display. 144 Hz and G-Sync make certain an incredibly smooth image – provided you will find the corresponding FPS values. The panel made use of in our test unit is called AU Optronics B156HAN08.2 and is thus slightly unique than that in the Triton 700 (B156HAN04.2).

The measured values are surely impressive. A contrast of pretty much 1130:1 is just as superior for chargeur macbook pro 60w an IPS panel as a black worth of 0.27 cd/m2. While a brightness of about 300 cd/m2 is also decent, it could happen to be a lot more for improving readability outdoors.

The colour accuracy of the 15-inch screen ranges in the middle of your field. The blue tint that’s there could be removed by means of calibration or by utilizing the linked ICC file. In terms of the colour space, we measured 93% sRGB and 60% AdobeRGB, that is fully enough from a gaming and multimedia point of view.

As is common for IPS panels, the viewing-angle stability is excellent, so that sitting at an angle from asus x206h the screen is not going to pose an issue. The response time also offers no explanation for complaint. At first glance, eight ms gray-to-gray points to a TN panel.

Hardware and performance

Our test model would be the higher-end configuration from the Acer Predator Triton 500, using the Core i7-8750H processor, 32 GB of RAM, the RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics chip and two M.2 SSDs hooked up in Raid0.

Before we proceed to talk about its behavior and performance you’ll want to realize that our review unit is an early pre-production model with batterie asus a41 x550e early drivers from Nvidia (Version 417.71), therefore some of the aspects covered within this section could improve/change with later-on updates and tweaks.

As recommended by the configuration, this laptop gets two slots for RAM and two M.2 slots for storage. Obtaining two 256 GB SSDs in Raid0 let for more rapidly transfer speeds than with batterie lenovo g70 70 a regular 512 GB drive, using a compact cost raise. As for the CPU and GPU, the Triton 500 gets the standard six-core i7-8750H processor readily available on all comparable laptops, too as a Max-Q implementation with the Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics chip, with 8 GB of GDDR6 VRAM, 735 MHz default clock speeds and chargeur surface 3 the ability to Turbo at a great deal higher speeds. We’ll talk about each the CPU/GPU functionality down under.

But initially, we’ll swiftly mention which you can access the components by removing the bottom panel that is held in place by a handful of Torx screws. Nevertheless, once that’s out with the way you’ll notice that the RAM, storage slots and also the cooling system are truly placed underneath the chargeur asus adp 120rh b motherboard, so you will pretty much need to completely disassemble this laptop to acquire to them, which would void warranty and we basically would not advise it to a standard user.

We’ll also show you what to expect in terms of functionality, thermals and energy drain with every day activities like browsing, typing or watching video content material, whilst on battery. Given the G-Sync integration and batterie hp 800050 001 the fact that the iGPU is disabled, you happen to be not going to acquire lengthy battery life with this device, as you are going to see inside a further section.

OK, let’s finally speak about this laptop’s efficiency.

First, we test the CPU’s behavior in demanding loads by running Cinebench R15 for 10+ instances inside a loop, with batterie hp pavilion dv6 2-3 sec delay between each run, which simulates a 100% load on each of the cores. As with all contemporary CPUs, the first runs return high scores, but then they settle slightly lower as the CPU heats-up and may no longer maintain its maximum Turbo speeds for more than a couple of seconds.

The integrated Predator Sense application does not enable any CPU tweaking, so we initially tested the CPU’s overall performance using the default out-of-the-box settings, on the Very best Efficiency mode in Windows. Our sample settles for batterie hp pavilion 17 notebook pc a TDP of 45 W, frequencies of three.1-3.two GHz, scores of around 1020 points and CPU temperatures of around 80 degrees Celsius. Information beneath.

This is regular behavior for an i7-8750H implementation inside a thin-and-light chassis, but we have been in a position to significantly strengthen it by undervolting the CPU, which was steady in Cinebench at -150 mV. However, we encountered a couple of crashes on the later tests that involved both CPU and batterie hp pavilion g7 GPU loads, so we dialed back to a more steady -120 mV undervolted profile. This translated within a comparable TDP of 45 W, frequencies of three.5-3.6 GHz, scores of about 1150 points and CPU temperatures of around 77-78 degrees Celsius.

You may be capable to push your unit much more to a -150 mV undervolt and perhaps a 50 W TDP limit in XTU, which translates in pretty much flawless efficiency, with batterie toshiba pa5186u 1brs blanc the CPU settling at 3.8 – three.9 GHz, temperatures of 81-83 Celsius and Cinebench scores of around 1200 points.

However, as currently pointed out prior to, our sample proved unstable at these settings, that is why all of the other tests were performed at a -120 mV undervolt that leaves the i7-8750H at about 5% from its maximum prospective, which can be nonetheless fantastic to get a thin-and-light implementation.

Our evaluation unit also performed surprisingly properly on battery, running at chargeur lenovo ideapad 320 stable frequencies of 2.9 GHz and returning about 950 points in Cinebench on the default non-undervolted profile.


Acer Predator Triton 500 has a Full HD panel with comfy viewing angles, reasonable maximum brightness, and batterie pa5109u 1brs 144 Hz refresh rate. Combined with the wide colour coverage and the lack of PWM in brightness adjustment, tends to make the screen a top deal.

Moreover, its colour accuracy will not be far from the norm and in case you must go much more precise, you can get our Gaming and Internet design profile.

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